For Halloween

It has been a difficult end and start to the week and I am very frustrated and struggling to find an opening, motivation or a ‘sword’. I can’t find a living soul to break bread – everything seems to be celluloid, face offs on face book or regurgitated forwards or ditties – devoid of life.

I am thirsty for the living bread and the Word , but it is hard to find. It is a stark and sad world we live in and we all are accountable for what we have created.

Yet …..there is hope in a tree if it is cut down that it will sprout again and that the tender branch not cease (Job 14:7). I learned this word over 10 years ago and right now as I write this spontaneous word, it is a refreshing to my weary soul.

The bible says when we are weak, it is when He is strong. In the quietness of the early morning , I have been diving into my books to see if I can find any fresh pasture for grazing .

I am reading ‘Unlocking destinies in the Courts of heaven’ by Robert Henderson . I have had real life experience of what he writes about and would recommend the book for any leader or pastor seeking to help the flock understand spiritual realities and seeking to understand shame and the hold over people, nations and territories and how to repent and reclaim ground .

It is a good book for me and for the season we are in . I thank God for his provision and for his grace .

As I walked to work yesterday , I was shocked to see how many houses had been decorated for ‘Halloween’ . Some had skulls, others had coffins , many had been cobwebbed and blackened out to represent their own personal sporting with or (unbeknown to them) invitation to, death. Inside, young innocent children being prepared in mind, soul and body for the ghoulish festivity. It reminds me of when the children of Israel were being prepared to be sacrificed in similar festivity to the god Moloch(see Amos 5:25-26 and Acts 7:42-43).

I saw a pastor on Facebook sporting a witches hat in jest with a cut out pumpkin just posited behind him . Why? I ask myself . Have we fallen sooooh far?

Henderson speaks of generational curses and says ‘Actions taken by those in authority (the leaders, the parents) can carry great consequences. We are all living under the consequences of the actions of our forebears, whether personal, national or political. Although every individual will need to give a personal account of the part he or she played. Why would anyone who says they are of Christ want to join the band of, or use the imagery of, Halloween?

And so we need to pray for our children, our city, our nations, ourselves, as we have sported and dabbled and become contaminated with things that represent or leads to stagnation, death and decay.

We present our case to the courts of heaven, where Jesus our high priest sits standing between us and the accuser. We repent and ask for any hex, curse or spell said against us or our children to be repealed. We pray that any actions by our forbears that have left a stain or a mark which bolts or stigmatise or damages anything concerning us (our children, city, nation, ) be removed . We pray for right minds, right thinking, right spirit, right teaching and right leading from the very seat of government, the palace, and the pulpit to the school rooms. We overturn any ordinances written against us that prevents, ties or holds back divine destinies. We pray against the attempt to shame or shaming done by others to us or vice versa. I did it to someone yesterday and today my heart is smitten and I repent.

We pray for a dismantling of cobwebs, the ghouls, the ghettos, the chaos, confusion and mayhem. We pray against false spirits, the spirit of ‘the selfie’ and pride and against the spirit of death. We pray for the light of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ to shine in the nations, our homes and our cities, our churches and to be seen in us and the faces of our children.

Remove the masks, the puppets and puppeteers.

Let Truth and peace reign.

Let joy return and the sound of godly laughter and singing be heard in our nations , in unison and in our streets .

As watchman for this hour, I ask these mercies for myself and the people and in the Name of my Father Jesus Christ.

Pst Evng Linda J Clifford -Hayes

Written 31/10/17

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  1. Powerfully written, a joy to read thank you for sharing and using your gift. A theme still apt for today. God bless you and your scribe ministry.

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