Studying for A Doctorate

By Evangelist Linda J

I woke up this morning to find books and bibles scattered over my bed. It made me laugh. To me, they are like little children who you find snucked in under the bedcovers in the middle of the night..!

These are books accumulated over weeks of dipping and reading. I am not on a formal course of study with any earthly university, but I am in HiGh school…I am dreaming, journeying and journaling with the Lord. He has been made wisdom unto me.

I have daily tasks, watching, listening , reading and writing. My eyes are wide open, as are my ears. I have completed a number of assignments this past two months and learned new things. I am looking forward to the next sessions and the tests. My bed/bedroom is never tidy because of my meanderings, because of my books, because of my pens.

Today , as I woke for my early morning musing , I see the state of my bed (books everywhere). Some didn’t make it through the night and are on the floor.. I say to myself, it looks like I’m preparing for a Doctorate. I reached for my iPhone to check for messages and to prepare for my daily reading and devotional time. A devotional came in from a website. The writer is encouraging the reader to seek a deeper revelation of Jesus. He says :

“Think about the discipline required to become a doctor, a teacher, a minister, a nurse. Any career or calling requires great study and effort and the same is true when it comes to actually serving Jesus as we should.”

I laughed. It was as if the Holy Spirit heard my musing this morning and was explaining why things are as they have been ….the many books on my bed. My room is like a school room – a library. I am of course doing the GreATest study of all. A study of , and for, eternal life.

I have always loved books from a child. I had wanted to be a lawyer or linguist when I was just 12. I love exploring words. I love the language of the law- Gods law. I love the beauty, sound and rhythm of Fathers heart beat, when I hear him speak through his word. I love the taste of truth and sincerity . When I hear those that say they know him speak, I just know..! From the abundance of the heart, a man speaks.

I struggle like anyone reading the Word and finding time, but want to go so much deeper. This year I have set new targets. Some already accomplished, but it is up to me if I want to grow.

I get my best inspirations and instructions when I’m sitting quietly in my room and away from the crowds. I hear Father best when I am still. I like to go to the house of God and be still and until prayer and worship comes upon me. Then.. I would advise, if you are not on the Lords side, run for cover!

The bible, says study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman, needing not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of Truth. (2 Timothy 2:15)

I want to encourage you today(and whilst snow is on the ground), to take time out to read, write, reflect, then pray, walk, talk, minister the Word, do, as Jesus did. Your honour, approval, distinction is on its way. Summer time and Harvest is just around the corner.

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