‘Away’ ¬†with Him !

I have a word, not sure how to download it but it came from my spirit today (18th jun 2013 ) of the daily devotional by Watchman Nee. 

Pastor Nee was describing what it means to be crucified ‘with Him’. He asks the reader to remember the words the crowd shouted out at Jesus as he stood for crucification . Those words were ‘away with him’. Pastor suggests that to understand what ‘to be crucified with him’ means, is to see that that cry ‘away with him’ was posited at us – when our Lord was scoffed at, we were scoffed at, when judgement was pronounced it was pronounced also on us, when our Lord died, we died, when he arose, we arose. Our Father, stepped in and bore the brunt of that condemnation, that necessary judgement of our sinful state, at that time (and in the flesh) and at the time of our own personal salvation stories. 

It was in 2005 when The Lord gave me the most painful experience of what it might have felt to be publicly ridiculed and condemned for something that you are not guilty of – ‘away with her’ they cried. I am painfully aware that if it had been the 18th century or in our Lord’s time, I would have been sent to the workhouse, been killed or imprisoned for life. 

Reading the words ‘away with him’ today refreshes the memory of the injustice. I cry inwardly often. Sometimes we over spiritualise our understanding of what it means to be a christian, we feel uncomfortable with emotions or expressions of others that jars with our own way of being. We simply don’t know what others have been through or are carrying. We forget that the Lord made loud cries when praying and also had overt emotions and deep feelings of grief and sorrow.   

Sowing and Reaping 

Pastor Linda Clifford-Hayes
September 2016

I was rolling back the covers getting into bed last night minding my own business, when I heard in my spirit ‘he that sows to the flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption and he that does to the spirit, shall of the spirit reap eternal life’. Galatians 6:8 . It came up like pebble does in clear spring water. I said what is this…! I immediately reflected on my actions of the day.

I weighed up what I had sowed for the day and found myself sadly wanting and more….. that I had been feeding my flesh with things that had no spiritual advantage for me and would somewhere down the line , work  at eroding or corrupting my spirit.

I had spent most of the day in what I call a ‘fudge’ in front of the box under the duvet, reading , sewing (hemmed a nice new tablecloth) generally pottering and doodling.  I did have Father on my mind , spoke of him to another on the phone and gave my testimony passionately, but when I weighed it up with the other things , )particularly the X factor and the new super Zoids  – the latter a political satire) …. I was disappointed with myself. I had allowed fleshy things to snatch and wile away many precious hours – what for? To titillate my flesh and to build my own nest.

As I lay on my pillow, I examined myself further ie how I felt in my spirit at this point in my life. I examined my sowing and reaping to date. I realised that I was not where I had been, where I should be or where I wanted to be. I reflected on the Word that had come to save me and thanked God for the nudge.

I looked back over the years and realised my best years, my years of feeling fulfilled and at peace (not dis-eased) , was when I was sowing to the spirit ie  doing the things of God , that I have been called to do (including encouraging the saints). I long to return to that place of rest and fulfilment. 

And so, my prayer today for myself and for you my brothers and sisters or anyone who reads this , is this to : Consider  our ways, (see also Haggai chapter  1) that is, where do we stand, less we fall.


Father,  in the Name Jesus we come. We thank you for your timely word that is able to cause reflection and to save our souls. Father,  we are in danger of being caught up in the many attractions and distractions of this world – things that give us momentary comfort, but things which have no eternal value.

Lord, you have weighed me/us with your balances and I have found myself wanting. I have no excuse,  as your word and instructions are as clear as day.
We can judge each situation ourself by the Truth of your word and by your Holy spirit working in us, for our good.

Restore the years, minutes hours that have been eaten by the wormwood and our sowing to the flesh. Teach us the good and proper way. Teach us to number our days and to apply our hearts to your wisdom – not the wisdom of this world.  Direct our time, the minutes the hours.

Lord, in all our getting and our comfortable ‘duvet days’ , let us seek , get and be comfortable with you.

Call time on it

By  Pastor Linda Clifford-Hayes

September 2016 

I hear the heart of the clock in the sunlit room and upper chamber

I hear leaves fall as the wind rushed by

I hear doors opening and slamming , within institutional walls

 I long for the noise and sound of the return of our Lord

Watchman, O watchman
What of hour ?
Watchman , O watchman
will He come today ?

This, my current reality is deafening
Tick tock, tick tock 
Dead, droll, dismal, hum drum
Stifled , muzzled , held down
I long to wake…

I see

Men scurrying, busy, businesses busy bodies , in and out
Overtures, covertures, undercurrents , cross current and contrary winds

I see
The hidden, the sad, the lost ,

Toss, turn , can’t get up 

I see, derision, deception, denial
The black glove of treachery
Veiled and vex responses,
In the Name of children,  or in the Name of the cross

I see , the using of gestures and making of gimmicks
to woo and to whet the soul

I see a fools parody
time wasting , prancing and parading
Nice people  on behalf of children but
Tick tock, tick tock 
missing the point …
of much needed remedy

We need ,
Two tier, three tier , multi dimensional twisting of ‘the sword that pierces’ 

This way, that way, Suture the canker , Let the tears fall , Let  burdens roll,  LoOSe  the prisoner from his pain and despair.

Watchman O watchman
What of the hour?
Watchman O watchman
When shall I Wake ?