Can Kingdom come?
By Evangelist Linda J
May 2017

Lord, what can we tell you that you don’t already know
About our years and days
Our sweat, our fears , the tears ?

You gave us skin and bone as a covering
A multicoloured , merciful robe of flesh- covered grace.

Grace to shield us from the elements
To give us time and space to hear. To see, to feel, to repent
But we don’t.

Concocting of pretty prayers on feast and high days
Long winded ditties
But no real love
Can Kingdom come?

We hear, we see, but look away
Not him, not her,
Just me, me, me

We push, we shove
set our brother at nought
Can Kingdom come ?

No word, no hug, no care
a dead pan empty stare

Deadweight, deadlock, padlocked heart
nothing moves , grows gets in or out, alive …..
Can your Kingdom come?

‘Gospel’ you say , but we can’t
We are stuck, staying stuck
Running on empty
wrapped up in self , self self
Broken, brittle, cold, not healing
Stubborn, brittle, cold, dying
Three times dead plucked up

Our own worst enemy
Hiding behind the doing
The doing,
Hiding behind the face, the page , the book …
Ever learning but not coming to Truth
Programs, projects, platform , planning
Bend it This way , that way
Cake, coffee, chair
Cake, coffee, chair
Holding nothing, changing nothing
Joy crushed
souls sent away, empty
Can Kingdom come?

Lord You see,
your heart burns , it aches for the neglect of your house,
The neglect of your sons, your daughters
you sent and are sending

Only you know our true heart’s intent
Only you know the shifting sands
That unsettle us
The ‘why is he or she here?’
The ‘did God say?’ which penetrate
our ears and our minds
The ‘I’ll have this ‘ but not that of the Word
The blank unholy stares
Can kingdom come?

Pentecostal, Catholic , Anglican or Mystic
We seek to label, to justify difference and ourselves and to fit

We jostle for ‘our way’ not Your way Yahweh
Building on rubble and sand
Make it fit , Make it work , make it grow
this way, that way
round pegs in square holes

Kingdom can’t come …!

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