Is there a mountain in your way?

I wrote this piece after my daily reading of Matthew today the 2nd day of the New Year 2018. I got to Matthew 28:16 and saw something new. Jesus appointed his disciples in a mountain. Mountains are usually symbolic of blocks, barriers huge obstacles. I had been reading about kingdom values and had been thinking about the prison ministry, I support in Uganda which I have called Ssendi under the lead evangelist there called Peter Ssendi. I thought about how the men and women there might be feeling at this time of year still incarcerated , still with major blocks or challenges (physical and spiritual) . I wrote it with them in my mind’s eye – or is it Father’s? I share it with you :

Is there a mountain in your way ?

Jesus appointed his disciples in a mountain. Is there a mountain in your way? Has doubts and fears arose? – The Lord is standing by to deliver you, direct you – in your time of uncertainty , to take you to the other side. He is in the mountain with you . He is seeking to take you to place where he can use you, can commission you, a place where he can appoint you to do good works.

All things work together for good. God is the author and finisher of our faith. He can turn any bad situation or choice around. Any health issue, life plan or decision that was not of him, he can turn around. Don’t resist the mountain, go up, go round , go through it, with Jesus.

The bible says , ‘Give respect to the dark places of the earth’ – both darkness and light have their place, but chose to come out into that marvellous light, on the other side. Choose to come out on top.

Recognise where you are at and what brought you there. Recognise, Reflect. Some situations are not of our own doing, but God has allowed and for his glory. Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, so that he can exalt you (lift you up , bring you out) in His good time.

His timing is the right time and He comes when you call, when you are asking – guess what ? He has already answered and that answer is Yes and Amen. He knows who you are . He knows what you need. That thing that will bring you to an acceptable end – both in this life and the next.

Is there a mountain in your way ? Climb it with Jesus. The mountain may be the turning point of your life. Some mountains have openings which you can go through, find that opening , that door, go through with Jesus.

Some mountains have grassy terrains and trees dotted here and there. Find the /a planting of the Lord, the right branch ; find the right space, the right position to be at rest and in safety with him. A place away from the storms, away from the rain – He is your shield and shelter . He is ‘the Branch’, the root from Jesse, the everlasting arm on which you can depend.

He will shield you, strongly defend you. The branch will not break, you will like Zacheus not have to crane your neck, (or second guess) to see the other side; It is you ! He will go with you , show you the way to get off and out . He will meet you at your level , where you are at – He will be there at the foot of your mountain , looking down as he did toward those standing at the foot of the cross.

At the foot of your mountain? Seeing a cross? Just waiting for change? Just worship him.

Evangelist Linda J Clifford -Hayes

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