Loving kindness

mahabun liltayiba – Arabic

A prayer for this present darkness

Linda Clifford-Hayes. 1/2/18

Lord, I thank you because you have given me prayer

Because of this blessing I need not be alone.

Lord I can turn my cup up at anytime of the day and you never disappoint.

You are a refreshing to my soul.

You are a covert in the wind.

My place of hiding. The lover of my soul.

Lord, at times I feel betwixt and between – on my own, but I know I am not alone.

I am with you and know that there are 7,000 plus that have not bowed the knee.

7,000 plus with whom I have identity. 7,000 plus that would give an answer, a word- your word.

The time of day, a cup of tea and your loving kindness – Mahabun Liltayiba.

I am so grateful for your knowledge and understanding, Your discernment. You teach me . You lead me. You pulled me up with your right hand of righteousness.

Thank you for the small flickers of light, love and hope, you show me each day.

I have been weary of feigned love, false brethren, friends and enemies, but you restore my soul.

I have seen the sleights of hands, churned mouths, backs turned , veiled, shallow greetings. You have shown me men’s hearts

But I still stand.

Screwed up twisted dead pan faces, the scoffing, scorning and questioning of my authority.

But you called and you sent. You placed. I cannot go, or be, without You.

Rebuffs, rejection abound. On the left and in the right. Despite of your shed blood. Despite of your love. Despite the lateness of the hour.

I have seen the vying and jostling for power.

The pomp, the ceremony, religiosity and pride.

They usurp and squash

They silence you and your servants. They walk past head held high. They snub, nay would snuff out, the very light and life of men – if they could but they can’t . They are Pharisees.

It is you who lights my candle

It is you who fans my flame.

For now let them be

Let them grope in the dark

Cometh the hour

For judgment you came into this world, that they which see not might see and they which say they see, might be made blind .

You have seen. You will reward.

Eventually ….

I am comforted by

Your whispers at the breaking of the dawn, like those heady days when you would knock, would visit

Would wait for me ….patiently …

You’re back again!

I am here, sitting quietly in my corner.

You’ve honoured me with things too high for me

Despite my failings

You’ve remembered my name

I hear you, I see you I feel you.

I love you. Want more of you.

My cup is lifted up.

Give me a token of your love my Lord, that those who hate me will be ashamed.

Cover me now with your glory and grace.

Your daughter

Linda J

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  1. Beautiful! Encouraging word for each of us. Love that in the midst of or craziness, the world’s craziness He continues to whisper to us.

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