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Written By Linda J March 2018 (working title may change)

I had a difficult travail last night some as a result of my own doing. As I was caught between sleeping and waking, the Holy Spirit was bringing truths to me. I had what we call a light bulb moment.

Father gave me a deeper revelation of the scripture ‘the light shines through in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not..(John 1:5). I heard it like a clear bell. The emphasis he brought was in the understanding bit -gynosko.

When I heard that scripture before I had only grasped it on one level – ie Jesus as the light of the world and his light shining in the darkness of this world. I also understood that we are also the light of the world but I didn’t see the wider aspects relating to light and darkness.

Last night, He brought a now word and the personal reality of being the light of the world , the reason behind the battles we face as individuals, to the fore.

At our leadership training this week, we all shared painful stories about attacks we had suffered in our workplaces and even in the house and in the Body. He showed me that this happens to the child of God, as the multitudes ‘are confused don’t understand who you are , are perplexed by you, because they are in darkness’ . It is as a result of their lack of knowledge and understanding. As you are light they represent the darkness.

This was Rhema for me : the light is personified as ‘You’. The darkness personified as ‘them’. Not a thing, or an entity, but them. Them, which are without, them, who are in darkness and therefore confused. He brought it home and it is serious.

He said, Linda, they don’t understand you, because they are in darkness and they have not a real knowledge of God.

Now reader when I retired to bed last night, I was simply wanting to go to sleep with a busy weekend of prayer, worship and ministry looming. However, He ministered this revelation to me in the quietness – you know that twilight place – between waking and sleeping ?

As I am writing this piece today and communing with him in my spirit , He is extending the message.

I hear him whisper ‘their conscience have been seared with a hot iron’. (John 1:5)

This tells me, ‘they’ once had a conscience, but that this conscience, (ability to believe, feel and to know him) has been sealed off, there is no opening, no blood flow and therefore light, cannot permeate.

I know instinctively that Father isnt speaking about the world, rather He is speaking out his Body, his church, his soon to be Bride. He is speaking about our ‘in house’ relationships, as part of the Body.

For those of you who are medics or understand about how cancer as a sickness operates in the Body, cancer can be caused by cell death – apoptosis and recovery is the rejoining of …wait for it…. : sister cells.

I said in my spirit “How Holy Spirit”? “why would that happen to a believer?” “what or who seared their conscience?”

He led me to Romans

‘Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.’ (Romans 1:21-22)


Father, I am in awe of you . When we quiet ourselves, or are still, you speak and shed light on areas of our dark understanding. None of us are above your word and the entrance of this brings much light.

Lord, I want to acknowledge you as my light, my Lord and my Saviour. You mean the world to me and I never want to be left in the dark. If any part of me has been cauterised seared off which leaves me myopic, blind or in darkness, please heal. Please restore. Restore relationships. Restore broken connections . Let your blood flow. If there are images, imaginations, theories, strategies, taking us away from Wisdom, Your Word, Your Way, warn us.

Thank you for the light of your glorious gospel which first shined a light in my heart. May it continue to shine in our hearts. May we be willing to see. May we be willing to hear.

Quicken me like fire, to bring life to others through the wisdom of your word. Thank you for your peace and your love towards me, opening up a channel of blessing through your son Jesus Christ and so I could see, feel , hear and know you as my God.

Lord, as I pray , (I pray not only for myself , but all those )who because of circumstances) remain in a place of darkness. Twenty years I lived as a Christian (sincere enough) but did not know you as ‘the living God’. You have given me a commission to go tell. Many still don’t know you or understand. Many have good hearts and intentions like Cornelius, but the light has not permeated into their hearts .

Lord, I pray that you will open up avenues for the knowledge of you, ‘the living God’, to touch the hearts of your people. Open up avenues for blind eyes see and so that captives can be set free. Let your House be a place of light, life and love.

My desire is for people to be excited about you. To know the liberty and freedom you bring and the joy of your salvation. Oh for myself to know you more and the power of your resurrection.

Father, I am never too tired to hear from you. I want to hear from you. Thank you for ministering your word to me through the night and this morning. Thank you for bringing your truths back to my remembrance, to quicken me again and so that I can quicken and remind others.

Lord, I pray for your everlasting arm and shield of protection to cover us against the attacks that come as we represent your light and your truths. As we seek to move forward in You. As we seek to raise the Standard for You.

Guard our hearts and our minds at these times and so that we will only bring forth light and life, not death and as our dear Pastor admonished us this week in training.

Lord, as he highlighted, I pray particularly for those of us under levitical priesthood and in ministry, to realise the responsibility you have placed in our hands. We know we will have to give an account.

Keep the light on in our house, in our eyes, hearts, homes and in our worship. Let our words and actions be seen as the knowledge of you alive, working in us. Help us not only to be hearers, but doers of your word. Help us to glorify and model you outwardly, to others, not through rote, routine, duress or pride in volunteering, appointment, or position. Help us to glorify and model you not with darkened or veiled eyes, but with freedom, upwardly and openly, with eyes of compassion and with agape love, representing your heart, your Christ.

Bring your divine understanding.

Linda J

Building Kingdom , Written In His Name and with divine leadership in mind

24th March 2018

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