A Beauty that’s within  

You know I love fashion, dressing up and design, my house, wardrobe and bedroom holds testimony to that …i just love festoon, fabric, fashion, colour, making things and showcasing through photography – the latter another of my passions. It is in our family – my dad tailored and made and mended shoes and did all manner of things with a string and needles (he was always tying something up…ask my siblings…. and friend Melanie B) and my mum made dresses when we were little. My two daughters (one passed) have the gift of creative design and two of my sisters children (one male, one female) are taking up a career in fashion and design. I dream one will hit Saville Row.  

My birthday week (1st week of July every year…) is always a special week to me and I go to town (as they say) on making things extra special in the house and picking a special dress for the day. But this morning, I came across this  
“it’s not fancy hair, gold jewellery or fine clothes that should make you beautiful . No, your beauty should come from within you – the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit – this beauty will never disappear and it is worth very much to God (1st Peter 3:4 New Century Version ). 

 I would trade any of my pretty dresses, broderied hair and pretty baubles for this being a picture of who I am.  Let’s continue to work on the inside.  

Evangelist Linda J – Writing from my desk – Have a lovely day x 

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