The Light and Life of Men by Evangelist Linda J

In him was life and the life was the light of men

Saint John 1:4

This week the Lord shone his light on my darkness and gave me a revelation about the light – it’s source and it’s purpose . I have been asking that old age question ‘what must we do to work the works of God’. My spirit has been praying and asking : “Lord you said ‘ signs and wonders follow those that believe. You said, ‘as you were, so are we in this world ‘. You said, ‘we are for the healing of the nations ‘ you said ‘we will lay hands on he sick and they will recover’ . But why isn’t it happening Lord? The answer which Father unfolded over the week is , it is about light and darkness. It is about how much light dwells in you. It is the light that dispels the darkness . Sickness and disease is darkness. Healing comes from the laser light of God and filters through where there is no blockage.

It was Pastor Bonnke’s book ‘time is running out’ that father opened my eyes to see how light is so important. At page 34 he says :

‘Light itself is invisible you only know it is present when it strikes an object’

It was in this split second that healing was revealed to me, ie our role in being conductors of God’s light and my further reading on how light is used in laser and radiotherapy. It is not that I have not known this before, but lets just say in relation to spiritual healing , it went down to a deeper level , and I knew it liked I haven’t known it before.

So back to my question ‘what must we do to do the works of our Father ? It is quite simple really and available to all. To be used of God we are to be devoid of darkness. Our temple must be swept , so that the radiant light of God can penetrate and reflect ie ‘hit the mark’ where it needs to, here on earth.

As O’Hallesby says in his book on Prayer, ‘the ailment which afflicts human souls cannot be cured except by light-ray treatment’ .

I write this piece at midnight on the 16th November 2012 after today witnessing a young woman about to jump from a bridge, yes here in Derbyshire …..The scene was a traffic stopper. I saw her deadpan face, she was a blonde young woman with a beret, she looked like stone – a fallen angel. I drove past the scene unable to do anything, feeling useless. I cried out my feeling of uselessness to God for her and to be used to break that ‘death wish’ chain, which afflicts many souls here on earth. I’ve stood on that precipice too. My prayer ? “Empty me dear Lord , I pray, empty me from day to day. From inbred sin and carnal nature, empty me dear Lord I pray” and so that we too can be the conduit of light and life for men.

For those who are called by His Name : The world is waiting.

Evangelist Linda J

Written November 2012

In the year of our Lord

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