A War With Words

I listened to David Wilkinson’s sermon on Anguish sometime ago and it moved me and convicted me. It’s not the first time I have heard it and then were better days.

It is the prophet’s own lot when charged with the responsibility of conveying the heart of God and vicariously. I know David had a hard time but what he spoke of is true.

It’s now my turn to speak. To try and download what I have heard and seen. It’s my life’s work . My responsibility . I will share what I have seen.

I have been trying to cry for weeks for what I see and perceive to be happening in the Body but can’t.

The wells have become dry and it’s because of the dark and the hour we are in.

The word says

For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth,and gross darkness the people: Isaiah 60:2. It has touched you and it has touched me.

What I see ?

After a time of rising, then the setting of the Sun.

What I see?

After a time of revelation then a time of darkness from Malachi to Matthew- history will repeat.

The church becomes calcified ,

no softness or heart.

She becomes hardened and comfortable with her lot

I see and sense devastation, wickedness and hurt coming from the left and from the right .

Newspaper reports, media ditties majoring on death, despair, dotards and divorce.

Mud slinging threats from the East to the West from the North to the South .

A sob, a blub a tear – cry out in despair – can I ?

alas I cannot.

I feel it , see it , but can’t cry.

Hardened by trickery, tragedy worn by rituals and religiosity.

Eye bags and plastic bags full of ware and tare but no tears .

Nothing or no one surprises.

Wickedness and treachery in every side.

I hear a dim, drum beating in the distance.

I hear rhythm and rhymes and words jostling for position speaking of the hour we are in.





Rude, reckless, ruthless wretchedness abound.

Cold hearted callous, cruel , chip and pin, pin striped, flesh boring cheaters.

Framing laws & gaining by mischief.

Selfish, secret selfies, narcissically, courting self and pride.

Courting public favor

To be known and seen of men

The borish Boris’ of this world.

Trumped up state leaders.

Heady and high minded.

Strutting, mincing , White House and parliament.

How is the faithful city become an harlot!

Once full of judgment; but now murderers reign .

All that once was valuable traded for recycled plastic.

The corn and wine mulled and mixed with mens rea

A stalled ox, a fox’s tale

Broken cisterns that can hold no water.

Clap trapping, gossipers, gossiping, gospelmongery

false forms of worship abounds.

Backbreaking, weight piling,

Finger pointed, crooked generation.

stone slingers, dead ringers

When they start on others, they leave me alone .

Someone Else’s War

If I had wings like a dove, (repeat)

I would fly , fly away, flyyyy…awayyy and beeee… at rest.

Remember it? That song?

It came to mind after a tough old week in the Kingdom, fending off attacks, trying to manoeuvre and keep my head above the parapet. Trying to keep my integrity and self respect. I could have let rip … but for the grace.

I woke this morning musing, pummelling my pillows and duvetting – trying to get comfortable and to enjoy my rest, when a word came across the screen: ‘it’s someone else’s war’

I had been flicking through movie titles seeking escapism, seeking something edifying to watch – I remembered I had brought ‘Escape from Warsaw’ about Nazi Germany and a Jewish child trying to escape. This would fit with my mood. The trailers were rolling and then a title jumped across the screen “it’s someone else’s war”.

I reached for my scribes pen and listened with my spiritual ears , to what the Lord wanted to say. Not that I needed to be told why I’m under attack. I know , but the title spoke to me as if to comfort and more came.

The Lord is saying , its not about me or you per se, it’s about something much bigger – the fight between light and darkness , good and evil, which has been going on for a millennia.

The whole world is in chaos(see my other piece A War On Words written the day before). If we stand for Truth and Mercy, there are going to be callous, mean spirited people who will seek to try to face off, confront us or oppose us; but the battle is not ours , it’s the Lord’s.

The Holy Spirit brought back to my remembrance the scripture I have learned so very well over the years. The word says:

‘Our fight is not against flesh and blood (those people we know with names who hurt or disrespect us), but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, (the unseen forces that control them), against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12-13 .

The fight is on many levels.

It’s not what we have said or done. It is who we represent that rankles them and our pain affects God too and makes Him cry.

He says and is saying : Woe unto those who call good evil and evil good. Woe unto those who hurt one of these little ones . He is not wanting us to attack with our own strength or retaliate but to remain in a state of grace. We remain childlike ie as if we can’t fight back, as if we don’t perceive or see the sleight. Tough?.. I know.

I’m a lover of King James, but The Message Bible puts it best and like this with my emphasis added in brackets :

For us it instructs

“….when (they) receive the childlike on (His) account, it’s the same as if they were receiving Him. (Matthew 18 :5).

When they malign or hurt us, it is as if they are maligning and hurting Him.

For our enemies (and the world) it warns

‘….if you (world,wicked, evil one, representative of the darkness) give them a hard time, bullying or taking advantage of their simple trust, you’ll soon wish you hadn’t. You’d be better off dropped in the middle of the lake with a millstone around your neck. Doom to the world for giving these God-believing children a hard time!

There’s a war going on…!! but It’s His! He chose Us to fight with Him and we chose Him!! He will avenge us in His own time and when our own obedience is complete.

We are the apple of His eye and Eureka … we are on the winning side.

Evangelist & Scribe Linda J CH

September 2017 in the year of our Lord

A Good Report

By Evangelist Linda J Clifford-Hayes

I wanted to contribute to the discussion tonight by just sharing some snippets which concurs with the scripture Genesis 12 and because it is my testimony and story.

In 2004 , the Lord also instructed me to go / to leave Derby, my home, attachments – my children!.. I didn’t know the God of the bible in the way I do now, but it is the first time I ‘knew’ (in my Noah as they say) and can reflect that I was been ‘sent’ or led somewhere and by God.

It was as a result of that obedience to go … not knowing where I was going that signs and wonders began in my life – and I mean signs and wonders. I met the Lord on the journey , heard from him and he then began to instruct my next steps. So many things. One of my instructions is to write and so I write.

I am also not sharing to tittilate or impress but to (as Paul states in Romans ) to provoke many to emulate , and follow after that which is good and so that people will know there is so much more beyond the ‘yes Lord’ and that God is ‘jump out of your skin‘ (my italics) very real.

I was sharing with my Pastor friend , just last night how ‘in the going’ I met many souls and was used to bring a number to know who the Lord is . ┬áThat has been a blessing . When it was time to return to Derby in 2010 , (6 years) Father also directed my steps and gave me the word.

Father’s ┬átimes and seasons and timescales are not like ours . His ways are not like ours. If He sent you, he will hold back heaven and earth and remove things and stumbling blocks to preserve his own and have his divine way.

This is a small snippet for more read my book ‘A blessing Happening in Our Time’ . I just want to say in closing , I proved that going out in faith, (like Abraham) is the substance of things hoped for, (you are holding the thing before you see it) ….the evidence of things not seen.
This is why I am here right now, it is my confidence in Him , in this season , and my good and honest report.

Linda J Clifford- Hayes