A War With Words

I listened to David Wilkinson’s sermon on Anguish sometime ago and it moved me and convicted me. It’s not the first time I have heard it and then were better days.

It is the prophet’s own lot when charged with the responsibility of conveying the heart of God and vicariously. I know David had a hard time but what he spoke of is true.

It’s now my turn to speak. To try and download what I have heard and seen. It’s my life’s work . My responsibility . I will share what I have seen.

I have been trying to cry for weeks for what I see and perceive to be happening in the Body but can’t.

The wells have become dry and it’s because of the dark and the hour we are in.

The word says

For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth,and gross darkness the people: Isaiah 60:2. It has touched you and it has touched me.

What I see ?

After a time of rising, then the setting of the Sun.

What I see?

After a time of revelation then a time of darkness from Malachi to Matthew- history will repeat.

The church becomes calcified ,

no softness or heart.

She becomes hardened and comfortable with her lot

I see and sense devastation, wickedness and hurt coming from the left and from the right .

Newspaper reports, media ditties majoring on death, despair, dotards and divorce.

Mud slinging threats from the East to the West from the North to the South .

A sob, a blub a tear – cry out in despair – can I ?

alas I cannot.

I feel it , see it , but can’t cry.

Hardened by trickery, tragedy worn by rituals and religiosity.

Eye bags and plastic bags full of ware and tare but no tears .

Nothing or no one surprises.

Wickedness and treachery in every side.

I hear a dim, drum beating in the distance.

I hear rhythm and rhymes and words jostling for position speaking of the hour we are in.





Rude, reckless, ruthless wretchedness abound.

Cold hearted callous, cruel , chip and pin, pin striped, flesh boring cheaters.

Framing laws & gaining by mischief.

Selfish, secret selfies, narcissically, courting self and pride.

Courting public favor

To be known and seen of men

The borish Boris’ of this world.

Trumped up state leaders.

Heady and high minded.

Strutting, mincing , White House and parliament.

How is the faithful city become an harlot!

Once full of judgment; but now murderers reign .

All that once was valuable traded for recycled plastic.

The corn and wine mulled and mixed with mens rea

A stalled ox, a fox’s tale

Broken cisterns that can hold no water.

Clap trapping, gossipers, gossiping, gospelmongery

false forms of worship abounds.

Backbreaking, weight piling,

Finger pointed, crooked generation.

stone slingers, dead ringers

When they start on others, they leave me alone .

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