A Good Report

By Evangelist Linda J Clifford-Hayes

I wanted to contribute to the discussion tonight by just sharing some snippets which concurs with the scripture Genesis 12 and because it is my testimony and story.

In 2004 , the Lord also instructed me to go / to leave Derby, my home, attachments – my children!.. I didn’t know the God of the bible in the way I do now, but it is the first time I ‘knew’ (in my Noah as they say) and can reflect that I was been ‘sent’ or led somewhere and by God.

It was as a result of that obedience to go … not knowing where I was going that signs and wonders began in my life – and I mean signs and wonders. I met the Lord on the journey , heard from him and he then began to instruct my next steps. So many things. One of my instructions is to write and so I write.

I am also not sharing to tittilate or impress but to (as Paul states in Romans ) to provoke many to emulate , and follow after that which is good and so that people will know there is so much more beyond the ‘yes Lord’ and that God is ‘jump out of your skin‘ (my italics) very real.

I was sharing with my Pastor friend , just last night how ‘in the going’ I met many souls and was used to bring a number to know who the Lord is .  That has been a blessing . When it was time to return to Derby in 2010 , (6 years) Father also directed my steps and gave me the word.

Father’s  times and seasons and timescales are not like ours . His ways are not like ours. If He sent you, he will hold back heaven and earth and remove things and stumbling blocks to preserve his own and have his divine way.

This is a small snippet for more read my book ‘A blessing Happening in Our Time’ . I just want to say in closing , I proved that going out in faith, (like Abraham) is the substance of things hoped for, (you are holding the thing before you see it) ….the evidence of things not seen.
This is why I am here right now, it is my confidence in Him , in this season , and my good and honest report.

Linda J Clifford- Hayes

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