Go Light A fire by Evangelist Linda Clifford-Hayes 

Our life is a metaphor.  Many things we do which seem innocuous, God is speaking. Yet men continue to ask if God speaks. 
I have been revisiting and seeking how to perfect the heart of building a fire. It has become imperative to know how to do so. This is because I have a new house, (see message on the Landlord on this site ) with large rooms, high ceilings, it is winter, it is cold, so needs must..!  

Father has used this simple task to remind me of and teach me things for my spiritual wellbeing.  He speaks!  This is what He said and is saying: 

You can’t build a fresh fire on old ashes. The grate (our hearts) must be cleaned out. One  must have fuel (something to burn) for the fire to take. The fuel must not be dampened or have anything other than the true incendiary source (the anointing) which will help quicken and light the fire. Pray for the anointing.  

Be wary of what you are building on and with..! If you use cheap material, you will get a fire that struggles and one which will eventually go out. 

To keep the fire going, (prayer, supplication, commitment  and dedication), have to be in place.  One has to keep a watch on it  (keeping a watch on the door of our hearts, being watchmen in prayer for our own lives and as servants of God). Knowing when to stir things up a bit (bringing old buried-  things that are dying – to the surface – knowing what to prioritise  and when). One mustn’t cover the fire with soot or too much coal, at anyone time, or the fire will become overladen, flounder and burn out. In essence, we can’t cover everything; Everything needs to be lined up right and balanced. Indeed, Father’s measures are just weights and just balances i.e.  praying with mercy, without judgement or condemnation – knowing who and what to pray for. Let the Lord lead (create the fire within) and pray His heart, through you. 

If one is to benefit through the dark nights, (the wilderness and the cold seasons of life) one has to steadily build to established patterns, (praying the Word, in the spirit and without ceasing) – thus, hitting the mark and enabling a steady and everlasting burn. 

As I sat and watched my fire take, (enjoying the warmth and glow), I realise (present tense) how mighty is our God and how indeed the firmament shows his handiwork. Everything in life has a DNA (a pattern) the coals, the  flames, the fire, the colours (red, orange, white, blue) even prayer. We sometimes try to build our own strange, unholy fires (like the children of Israel). At these times we hear the phut phut of the dying embers and the tut tut of the Lord.  

Everything, has a purpose, leaping and leafing up and out, to cleanse us, to restore us, to energise us, to bring us back to God and to teach us his divine will and way. Creation has a consistent message – a voice, a tongue, a flame of fire that speaks loud and clear.

I see and know that it was no ‘Big Bang’  or no accident that created things, but that Our Father made everything beautiful in time and on time.  There is a purpose for everything under the sun, even the cold winter nights, which draws us closer to him through the fire and the flame. 

 A bruised reed He will not break

My day started off very well, took a downward turn and then began to meander upward again.

I had thought it was my day to work at home and do my admin and audits. I got up at 4.00am for personal and devotional time and  was intending to start my work at 10.00 and work throughout the day.   

I had seen that a large Eucalyptus plant in the kitchen looked a bit dusty and was lilting. I saw what had happened. The landlord had screwed up a baton for curtains when I had just moved in, but he had drilled the holes over my plant, leaving sawdust on the leaves. That was November 2011 ….. ..it is now february 2012 and another year….but I just hadn’t seen the dust.

I set to wiping the leaves with a damp cloth and as I did, the Lord brought me insight into how he too picks us up and dusts us off when we become battered and bruised. He says a bruised reed shall, he not break nor a smoking flax will he quench . ( ) He sees us as trees of righteousness – his planting. ( ) 

This evening, I learned that it is the Jewish festival of planting trees…!! How awesome is Our God 

My daughter is home 

I wrote a poem for my estranged daughter called  ‘when you come home’ (see this site) it was the cry of my heart and I waited.  As I waited Father spoke to me through the agent  of his angels abd blessed Holy Spirit and directed me and increased  my faith. This is what happened:   

It was about 8.30pm at night and I sensed the Lord urging me to go select a book from off my bookshelf.  As a trainer, writer, minister, I have many books. I didn’t particularly feel like reading, but I sensed a leading beyond myself. Those who know Him know what I am talking about..

I found my fingers selecting one particular book and I took it  off the shelf, but without thinking about the title  put  it down in the lounge almost immediately to go buy chicken for the impromtu barbie tomorrow – I had also found some tesco vouchers worth £19.00 

I perhaps had no more intention on reading the book,  but shopping and a myriad of other tasks done , I found it was nearing midnight and i didn’t  want to go to bed.  

I picked up  the book …its called ‘Horses  Make a landscape Look More Beautiful – by Alice Walker . I am sensing there is something for me here – something the Lord wants to communicate . I flick two pages . I find what he wants to convey.  It is called : 


My daughter is coming!

ive brought her a bed

and a chair

a mirror, a lamp 

and a desk 

Her room is all ready 

except that the curtains are torn

do I have time to buy shoji panels 

for the window? 

I do not 

see the doctor about my tonsil 

which are dying ahead of schedule

see the barber and do a wash 

cross the country 

cross Brooklyn and Manhattan 



liberate my daughter 

from her father and Washington, DC

recross the country 

and present her to her room 
My daughter is coming!

will she like her bed

her chair,her mirror

desk and lamp 
Or will she see only see torn curtains?

I read it smiled and went to sleep – 8 weeks later my estranged daughter returned home for good after 10 years of us being separated. 

The Landlord 

We have been blessed to be able to move to a bigger house. It is an older property than what we had,   but in beautiful condition.  I fell in love with it the first time I walked through the front door. I said ‘I’ll have it’ without any hesitation – been looking for a while . We were given an agreement right there and then and in principle. 
We saw God’s favour in that the owner gave us permission to move in before paying or even signing the contract…. We needed that !!! that is God and my experience of him to date in my life. The owner simply requested if he could come and go and finish off what he needed to do as we moved in. He seemed a nice man . I agreed. 
I have a teenaged daughter who is lovely, but who needs to be reminded to put things away and tidy up. Over the first weekend (outside of contract), I found myself saying to her remember to do this and remember to do that because ‘the landlord can come at anytime’ …!.
As I said those words I heard the familiar ring in the spirit and saw that three dimensional written word , which the Lord was nudging me to break/write. 

I thought about the five wise and five foolish virgins. (see Matthew 25) some were ready , some were not. I thought about the rich man and Lazarus (see Luke 25)  and King Nebuchanezzar (see Daniel 4:28 ) the former in a state of sumptuous ease and the latter who was boasting about his accomplishments and success, not knowing that within hours , that very night , their soul would be required of them . 
I brought it closer to home. I thought about my elder daughter who died suddenly on Christmas Eve, after telling me that very morning that she won’t come for Christmas as she is just getting ready to go out to do Christmas shopping and to spend the holiday with friends. She didn’t realise the landlord would be calling that very day before noon. 
All these things happen and are written for our learning. And so He asks me to remind you to take thought:- . All we ever have or own , the earth we stand on, even our lives belong to God . He is bridegroom , the landlord, the landowner, the Lord of the harvest. If we are not yet in contract with Him , or if we are out of sink with his laws , we need to acknowledge him, his power and position over us and accept this His word as our notice. 
No one knows how long he or she has. The best part of us is vanity. 

Before there is a demand by virtue of spiritual laws ie – the soul that sins it will die, let him move in , take over and complete a new work in us. Get your spiritual house in order for the landlord may come at any time. Are you ready ?

The Landlord  Part  II 

Some weeks ago I wrote about the landlord and how Father used this to remind us of his role and power in and over our lives and essentially how he might come/call at any time and check how we are keeping house ….!!!
Well, the landlord in the physical realm has been busy…. and aren’t I blessed?

He has been ensuring the house is safe in terms of health and safety standards and also ensuring there is a bright beam light sensor at the front of the house. This, not only gives off marvellous blue white light , (power) but will deter ‘bandits’…… (my own earth father’s favourite word) …and burglars.

As I pondered my landlord’s care and vigilance, the Lord spoke to me about the metaphors in life which he uses to speak to us. He has asked me once again to share with you and to remind you that He is always speaking.

He impresses today,  that some don’t hear or can’t hear (as the children of Israel failed to hear and see, even after 40 years of tough wilderness times) even after they had gained status as a nation and people. (See Deuteronomy 29:2–4).

Father wants to remind us that he is the husbandman, he has gone to prepare a place for us. Like our earthly landlords and landowners, He too is concerned about the state of our house and about our welfare.

He has placed his mark (his light) on us and in us and so that we shine as the light of the  world. We can rest in his love knowing that He will deter attacks, reveal dangers and men’s cunning in advance. He will reign down power from in high, whenever we are in need. 

We can rejoice and be exceedingly glad.  We are fully protected on all sides. People and situations can only come so far .

Knocking at Nightshelter 

I wrote this poem to mark a night at Nightshelter 2015 where I was serving. It is from an evangelistic point of view.  It is raw, only few will hear the rhythm …  but it conveys what occurred. I believe Father has been visiting Nightshelter by his Holy Spirit.

Knocking at the Night shelter
By Pastor Linda Clifford-Hayes

He avoided me like the plague
He knew I was onto him
He knew, I knew, just one word would make the difference
He knew, I knew he was ripe for the picking

I bided my time
Going round the houses(as they say)
Knowing the objectives for the night

Spoke to he, then she, then shim
Then hallelujah, domino…!
someone bored, found ‘the game’
little white dots on the hard black frame
This for me a native childhood pastime….
I knew I’d be Victor

We sit huddled in fours,
foreheads down, down down,
Different, but the same, in the game
Far apart ,but together,
amidst the now cold casserole

In this moment of fun and laughter
All problems shelved, halved(?)
(At least for a while …)
Douce, blanc , tres , knock….
I finally get his eye, his ears, his heart
And move in ….!
A majestic manoeuvre,
And To God be the glory

Use it or Lose it..!

Use it or loose it .! You know I was picking apples, after hanging out my washing this morning. I saw an apple still on the branch , shrivelled up rotten to the core ….. !!! I said Lord why did that happen , why is it still hanging there like that ? 

He said because (1) no one picked its fruit . (2) The gifts of God are without repentance i.e. when you have been given a gift a blessing , he doesn’t take it back , but if you don’t use it or if you abuse it, it shrivels up and dies and sometimes you don’t even realise that you have (i) lost your birthright like Esau, (ii) your strength like Samson or worse (iii) that you have been passed over like Queen Vashti, (see book of Esther)because you felt you were too good, but in truth your ‘fruit’ had gone rotten.   

I cried , ‘ Be it far from me Lord’ !!

The Server 

Myself and a Muslim member of staff asked for a prayer room at work in the new refurbished ‘all singing all dancing’ building. Lo and behold, they have nominated a prayer room, but in ‘the server’ and behind a bank of  desks where people sit. 

For those of you who don’t know , a server is a little room like a boiler room; it keeps all the electrical connections and gubbings which serves the whole site and rest of the building. It is a dangerous place and of course it is wholly inappropriate as a prayer room due to health and safety , fire risk and because of size.  This prayer room is indiscreet. It is squashed in the corner of an active office. There would be no privacy to come and go. The door needs to be kept locked …! 

Needless to say we are in talks with senior management to identify somewhere else. 

 I was reflecting on the Almighty being siphoned off – to what in effect is the size of a broom cupboard – when I heard His voice. Father showed me an interesting play on the word ‘server’.  To me ..He is communicating something special out of what could be seen as a bad situation. 

For one, the whole issue has got the whole work place  talking about prayer and faith.  Secondly, it has forced many  to check assumptions.  They had assumed that only muslims pray at work.   I  had to make a stand and say: Christians pray too and without ceasing!! 

I believe Father is also using the experience for us to look at service and our role in serving others and our community.   Here we go : We are (or should be) the generator, the power, the source and force that gets things going and keeps things moving.  As Christian’s, we should not be behind anything or anyone  but above.  We should be at the helm, and in the hot seat . We should be the motivator, the dynamic force working with Him from within and without,  to make changes. We should be the stabiliser, the equaliser, and dare I say , the agitator, the one who brings order and balance in any environment.  We should be the light, the lighthouse, hot, not cold, on fire for Him and always in prayer.   

And so I turned my initial angst to prayer : 

May we hear Gods voice in any disappointment. May we be called to serve , in tight places and spaces…May we through prayer, ignite a fire in our world and work places.  May we bring our God out of the closet and let others see in whom we believe. May we be the Head and not the tail, in front and not behind, above and not beneath, in the Mighty Name of Jesus 

Lord, I’m sorry

Lord, thank you that you purposed to draw me closer to yourself
Closer, with all
my stinking wounds, my wretchedness and unfaithfulness
Throughout , you have remained faithful -a loyal husband to me, a stubborn, nagging, dissatisfied wife.

Lord, forgive me
Let me repent of the times I have saddened your heart
All the times I have mistrusted your leading
All the times I have rejected or minimised your provision, or refused your word ‘Wait’.

You said ‘There’, not ‘Here’ and I questioned – making my own cushion, pillow. Thrusting (sic)  my gifts and calling with people and in places full of holes. Coming  away bruised and empty. 

All the time, you were protecting me, shielding me, whilst I baukled and stiffened, seeking to throw myself headlong into that danger, into that pit.

Thank you for staying with me, as I kicked at your shins like a tantrumed child. Thank you for not letting go as I stiffened my neck, my back, my  lip.

Now Lord, I fold and crumble, crestfallen and weary.
Pick me up? Please….?

Smooth out the creases.
Take off the fluff, the stuff,
Take out the bumps, the stones the wrinkles.
Help me get up, stand tall
Help me start all over again.

The Cock is Crowing

By Evangelist Linda J

Nov 2016

Today I reflected that each time over the last week that I have tried to reach out for someone to comfort me and  to listen,  they them self are in desperate need, asking me for comfort – I don’t get a moment edgeways to state my own case ….! But it is well.

I had a week horribulus , where if felt like the bats from hell both at work, home and church were after me. I wanted so much to offload, but I found no one ready or able to hear. 

The ground is very dry. 

Isaiah foretold this drought coming upon Israel ie where many would thirst for someone to divide the word of Truth to them. Worst..where the vile would speaks villainy, working iniquity and hypocrisy, uttering error against the Lord and his servants (Isaiah 32:6). 

Tonight, on my bed the Lord speaks in my spirit.  First he shows me that our erstwhile , miserable comforters  –  are ‘The thirsty’ whose ‘drink’ have also failed. He reminds me that by timing, season and his own divine orchestration, we are that (wo)man he sought and ordained by his own right hand, to stand in the gap for others.  Both in the natural and spiritual, He says we are the elder, leader, mother, pastor, prophet, priest and king in our generation. 

It is okay to seek comfort, but we need to stand tall be that shoulder for others to lean on.  

Everyone is looking for Truth but it’s difficult to find.  They come from near and far to me with a multiplicity of issues and by recommend..!  We don’t always feel able, willing or equipped to respond , but as we listen and are moved, He lifts up a standard and enables us  to give out from his word.  It is in so doing, (I find) that we are momentarily watered and blessed by His grace. This confirms His word : they that water shall themselves  be watered. 

We need to be strong and prepared to support the weak and those in need. We draw strength from Him.  Many are praying for us without our knowledge. Thank God for the interecessors that hit the mark!!

Father permits attacks so that we don’t compromise or go with the flow. He has orchestrated that we shine, stand out, are oft rejected, so that… (he tells me) …we ‘make a difference in the dark’.

 As I wait on the Him , I re-read (by recommend),  ‘The  Raven and the Prophet’.  It is written by my dear friend, Robert Weston. 

Robert had picked up my need in the spirit.. and had mailed me out of the blue saying it will speak to me .   It has.  Hoping these nuggets will speak to you too. 

Robert  writes that when a prophet is deified, his message is lost. He says ‘prophets are only useful as long as they are stoned as a public nuisance, and when as a result of calling others to repentance, they disturb comfortable routines , ideologies, respectable idols and sacred conventions‘.

This week I felt the stones….the bats and the brick wall.  I had quieted myself like a weaned child in an altercation while ‘L’ rained down.  I firmly closed my mouth and removed myself from her teeth. That was my felt wisdom at the time.   I saw one person looking away, as I was being ‘spat at’.  I could see that she was sad and wanted to intervene, but fear and self preservation, was what she weighed .

I forgive them both. I have to….  The latter will never know that I saw her struggles as she chose to look away; in effect it was a blessing. It helped me identify with Jesus when they literally spat at him. Many looked away and lowered their eyes, until the cock crowed.

Thanks be to God, the  cock is crowing. Every man will have to give an answer on how they have treated God’s Son/his own servant. 

David said, I am for peace but they are for war.  It doesn’t matter what you do, if you are a son of God the stones will inevitably fly.  

With no rancour or evil intent, I know I will have the last laugh. For those that wait in the Lord will renew their strength , they will mount up with wings as eagles . They will run and not be weary. They will walk and not faint.