Shine Bright Like A Diamond

By Linda J 19- 20th March 2018

I have taken a weeks leave from work and I am waiting on the Lord. The Lord has taught me through his word to ‘give a portion to 7 and to 8 ‘ as you don’t know what evil is on the earth. Ecclesiastes 11:2 . Hence the sharing. He has commissioned me to write – this is an aspect of my call and so I write.

Spurned on by Pastor Blessen’s message on Sunday, ‘the size of our miracle is in direct proportion of our faith’ and the rhema ‘ as long as you are healthy ….you will walk’!! I am encouraged and my faith lifted. I am regenerated , inspired and leaping into action. I am thinking big….I am not only wanting to walk, but run my race. I am in my own lane and now waiting on God.

I have reset my prayer disciplines and set my alarm for 7pm to go to my room and seek the Lord.

Many years ago, I used to hear the Lord speaking clearly, when I sat on my bed at night. I know I have wandered far away from this place, his voice. I know the oil has run dry and I am often running on empty expecting to do great things but hearing the putt putt ….of the stalled engine. But he has been merciful. He is able to restore the years …and works on the desires of our heart.

Last night (19/3/18) I begin again.

I kneel and pray and sit and wait, sit and wait. I hear him and through my pen. It flows like oil.

It is a word for me, it is a word for you. He says and is saying :

Star – shine in the darkness. Called for this hour. Called for this hour. Stand up for my righteousness for peace. I hear it in words. I hear it in rhythm.

I am the resurrection and the Life whosoever believes in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. You may feel dry, but you will live. I have showed you, I have told you, even in this house – through many witnesses. These dry bones will live.

I am the light of the world. There is much darkness, but I am depending on my daughters and sons to shine and to stand for me in the gap, in this hour. Shine bright like a diamond.

I have more to say to break to you about this hour, but you cant bear it now.

I have called you for a special assignment. It will unfold. Will you not see it? See it coming. See those things that are not as they be. Bring them /call them forth.

The call I have placed on your life is an unusual call, but I made you for this purpose to see my will done here on earth as it is in heaven. Do not fear. It is my Father’s will to give you the kingdom. My multifaceted diamond. Part of the building, that great cathedral, beyond the skies.

I will blow new life, fresh breath into you. New Power. Greater ability – To Do. The power to do is in my breath – in your breath as you speak as you pray, as you do – as I say. As you worship as you minister my word, my heart under my anointing. Cry if you must, do not spare. Lift up a cry for Zion’s sake.

In my breath is life and that life is the light of men. So speak, so say, so do. Ta ta ta ta. It is done.

My desire is to see my children strong – mighty, empowered for this hour. For this final hour. For this closing chapter. Will you watch with me? Or will you sleep?

When you seek me. You will find me.

Ho every one that is thirsty come to the water, come without money and without price. Remember? – This was the first message – the word which I gave you. You were just a slip of a girl. In your Fathers House.

7/7/7 Remember . It is time. Tell them. Implore them to listen. To come.

Cometh the hour

As I finished writing the word I started to make a selection in my own mind, who might receive or, benefit from it. I said Lord, some of them are offended and reject me, reject your word when I share. Some sleight me/ send me to Coventry… It is so painful. Sometimes I don’t know Lord where I end and you begin. Is this You Lord or is this Me? I heard this :

Every good and perfect gift is from above, where there is no variableness or shadow of turning. I speak precepts upon precepts. Line upon line. Here a little , there a little.

This word Linda, will be received by whoever it was meant for. It is not for you to do the selection, to second guess. It is I who made and twang the strings of the heart. Don’t fear their faces. Men look at the outward appearance, but I see the heart.

Many sheep I have who are not of this fold. But they will come through the Branch. Through Moses rod – through divine appointed leadership, through my Word, through my voice. My own sheep hears my heart and knows my voice.

Yours is to send /give my word as I pour and when you see or feel the cloud. Yours is to obey my word.

Prophet Priest King Ministries

Copyrights 2006

Linda J UK

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    • Thanks Maria. Don’t forget what he’s told you to do. What he had placed in your own hands. Rise up, say and do … of his good pleasure x

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