A bruised reed He will not break

My day started off very well, took a downward turn and then began to meander upward again.

I had thought it was my day to work at home and do my admin and audits. I got up at 4.00am for personal and devotional time and  was intending to start my work at 10.00 and work throughout the day.   

I had seen that a large Eucalyptus plant in the kitchen looked a bit dusty and was lilting. I saw what had happened. The landlord had screwed up a baton for curtains when I had just moved in, but he had drilled the holes over my plant, leaving sawdust on the leaves. That was November 2011 ….. ..it is now february 2012 and another year….but I just hadn’t seen the dust.

I set to wiping the leaves with a damp cloth and as I did, the Lord brought me insight into how he too picks us up and dusts us off when we become battered and bruised. He says a bruised reed shall, he not break nor a smoking flax will he quench . ( ) He sees us as trees of righteousness – his planting. ( ) 

This evening, I learned that it is the Jewish festival of planting trees…!! How awesome is Our God 

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