An imprint of Prayer by Evangelist Linda J 

Has anyone ever watched War Room? Well I have some time ago. I am now at my mother’s house in Jamaica for the Holiday weekend April 2017 . My mother is the person I heard praying as I grew up. 
We pray very individual and differently now, (and that’s okay) but what is lovely (and reminds me of the War room) is you can hear my mother’s prayers through the walls of her home and her singy songy voice when she speaks.   You can tell the DNA of a person by what you hear and what  they leave behind. 

Let’s leave an imprint of seasoned prayer on the walls of our hearts, our homes, community and environment , so others can hear , feel receive and be set free even when we are not there. 
Have a blessed Holiday praying and worshipping in memory of our Lord who sent his own Word, His music His Song and His divine intercession to set us all free from the chains of darkness. 

Written In his Name
Linda J 

Let’s get into shape by Evangelist Linda J 

I wrote a prayer this morning (12/4/17) for a friend and a word came from my spirit about ‘the wing’. It wasn’t my choice of word,  but it came in my ‘pen finger’, so I included it. 

 I am recuperating in the Caribbean … and preparing to “Go” again into the harvest field, when I return home to the UK.  I am reading about evangelism and prayer evangelism specifically by Ted Silvoso. Once again the word ‘wing’ is flashed and more. Here goes : 

Ted says “the key to flying lies in the shape of the wing – this then with other things   ‘provides the physical dynamic to lift the vehicle off the ground‘ .  As I read, I hear the Lord using  this to unfold his word for the day for me which relates to the Church. 

Wings relate to flying and the Church  of Jesus Christ is a ministry  a multifaceted vehicle designed to  be in flight and on the move.  There is much work for us to do. 

Today the vehicle of choice to break this word is the airplane.  As the Wright brothers found, for flight /take off to happen one has to work on the shape. The church of Jesus Christ as to be modelled and fashioned aright.  The Church /Body as a divine vessel , wont move forward unless like the plane it is rounded and grounded

Once  we are in the right shape, we can take off, take  flight and continue to have consistent ‘unflappable’ ever soaring in a cloud experience, taking hearts, territories, regions and nations for the Kingdom and under the Shekinah glory of God.