Walk Like a King

Occasionally I walk to work. It is so refreshing to get the wind under your sails , to put the world to rights and commune with God.

I see a lot of people on my journey and it is so interesting what faces, moods, greetings I see and receive.

Using the eyes of my heart (Ephesians 1:18-19) I can discern so much about that person – who they are, their attitude and even about family functioning.

Take this morning, I saw a lovely young man in school uniform just coming out of his house. He locked the front door behind him. He was a tall, white , English boy. He saw me and smiled. The way he carried himself and his greeting, spoke volumes to me. It told me this boy knows who he is and where he is going. He exuded confidence. He looked like royalty – He looked like a star.

I thought about us Christians as children of God and the confidence we should have in our Heavenly Father. I reflected that despite this knowledge of our parentage, many of us walk head bowed and almost apologise for being who we are. Some of us can hardly greet each other, or look each other in the eye. It seems we have something to hide, uncomfortable with who we are or members of our own family.

We put on our masks, have a false idea of what stands for holiness or humility or being children of God. We bruise others by our cold indifferent stares, our lack of care and regard. We don’t really know Christ or speak to his blessed holy sprit.

We bristle with the boldness of others who share Him. We do very little to advance kingdom, reach out to others or take steps forward.

We are children of a King and therefore our step and our deportment should be like that of king. Anyone who ever watched The King and I, with Yule Brenner, will recall his many children (little kings in the making) how they exuded confidence held the sceptre in hand, ready to say and to do – making decrees.

Let us remind ourselves who we are, who we represent and where we are going.

Let us greet each other in the House and the world with aplomb and confidence.

Let us pick up the sceptre and speak boldly doing of his good pleasure.

Let us say hello to him.

Let us show our love and care to others and the joy we have about the new day. Let us take responsibility for the physical and emotional safety and security of our House.

Let us take off the masks, allow people to know who we are and see the faith, hope and confidence we have in Him, who is our Heavenly Father.


Father, thank you for the inheritance you have given us. We have a rich heritage and we need not be afraid. I pray that you will help us have a better understanding of who we are and how we are to be, as we ‘walk out’ each day.

Help us to see the glory within, the greatness of your power to behave and to do, like kings.

Let us not miss any opportunity to represent kingdom – to shine like the sons and daughters we are, so that people can know that ‘you are’ (sic) and that you are a good good Father.

Written by

Evangelist Linda J

In the Year of our Lord

19th Jan 2018

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