With all our getting get understanding

Written By Linda J March 2018 (working title may change)

I had a difficult travail last night some as a result of my own doing. As I was caught between sleeping and waking, the Holy Spirit was bringing truths to me. I had what we call a light bulb moment.

Father gave me a deeper revelation of the scripture ‘the light shines through in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not..(John 1:5). I heard it like a clear bell. The emphasis he brought was in the understanding bit -gynosko.

When I heard that scripture before I had only grasped it on one level – ie Jesus as the light of the world and his light shining in the darkness of this world. I also understood that we are also the light of the world but I didn’t see the wider aspects relating to light and darkness.

Last night, He brought a now word and the personal reality of being the light of the world , the reason behind the battles we face as individuals, to the fore.

At our leadership training this week, we all shared painful stories about attacks we had suffered in our workplaces and even in the house and in the Body. He showed me that this happens to the child of God, as the multitudes ‘are confused don’t understand who you are , are perplexed by you, because they are in darkness’ . It is as a result of their lack of knowledge and understanding. As you are light they represent the darkness.

This was Rhema for me : the light is personified as ‘You’. The darkness personified as ‘them’. Not a thing, or an entity, but them. Them, which are without, them, who are in darkness and therefore confused. He brought it home and it is serious.

He said, Linda, they don’t understand you, because they are in darkness and they have not a real knowledge of God.

Now reader when I retired to bed last night, I was simply wanting to go to sleep with a busy weekend of prayer, worship and ministry looming. However, He ministered this revelation to me in the quietness – you know that twilight place – between waking and sleeping ?

As I am writing this piece today and communing with him in my spirit , He is extending the message.

I hear him whisper ‘their conscience have been seared with a hot iron’. (John 1:5)

This tells me, ‘they’ once had a conscience, but that this conscience, (ability to believe, feel and to know him) has been sealed off, there is no opening, no blood flow and therefore light, cannot permeate.

I know instinctively that Father isnt speaking about the world, rather He is speaking out his Body, his church, his soon to be Bride. He is speaking about our ‘in house’ relationships, as part of the Body.

For those of you who are medics or understand about how cancer as a sickness operates in the Body, cancer can be caused by cell death – apoptosis and recovery is the rejoining of …wait for it…. : sister cells.

I said in my spirit “How Holy Spirit”? “why would that happen to a believer?” “what or who seared their conscience?”

He led me to Romans

‘Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.’ (Romans 1:21-22)


Father, I am in awe of you . When we quiet ourselves, or are still, you speak and shed light on areas of our dark understanding. None of us are above your word and the entrance of this brings much light.

Lord, I want to acknowledge you as my light, my Lord and my Saviour. You mean the world to me and I never want to be left in the dark. If any part of me has been cauterised seared off which leaves me myopic, blind or in darkness, please heal. Please restore. Restore relationships. Restore broken connections . Let your blood flow. If there are images, imaginations, theories, strategies, taking us away from Wisdom, Your Word, Your Way, warn us.

Thank you for the light of your glorious gospel which first shined a light in my heart. May it continue to shine in our hearts. May we be willing to see. May we be willing to hear.

Quicken me like fire, to bring life to others through the wisdom of your word. Thank you for your peace and your love towards me, opening up a channel of blessing through your son Jesus Christ and so I could see, feel , hear and know you as my God.

Lord, as I pray , (I pray not only for myself , but all those )who because of circumstances) remain in a place of darkness. Twenty years I lived as a Christian (sincere enough) but did not know you as ‘the living God’. You have given me a commission to go tell. Many still don’t know you or understand. Many have good hearts and intentions like Cornelius, but the light has not permeated into their hearts .

Lord, I pray that you will open up avenues for the knowledge of you, ‘the living God’, to touch the hearts of your people. Open up avenues for blind eyes see and so that captives can be set free. Let your House be a place of light, life and love.

My desire is for people to be excited about you. To know the liberty and freedom you bring and the joy of your salvation. Oh for myself to know you more and the power of your resurrection.

Father, I am never too tired to hear from you. I want to hear from you. Thank you for ministering your word to me through the night and this morning. Thank you for bringing your truths back to my remembrance, to quicken me again and so that I can quicken and remind others.

Lord, I pray for your everlasting arm and shield of protection to cover us against the attacks that come as we represent your light and your truths. As we seek to move forward in You. As we seek to raise the Standard for You.

Guard our hearts and our minds at these times and so that we will only bring forth light and life, not death and as our dear Pastor admonished us this week in training.

Lord, as he highlighted, I pray particularly for those of us under levitical priesthood and in ministry, to realise the responsibility you have placed in our hands. We know we will have to give an account.

Keep the light on in our house, in our eyes, hearts, homes and in our worship. Let our words and actions be seen as the knowledge of you alive, working in us. Help us not only to be hearers, but doers of your word. Help us to glorify and model you outwardly, to others, not through rote, routine, duress or pride in volunteering, appointment, or position. Help us to glorify and model you not with darkened or veiled eyes, but with freedom, upwardly and openly, with eyes of compassion and with agape love, representing your heart, your Christ.

Bring your divine understanding.

Linda J

Building Kingdom , Written In His Name and with divine leadership in mind

24th March 2018

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

By Linda J 19- 20th March 2018

I have taken a weeks leave from work and I am waiting on the Lord. The Lord has taught me through his word to ‘give a portion to 7 and to 8 ‘ as you don’t know what evil is on the earth. Ecclesiastes 11:2 . Hence the sharing. He has commissioned me to write – this is an aspect of my call and so I write.

Spurned on by Pastor Blessen’s message on Sunday, ‘the size of our miracle is in direct proportion of our faith’ and the rhema ‘ as long as you are healthy ….you will walk’!! I am encouraged and my faith lifted. I am regenerated , inspired and leaping into action. I am thinking big….I am not only wanting to walk, but run my race. I am in my own lane and now waiting on God.

I have reset my prayer disciplines and set my alarm for 7pm to go to my room and seek the Lord.

Many years ago, I used to hear the Lord speaking clearly, when I sat on my bed at night. I know I have wandered far away from this place, his voice. I know the oil has run dry and I am often running on empty expecting to do great things but hearing the putt putt ….of the stalled engine. But he has been merciful. He is able to restore the years …and works on the desires of our heart.

Last night (19/3/18) I begin again.

I kneel and pray and sit and wait, sit and wait. I hear him and through my pen. It flows like oil.

It is a word for me, it is a word for you. He says and is saying :

Star – shine in the darkness. Called for this hour. Called for this hour. Stand up for my righteousness for peace. I hear it in words. I hear it in rhythm.

I am the resurrection and the Life whosoever believes in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. You may feel dry, but you will live. I have showed you, I have told you, even in this house – through many witnesses. These dry bones will live.

I am the light of the world. There is much darkness, but I am depending on my daughters and sons to shine and to stand for me in the gap, in this hour. Shine bright like a diamond.

I have more to say to break to you about this hour, but you cant bear it now.

I have called you for a special assignment. It will unfold. Will you not see it? See it coming. See those things that are not as they be. Bring them /call them forth.

The call I have placed on your life is an unusual call, but I made you for this purpose to see my will done here on earth as it is in heaven. Do not fear. It is my Father’s will to give you the kingdom. My multifaceted diamond. Part of the building, that great cathedral, beyond the skies.

I will blow new life, fresh breath into you. New Power. Greater ability – To Do. The power to do is in my breath – in your breath as you speak as you pray, as you do – as I say. As you worship as you minister my word, my heart under my anointing. Cry if you must, do not spare. Lift up a cry for Zion’s sake.

In my breath is life and that life is the light of men. So speak, so say, so do. Ta ta ta ta. It is done.

My desire is to see my children strong – mighty, empowered for this hour. For this final hour. For this closing chapter. Will you watch with me? Or will you sleep?

When you seek me. You will find me.

Ho every one that is thirsty come to the water, come without money and without price. Remember? – This was the first message – the word which I gave you. You were just a slip of a girl. In your Fathers House.

7/7/7 Remember . It is time. Tell them. Implore them to listen. To come.

Cometh the hour

As I finished writing the word I started to make a selection in my own mind, who might receive or, benefit from it. I said Lord, some of them are offended and reject me, reject your word when I share. Some sleight me/ send me to Coventry… It is so painful. Sometimes I don’t know Lord where I end and you begin. Is this You Lord or is this Me? I heard this :

Every good and perfect gift is from above, where there is no variableness or shadow of turning. I speak precepts upon precepts. Line upon line. Here a little , there a little.

This word Linda, will be received by whoever it was meant for. It is not for you to do the selection, to second guess. It is I who made and twang the strings of the heart. Don’t fear their faces. Men look at the outward appearance, but I see the heart.

Many sheep I have who are not of this fold. But they will come through the Branch. Through Moses rod – through divine appointed leadership, through my Word, through my voice. My own sheep hears my heart and knows my voice.

Yours is to send /give my word as I pour and when you see or feel the cloud. Yours is to obey my word.

Prophet Priest King Ministries

Copyrights 2006

Linda J UK

A Measure of Faith and the Toothache

By Evangelist Linda J

March 2018

God has given to each of us a measure of faith. As believers we draw from that at different points throughout our lives. Last night I had a tremendous toothache. The crown has broken away and a nerve is being exposed. I am sure there is another message in that…but for now I want to concentrate on faith.

They say it is when you lay down at night that pain intensifies and it’s true. I had paracetamol tablets downstairs in my handbag, but I thought No! this is 2018 and it is my time. If not now, when Lord? When will I see your power. I am going to exercise the healing power that you say we have as believers, in your Name.

I said, I am going to take You at your word and call on You for immediate healing. I looked God in the eye (as Father and me a child). I said ‘ Now Father (in my Jamaican tone and grave….) you know I am in pain’ . You said, we can call on you at anytime and you will hear us. I said, I believe you are a loving God and like any earthly father or mother , you would not want to see your child in pain. I said this is a toothache. You said greater things will we do because you go to the Father. It is simple for you and within your abilities to heal. Please stop the pain.. I said I am not just wanting to see you move in my toothache, but from now on to see you do greater things, because we have asked.

You know reader, immediately I prayed, the pain went! The pain went so quickly that I started to prod around the tooth to see where the pain had gone. It disappeared completely as I was praying.

I am embarrassed to say I was in disbelief that my simple prayer worked and so quickly. I had one of the best sleeps I had had all week and I woke refreshed and to tell the tale.

Father has his own brand of anaesthesia. He will send help in our time of need, if we just ask. He answers whilst we are praying and many times before we even pray. We can reason with Him for remedy or recovery.

His word says ‘He has given all of us a measure of faith’. (Romans 12:3) . It is just for us to open our mouths and exercise it.

Start exercising that faith today.

Copyright PPK Ministries UK

Studying for A Doctorate

By Evangelist Linda J

I woke up this morning to find books and bibles scattered over my bed. It made me laugh. To me, they are like little children who you find snucked in under the bedcovers in the middle of the night..!

These are books accumulated over weeks of dipping and reading. I am not on a formal course of study with any earthly university, but I am in HiGh school…I am dreaming, journeying and journaling with the Lord. He has been made wisdom unto me.

I have daily tasks, watching, listening , reading and writing. My eyes are wide open, as are my ears. I have completed a number of assignments this past two months and learned new things. I am looking forward to the next sessions and the tests. My bed/bedroom is never tidy because of my meanderings, because of my books, because of my pens.

Today , as I woke for my early morning musing , I see the state of my bed (books everywhere). Some didn’t make it through the night and are on the floor.. I say to myself, it looks like I’m preparing for a Doctorate. I reached for my iPhone to check for messages and to prepare for my daily reading and devotional time. A devotional came in from a website. The writer is encouraging the reader to seek a deeper revelation of Jesus. He says :

“Think about the discipline required to become a doctor, a teacher, a minister, a nurse. Any career or calling requires great study and effort and the same is true when it comes to actually serving Jesus as we should.”

I laughed. It was as if the Holy Spirit heard my musing this morning and was explaining why things are as they have been ….the many books on my bed. My room is like a school room – a library. I am of course doing the GreATest study of all. A study of , and for, eternal life.

I have always loved books from a child. I had wanted to be a lawyer or linguist when I was just 12. I love exploring words. I love the language of the law- Gods law. I love the beauty, sound and rhythm of Fathers heart beat, when I hear him speak through his word. I love the taste of truth and sincerity . When I hear those that say they know him speak, I just know..! From the abundance of the heart, a man speaks.

I struggle like anyone reading the Word and finding time, but want to go so much deeper. This year I have set new targets. Some already accomplished, but it is up to me if I want to grow.

I get my best inspirations and instructions when I’m sitting quietly in my room and away from the crowds. I hear Father best when I am still. I like to go to the house of God and be still and until prayer and worship comes upon me. Then.. I would advise, if you are not on the Lords side, run for cover!

The bible, says study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman, needing not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of Truth. (2 Timothy 2:15)

I want to encourage you today(and whilst snow is on the ground), to take time out to read, write, reflect, then pray, walk, talk, minister the Word, do, as Jesus did. Your honour, approval, distinction is on its way. Summer time and Harvest is just around the corner.

A Josiah Generation – Please

By Evangelist Linda J

We want a Josiah generation

Radical men and women of God

Who are not afraid to confront idolatry in the house

Men and women who are not afraid to tear down the prideful phallic symbols – the Aserah poles of our generation.

Men and women who are not into the dance, the fun and frolic, but into the Lord of the dance – Sweet Blessed Holy Spirit.

Men and women who are not sold out to anything else,

Not selling birthrights to anything or anyone for a grant, for a position or for a piece of bread,

but sold out to the Lord

Men and women who are not soliciting or prostituting themselves or turning the house of God into a fair ground or brothel

Or into Shakespeare stage, a malady or oratory den.

A Josiah generation please , in Jesus’ Name!

Not a generation selling a ‘knock of, knock down Jesus’ (See Bevere)

Not a generation, ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of Truth

Not a generation seeking three points , a pat on the back and a poem

But a generation moved by the Spirit of God and will Do.

Away with the Boams , the Amons , the Ataliahs and Jezebel’s of this world

Away with those contracts that are

Keeping us buried and in chains

Let the real kings of the earth rise

Those who have made a righteous and pleasing convenant with the God of Jacob , the Holy one of Israel

Protect the Righteous seed

Raise up the Uzziahs in our generation who see the glory of the Lord in the temple and can cry Holy, Holy

Raise up the Asa’s a leadership generation who demand holiness in the courts of our God and will rout wickedness out,

Raise up commanders who can command restoration and divine order in our church houses, our streets and in our cities .

Foreign altars, pagan shrines ‘move’ in the Name Of Jesus!!

Those made out of stone and those which are of our flesh.

Remove the rubbish -says the Lord

A clean sweep is what he has called for

Repentance and a walk of faithfulness and righteousness from the inward parts

Not a foot or limb out of joint

Not a demon wagging its tail

Mercy and peace meeting together

Every man a place and each one in his place

Godliness not only in our public lives, but in our private lives and vicey (sic) Versa

Nothing hidden, nothing broken

Confronting disease, disobedience and disorder, when it appears

When we see it

When we know it is there

Starting with ‘I’ ending with ‘Z’

Speaking the truth to our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, pastors leaders, neighbours, in love

Loving kindness – love with arms in action

and … as we see that awesome day approaching

Written by revelation over many days and under instruction early hours of this morning.


Linda J Clifford-Hayes