A Measure of Faith and the Toothache

By Evangelist Linda J

March 2018

God has given to each of us a measure of faith. As believers we draw from that at different points throughout our lives. Last night I had a tremendous toothache. The crown has broken away and a nerve is being exposed. I am sure there is another message in that…but for now I want to concentrate on faith.

They say it is when you lay down at night that pain intensifies and it’s true. I had paracetamol tablets downstairs in my handbag, but I thought No! this is 2018 and it is my time. If not now, when Lord? When will I see your power. I am going to exercise the healing power that you say we have as believers, in your Name.

I said, I am going to take You at your word and call on You for immediate healing. I looked God in the eye (as Father and me a child). I said ‘ Now Father (in my Jamaican tone and grave….) you know I am in pain’ . You said, we can call on you at anytime and you will hear us. I said, I believe you are a loving God and like any earthly father or mother , you would not want to see your child in pain. I said this is a toothache. You said greater things will we do because you go to the Father. It is simple for you and within your abilities to heal. Please stop the pain.. I said I am not just wanting to see you move in my toothache, but from now on to see you do greater things, because we have asked.

You know reader, immediately I prayed, the pain went! The pain went so quickly that I started to prod around the tooth to see where the pain had gone. It disappeared completely as I was praying.

I am embarrassed to say I was in disbelief that my simple prayer worked and so quickly. I had one of the best sleeps I had had all week and I woke refreshed and to tell the tale.

Father has his own brand of anaesthesia. He will send help in our time of need, if we just ask. He answers whilst we are praying and many times before we even pray. We can reason with Him for remedy or recovery.

His word says ‘He has given all of us a measure of faith’. (Romans 12:3) . It is just for us to open our mouths and exercise it.

Start exercising that faith today.

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6 responses to “A Measure of Faith and the Toothache”

  1. Linda, a wonderful testimony. “And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee; for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek thee”. Psalm 9:10

  2. Wonderful Linda. Can I add? Faith works by love. Knowing this truth asking becomes easier. Maybe your disbelief was suddenly realising how easy it is to actually receive from a God of endless supply & grace? He doesn’t make it complicated. Thank goodness😅

    • 🤣it’s not the first time He’s made me jump…! Yes he desires for us to really understand his Love and care for us . X

  3. Stepping out in faith & boldness is what God yearns for his children to do.
    I know that I need to trust in God more consistently, prayerfully & persistently in healing.
    I’ve already felt the power of God’s healing & a pain free body.
    After all I (we) accepted Jesus Christ as my (our) only Lord & Saviour, so why am I (we) not accepting Him ‘all the time’ as my complete Saviour in pain, sickness & worry?
    Jesus is more than able to save us from ALL things including from self & Satan!
    I (we) must trust Him because it is according to my (our) faith that we experience the power of His saving grace in our lives.

    I uphold you Linda, continually in prayer & through any pain & sickness, your faith & trust in the Lord your Saviour will set you free at YOUR command. Through Jesus Christ. Amen

    • Thank you Elizabeth. Yes, I realise our faith fluctuates and it so easy to forget how far he has brought us and the battles, sickness pain we have already…overcome. No toothache last night … dental appointment booked. 😆

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