The Gift

By Evangelist Linda Clifford-Hayes

We are in the Christmas season, a season traditionally for giving and receiving gifts. I do not know anyone (from whatever culture or age) that does not like getting a gift. Some of us even enjoy buying gifts for others, simply to see the sheer delight on that person’s face.

For sure, when you get a gift, you can’t wait to unwrap its packaging and to see what is inside. A gift is meant to be a blessing and indicates what that person means to you.

We try to give something that will be useful, bring value – something that that person has not had before. I love shopping for gifts.

When my eldest daughter was about 9 years old and at Christmas time, I remember she had so many presents, she had forgotten to open one, till days later. The gift had got pushed between the cushions of the sofa.

Did you know that a most precious gift, was given to You just waiting for you to unwrap? Yes. It is the gift of the eternal life, made possible through the life of the little baby Jesus, the central part of the Christmas story.

The bible says  God so loved us, that he gave  his precious Son – (hurtling through the 3rd, 2nd and 1st dimensions of the universe – like superman if you like) to be planted in the womb of a virgin mother, be born and then eventually die a cruel death on a cross, so that we could live.

The sad thing is, not many have opened this gift. His gift is still sitting unwrapped on the mantle piece or hearth of many peoples lives. The blessing and value that this gift would bring, being missed or ignored.

Today , I want to remind you that you have an unopened gift, the gift of life, which can be opened and by simply saying this prayer :

Lord Jesus, I believe that you are the son of God, who loves me and who died on the cross to take away my sins and so that I could have eternal life.

Thank you. I accept this gift.

I ask you to forgive me of my sins. Come  into my heart and show me the way.

If you have said this prayer and want to know more about your gift, find a bible believing church , who will be able to explain more or make contact with the author through this website.

Velvet Warriors

By Evangelist Linda J

Nov 2017

This year, a lady at work blessed me with two long velvet capes and a designer handbag. One purple,one green. She doesn’t know who I am (in the spirit that is) and she’s not a Christian, but she says she was led to give me them. They are beautiful and I was so grateful – my favourite two colours and all…! That was April 2017.

The bible says precepts upon precepts. Here a little there a little.

It is now November 2017. Last week, I had taken a few days of from work to recharge my spiritual batteries and to find God and to pray. Mine is prayer . I need to pray but I have been struggling with prayer and the discipline of prayer which I had before. This is because other distractions have got in the way and I have been doing this and that but moved out of my lane .

I was sorting out my cobwebbed prayer room…. When I had a sense in my spirit to cover the bed I was to kneel on to pray with velvet.

The bible says those that seek after righteousness, the same shall be filled. So I was seeking and listening and it doesn’t take me long to step when I hear.

I had just ordered the book prophetic intercessors by James Goll and began to review reflect and read. Almost immediately in the first chapter the author talks about ‘velvet warriors ’, asking the question , are we willing to do the things necessary to capture Gods presence and be a person of revelation – will we get off the fast production line of frantic living, long enough to receive something that can be heard?

To hear then to speak or to do, that is.

His words not only stirred me but I nearly jumped out my skin. What an unusual term velvet warriors and why had I only just thought about velvet for my prayer room.

The author goes onto say that the velvet warriors are rising and moving forward on their knees. They are travailing in prayer.

I so much want it to be me. Travailing in prayer for the things of the kingdom. How I miss the years I spent in Reading praying with others regularly and through the night and learning the things of God.

I am seeking greater depth and intimacy with the Father through prayer. I want to stir up a thirst amongst others for prayer. I am wanting us to challenge the Lord , to take Father at his word ie He said ‘Those who seek me will find me’. I found him once and will find him again.

It took another week of standing still and listening to make the link with the velvet warrior term and the gift of the two velvet gowns given to me in April. I know he is speaking for sure as he speaks in twos or threes and with signs following.

The Lord is bringing inspiration about how one is dressed or seen in the spirit and what one carries (the handbag..). Each one of us carries an anointing and and has a covering and a dress in the spirit depending on the call of God on our lives – our supplication and obedience. The enemy of soul also knows how we are dressed and who we are. The enemies purpose is to de robe us and make us naked before God.

You know God will use people to bless you in remembrance of who you are to him. He used the Egyptians to bless the Israelites when they were moving out from years of bondage. He used Balaam to bless and not curse the children of Israel as Balak had wanted him to do. So many of instances in the bible. He used my work mate to bless me and remind me who I am and have been called to be an intercessor and prayer warrior – lo and behold : a velvet one to boot!

Those of you who have read my first book (a blessing happening in our time) will have read about my experience of being taken to the throne room and seemingly being microwaved .. changed and hearing these words :

‘Your dress is ready, the door is open , your time of waiting is over’ and then seeing myself in a beautiful glistening white dress/garment made up of what look like multiple fire flies. That was 10 years ago . Today I am led to ask – Could it be we have different outfits in the spirit for different things or different ministries.

In this season, Father is speaking about prayer positioning and being conscious of ones spiritual dress (not whether you were a mini or a maxi , jeans or smart trousers) , but your spiritual dress – your image in the spirit . He is speaking about us being intentional with that knowledge, that armour, insight and understanding and stepping into what he desires to do for this season.

My question today is . Are you ready to wage war for the kingdom. What exactly are you wearing ?Are you a velvet warrior?

Linda J Clifford-Hayes

Writing as scribe & prophetic evangelist in the year of our Lord 2017

The Light and Life of Men by Evangelist Linda J

In him was life and the life was the light of men

Saint John 1:4

This week the Lord shone his light on my darkness and gave me a revelation about the light – it’s source and it’s purpose . I have been asking that old age question ‘what must we do to work the works of God’. My spirit has been praying and asking : “Lord you said ‘ signs and wonders follow those that believe. You said, ‘as you were, so are we in this world ‘. You said, ‘we are for the healing of the nations ‘ you said ‘we will lay hands on he sick and they will recover’ . But why isn’t it happening Lord? The answer which Father unfolded over the week is , it is about light and darkness. It is about how much light dwells in you. It is the light that dispels the darkness . Sickness and disease is darkness. Healing comes from the laser light of God and filters through where there is no blockage.

It was Pastor Bonnke’s book ‘time is running out’ that father opened my eyes to see how light is so important. At page 34 he says :

‘Light itself is invisible you only know it is present when it strikes an object’

It was in this split second that healing was revealed to me, ie our role in being conductors of God’s light and my further reading on how light is used in laser and radiotherapy. It is not that I have not known this before, but lets just say in relation to spiritual healing , it went down to a deeper level , and I knew it liked I haven’t known it before.

So back to my question ‘what must we do to do the works of our Father ? It is quite simple really and available to all. To be used of God we are to be devoid of darkness. Our temple must be swept , so that the radiant light of God can penetrate and reflect ie ‘hit the mark’ where it needs to, here on earth.

As O’Hallesby says in his book on Prayer, ‘the ailment which afflicts human souls cannot be cured except by light-ray treatment’ .

I write this piece at midnight on the 16th November 2012 after today witnessing a young woman about to jump from a bridge, yes here in Derbyshire …..The scene was a traffic stopper. I saw her deadpan face, she was a blonde young woman with a beret, she looked like stone – a fallen angel. I drove past the scene unable to do anything, feeling useless. I cried out my feeling of uselessness to God for her and to be used to break that ‘death wish’ chain, which afflicts many souls here on earth. I’ve stood on that precipice too. My prayer ? “Empty me dear Lord , I pray, empty me from day to day. From inbred sin and carnal nature, empty me dear Lord I pray” and so that we too can be the conduit of light and life for men.

For those who are called by His Name : The world is waiting.

Evangelist Linda J

Written November 2012

In the year of our Lord

Running the gauntlet by Evangelist Linda J

Life is like running a gauntlet. The apostle Paul spoke about running your race. Each man or woman has been given a part of position on the track if you like, but in this particular race there is a vicious opponent on the right and on the left; there are obstacles on the way and someone, somebodeee(sic) wants to see you down and out or to trip you up, or that is how it seems to me anyway, as I take some time out from my formal work to recharge my batteries, to reflect.

So many choices for the man or woman of God to make. Do I turn right or do I go left? Do I stand up or kneel down. One scripture tells you to be still and know that I am God, where another will tell you to fight the good fight and lay hold of.

As an individual, I am more of the fight the good fight brigade. There are many days when I could ‘lay hold of ‘….’ then I remember that ‘the laying hold of’ is of eternal life, not that difficult character’s scraggy neck ..!

Who can one trust in this very dark hour? How shall one express oneself and be understood? Each time I lift my head above the parapet, take a peep, reach out a hand, show a sense of belonging or care .. then wham, bang the critters are still there, I get a blank frosty stare ie don’t come here or don’t come too near!!

There is so much sleight and strife. There is no real love or understanding . There is no soundness in the bones. The joints are out and there is no lubricating oil.

All work for a price and sell their soul for a morsel of bread – leaving the bigger picture undone, unable to divide the word of truth.

But Thank God for the Word, this will never lose its power or run out.

After a week of hearing of bereavement and loss amongst those still young , seeing the imposition of those aged, bedridden sick and weak, I say also : Thank God for a new day, for another opportunity to run, not be struck down or to be bound in shackles. Thank God for the grace.

If not for the grace we would have stumbled and fallen. If not for the hope (even beyond the grave), we would be men and women most miserable.

But we hold our heads up; we get up and look up. We put on the armour the whole armour of God and we once again run the gauntlet. You coming?

LJC Nov 2017