A Josiah Generation – Please

By Evangelist Linda J

We want a Josiah generation

Radical men and women of God

Who are not afraid to confront idolatry in the house

Men and women who are not afraid to tear down the prideful phallic symbols – the Aserah poles of our generation.

Men and women who are not into the dance, the fun and frolic, but into the Lord of the dance – Sweet Blessed Holy Spirit.

Men and women who are not sold out to anything else,

Not selling birthrights to anything or anyone for a grant, for a position or for a piece of bread,

but sold out to the Lord

Men and women who are not soliciting or prostituting themselves or turning the house of God into a fair ground or brothel

Or into Shakespeare stage, a malady or oratory den.

A Josiah generation please , in Jesus’ Name!

Not a generation selling a ‘knock of, knock down Jesus’ (See Bevere)

Not a generation, ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of Truth

Not a generation seeking three points , a pat on the back and a poem

But a generation moved by the Spirit of God and will Do.

Away with the Boams , the Amons , the Ataliahs and Jezebel’s of this world

Away with those contracts that are

Keeping us buried and in chains

Let the real kings of the earth rise

Those who have made a righteous and pleasing convenant with the God of Jacob , the Holy one of Israel

Protect the Righteous seed

Raise up the Uzziahs in our generation who see the glory of the Lord in the temple and can cry Holy, Holy

Raise up the Asa’s a leadership generation who demand holiness in the courts of our God and will rout wickedness out,

Raise up commanders who can command restoration and divine order in our church houses, our streets and in our cities .

Foreign altars, pagan shrines ‘move’ in the Name Of Jesus!!

Those made out of stone and those which are of our flesh.

Remove the rubbish -says the Lord

A clean sweep is what he has called for

Repentance and a walk of faithfulness and righteousness from the inward parts

Not a foot or limb out of joint

Not a demon wagging its tail

Mercy and peace meeting together

Every man a place and each one in his place

Godliness not only in our public lives, but in our private lives and vicey (sic) Versa

Nothing hidden, nothing broken

Confronting disease, disobedience and disorder, when it appears

When we see it

When we know it is there

Starting with ‘I’ ending with ‘Z’

Speaking the truth to our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, pastors leaders, neighbours, in love

Loving kindness – love with arms in action

and … as we see that awesome day approaching

Written by revelation over many days and under instruction early hours of this morning.


Linda J Clifford-Hayes

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