Crossing Over 2

I wrote this prayer at 5:00 am 31st December 2017, it was the words God inscribed on my heart for us, for this season. It is written in the steps and pattern of prayer He has thought me over the years. I am calling it ‘Crossing Over’ for want a new title.

Crossing Over 2017

Holy God

Righteous Father

Maker of the Universe

It is to you we come

Lord we don’t know how to pray or what to say

But let your Holy Spirit speak and guide

Lord, we present ourselves to you first

All our sins and weaknesses, the things we do and say which makes you sad

Father we repent of things done in our mind, soul and body

Things we are conscious of and those where we are still blind to – those still hidden in darkness

Lord we look back on the 365 days you have given us

We repent of any wasted time

Any folly

Anything that didn’t give you the glory

As we stand on the precipe of a new year – we don’t want to take any load which is not of you, or from you ,

any pattern or weaknesses which is not befitting of the kingdom,

we want to leave behind

Lord help us go over light, steadfast in our footsteps and with hinds feet

Help us to take only the things you want us to take

Help us to cross over well and reach the other side

Father, Your mercies have been new to us every morning

We continue to trust in your faithfulness

Knowing that the work you have started in us, you are able to complete until the day of Jesus Christ

Our souls cry ‘Maranatha’

Come quickly Lord Jesus

Teach us to number our days

None of us know our times –

The length of our days are in your hands

Help us to be conscious of the season we are in

Of the lateness of this hour

Lord, you have given each and every one of us the capacity and ability to do of your good pleasure

A heart, mind and spirit to seek after you, if indeed, you are our heart’s desire

You have said in your word, that we should have no other gods before you

Fill all our vision

Help us this day (as we shake off the old year- the old wine skin )to name our idols and to lay them down at the foot of the cross

Father, there is none like you

Your love for us is unfathomable

When we were naked

You covered us with your skirt

When we are wounded and weary

You feel it, You care

Help us to say like David,

One thing have I desired of the Lord to seek after him all the days of my life, that I may dwell in his courts forever

Oh how we need you to visit us

Oh how we need your presence in our house

To be tabernacled in you and you

in us – Shekinah King of Glory

Help us to seek after righteousness

To grow up and mature in you

Help us not be a stumbling block in the way of any other

As your word says ‘as far as it remains with us, to be at peace with all men’

Lord, help us to hear when you call

Listen when you answer

To not repeat the same mistakes

Let us not be that rebellious ‘house’

Ever seeking for a sign, a word which has already been written, given, spoken, sent.

Give us wisdom and understanding

To discern the good and proper way.

We pray this prayer not only for ourselves but for our brothers, our sisters

those without a voice – who can’t /don’t know how to, pray

the strong standing in the gap, bearing the infirmity of the weak, as you have taught us

You say if two of us agree anything on earth, it will be done

We are in agreement for seeing your kingdom come in us and on earth as it is in heaven

We are in agreement for signs and wonders, because we believe

We are in agreement for love, truth and mercy to be at the door posts of our hearts, homes and our city

Let it be renowned abroad that we are the people who know God

Let it be renowned abroad that we have your mark – that we are a people, a building, where God’s hand is,and moves

Let the city in which we live be a city, set upon a hill that cannot be hid-

strengthen our stakes, let them go down deep,

enlarge our territories

Restore our land

Remember the nations which are before and amongst us

We are in agreement for you to loose every chain and to set captives free

Let us be a light shining in the dark The example to those who are seeking an answer for Truth

Those looking to us for mercy and for grace

Help us to be good stewards of what you have bestowed upon us, indeed good stewards of your blessed Holy Spirit

Let our comings and our goings be of you

Our sleeping and our waking with you

Help us to delight ourselves in You

Let your joy be our everlasting strength.

We close this year with joy

Knowing that you do all things well

Written by

Prayer Evangelist Linda J

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