An Imprint

By Evangelist Linda J

April 2018

But we had the sentence of death in ourselves that we should not trust in ourselves but in God which raise the the dead. 2 Corinthians 1:9

The Lord has been showing me different things over the last 6 weeks . He has commissioned me to write. I pray he gives me the wisdom to know how to break the word and so that it will edify the reader. I thank him for his grace.

The topic centres on spiritual battles and the spirit which is at work across the strata and structures of society. This includes all forms of institutions, religious, work, education and government.

The Lord has been using my life as a metaphor ie position in family, government, church, education to show me what is at play. My life touches all those stratas, thanks be to God.

Over the last little while, I have experienced many painful things (family, church, work, education government and community)but it is how the Lord has worked in me to date, and to do of his good pleasure. I thank Him that he has chosen me to also suffer with Him.

For those who can see it, the prophet’s life is a metaphor. It is so that we may have something to impart to others, that may bring life to and that has eternal value. Indeed the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of Prophecy.

This is my testimony:

During a period of a fortnight I became intrigued. For the first time in my ministry, I became aware that the same circumstances that I was experiencing in one system was operating in another system.

I started to look beyond the personal attack and behaviour to the institutional to see who and what was at work. I saw the face of and antics of the spirit which is at work and amongst us.

Many years ago, during the night, the Lord gave me a lesson about the faces of demonic spirits – he showed me what they looked like. Jealousy has a face for instance, Pride has a face and so on. Since then I can usually detect and see what is at work, but it is the first time that I have been exposed to the horizontal working of the face of a particular spirit, its imprint (if you like) and seeing its operation impacting on others, in various organisations and across many levels and at the same time.

As a result of a month of divine teaching and exposure, I have learned many things and gained new perspectives about spiritual matters and forces. Not only do I have a better understanding of who the strongman might be in a given situation, but I am wiser and haven’t given up ground. I have a deeper insight into who I am, where I am seated, what to do and what not to do.

Not only has my paradigm shifted (ie my usual way of seeing and responding to things), but Father has given me combative and divine strategies on how to be an overcomer in His Name for myself and behalf of others. I can also see the Lord confounding diabolical counsel and the strong man being exposed and his hold coming down.

It is not that I did not understand these issues theologically and scripturally, but the Lord has opened my eyes even wider to see those antics at play right under my nose. He has showed me how that spirit traverses across aeons, eras, regions, nations, generational, human, religious and spiritual structures, and to the detriment of many souls.

I realise that in the past, I may have become hurt and wounded as I was dealing with the issues on a personal level (thinking this is about me) and taking myself out of the fight. I now understand, it is not me or about me, but that there is a bigger fight going on in the heavenlies, which those who are of the kingdom are part of. We will and are bound to come under direct attack.

As a result of this learning, I have shifted my position and way of thinking. Glory to God. I am no longer remaining subservient to the attacks or the oppression or wanting to run and hide like Elijah. I have put the locus of responsibility back where it belongs.

I can’t change others, but I can change myself and my responses. I am taking the whole armour of God and my spiritual weapons and rising up in prayer and standing and I will stand. I won’t allow others to label me with any label that is not of God. Back to sender ! Devil Deal with it.

I know that this one demon spirit is organised under a principality but is under my feet. I have a greater understanding of the dance and design of its activities and how not to join in that dance. I know that after a victory or a blessing for instance, there is always a backlash (see Elijah and Jezebel in 2 Kings). So you must watch out for that too. You will read that Jezebel had the sentence of death in her mouth for Elijah, but how that came to nought and she was brought down. Satan has the sentence of death and the pit over us if we allow and permit his rule in our lives or organisations.

I know that a child of God will have ambush and attack from the church door to the altar…. We will get it from individuals , in our families, homes, places of work, places of learning, government and educational institutions. What we must do is to learn to manoeuvre safely and remain standing, yet without sin.

What I have seen is that this spirit, is not necessarily a person’s intent (and I am being gracious here..) but these individuals are being used as puppets. They have in themselves an imprint – a familiarity (a familiar spirit) – that ruling spirit /strong man if you like still at work. It is the sentence of death. They want to kill you , annihilate you silence you. It is an imprint that you can see and detect if you open your spiritual eyes and if you are spending time in the secret place.

Father reveals things to his servants. I pray you will be chosen of God to serve and your eyes will pop open. I pray you will hear what the spirit is saying to the churches.

This imprint is the spirit of Jezebel and it bring with it the spirit of fear, torment , oppression and even death. The word Imprint came to me this morning and motivated me to write this piece and pull things together and to share.

What is an imprint?

An imprint is is a stamp or mark of the original. My prayer would be that we have the imprint of Christ. In this teaching I want to highlight the imprints that are diabolical and that seeks to land on, oppress, harass you and even kill you.

Over the period of about 6 weeks, I was seeing the same spirit face (if you like) parading in front of me and in different interfaces that I am part of both physical and spiritual. I even said to the Holy Spirit ‘did you see that ?’

I looked back over the 16 years of being called out and officiating in churches and across diverse nations and reviewing patterns and experiences. There are spirits of fear, control and oppression but the ruling strongman is the spirit of Jezebel.

Some of the classic and wider traits of this spirit are intimidation, cliques, soul ties, chains of commands, inherited generational curses, affinities, associations and attachments, oppressive and regimental strong holds. There is a long list and this spirit positions itself hierarchically. I am reminded (and have seen) that it will not only seek to condemn but uses tears weeping to manipulate, seek sympathy to get others on its side – to the detriment of its victim.

This spirit can behave like a spoilt infantile child. If it was a spider, it would be depicted as a black widow. The Lord has so revealed. It determines to inject poison, to crush and to kill.

I was seeing the manifestation of this spirit across what we know and understand are the five pillars of society. I had been shocked by its antics on the personal level over the years and from a church spiritual perspective, but surprised to find (and understand more recently) that it is the same spirt at work elsewhere, in families and in the work places even in government organisations.

Remember, (and I emphasise strongly), the Spirit of Jezebel is not a person, it is not your pastor, or your pastor’s wife, it is not your sister or your leader, it is not your co-worker or manager, it is a spirit . It is an embodiment. It is a force with many legions as set out above.

It can imprint and manifest its diabolical seeds and deeds on a male or female and without even the individual (it has taken hold of) being aware. It uses any opening … I am speaking delicately here…. We see its imprint in permissive laws in our society.

Leaders need to be aware. The Bible says that in the last days because of the level of iniquity abounding (making strides, taking hold), the love of many will wax cold. It is as a result of this imprint, this sentence of death. I see it and feel it. This deviant, divisive destructive spirit is at work.

Many leaders, pastors, governments, rulers, managers are oblivious to the operation of this particular ruling spirit. It’s chief objective is to cause chaos, to castrate and to abort destinies.

On the spiritual, religious level, it seeks to silence the voice and word of God and the operation or work of the Holy Spirit.

It was an imprint of this spirit which was at work in the book of Kings (see 2 Kings 9) where it took hold of the daughter of Ethbaal, Jezebel, and this woman (queen)rose up against the prophet Elijah threatening to take his life.

The spirit of Jezebel is busy and skilful and very experienced. It has an hidden agenda – only those who have their spiritual eyes open will see it. It has its cohorts (brings in other spirits including the spirit of Ahab and Herod). It orchestrates, it whispers. It grooms people and environments*. Manipulation and grooming and abuse of authority happens in families, in churches, in schools, in governments. As in the natural so in the spiritual. God has opened my eyes to understand it on the spiritual level.

The intention of this spirit is to infiltrate, to flatter, divide, conquer and to dominate for the purpose of taking advantage of the people or things of God and for its own diabolical ends. It creates discord and plants poisonous and diabolical seeds. It seeks to destroy the very foundations.

This spirit seeks to isolate, stigmatise, harass, silence those who are called of God. It is fierce and jealous of the anointing. It brings fear, chaos and disorder and can fly off into a violent rage . It has a face (cant hide its features – ie you will now when it has been riled or upset), but it wears a mask – it is a busy, arrogant, competitive spirit and skilful at distortion, manipulation and lies. It presents a false sense of humility – (can sit at the back of the church for instance for show, and to be seen of men), but the heart has not been changed. It is on the prowl, after your scalp. It is on the look out for the precious seed. It is a strident spirit. It is reckless. It sits on and stagnates others. It frustrates growth and maturity and attaches itself to those who are unlearned, unwise and vulnerable – particularly leaders who may be needy, blind or struggling, those with low self esteem or those who have given up their crown. Our youth and young people are particularly vulnerable and particularly those who have already suffered abuse.

This spirit is alive and kicking right now under our noses and in our five pillars. It is in your home town and in mine. It is coming from the one demon spirit, Diablos but has infiltrated marriages, family, government, church, education. It is in our churches, our homes and communities – it is in our children’s bedrooms.

The spirit imprints itself on individuals, those who have opened a gate to the spirit of isms, (i, i, i, doing, doing doing – it likes to be in control, but with a different agenda. It aims to group and control the minds, the bodies and the soul of the people and control our environments. It feeds on insecurity , it brings and feeds on the spirit of unbelief, spirit of fear anxiety andthe spirit of rejection. It works across stratas doing its diabolical deeds. It causes upset , anarchy, apathy, divisions, misrepresentation, discord and eventual death.

All of us are at risk of contamination and being affected directly and indirectly by the spirit of Jezebel – whether by design or default. I had the sentence of death in me ie I couldn’t trust myself to respond appropriately and used to respond in the flesh. I now strive to respond in the spirit by leaning on His everlasting arms. My eyes have been opened. I am above, that spirit is from beneath.

The name Jezebel is not used to sensationalise or titivate; it is an entity, a real force. It is a spirit that has been operative from before Christ, but coming down at Satan’s fall and imprinting itself generationally(or by custom) and whoever gives access and power for it to continue to dominate and oppress.

This spirit is more strident when it is given legitimate delegated authority to operate. We must be careful who we appoint and promote – that spirit attaches itself to high office and false worship is at its heart.

Those who are overcome by this spirit take into themselves the spirit of apathy, fear, spirit of rejection, suicide and shame among other things. They become ineffective. Ahab joined himself to this spirit and as a result lost his power authority and leadership.

This is what the Lord by his Holy Spirit has shown me.

As I was preparing this piece I read that ‘goslings imprint themselves on inanimate objects such as a cardboard boxes’ . I thought ah, salvation and restoring from diabolical imprints (relevant to all) comes through Jesus Christ and his saving grace, but diabolical imprints can land (be given licence, remain) when we are cold, inactive , spiritually dead, remaining stuck or returning to darkness. We need to remain hot and in the alert.

This spirit can come in when we open ancient gates and can continue to reign when we are not aware of the possibility of the abuse, or of its antics.

Let us pray

I want to pray and encourage us (particularly leaders – and as we prayed last night in my home church), that the eyes of our understanding be enlightened and that the Lord gives us divine and increased wisdom to see – to see what is going on in our schools, churches governments, workplaces and families. To see why our children are killing themselves and each other in playgrounds and on street corners. To see why the dispensing of babies to abortion has become like disposing of rubbish. To see why co workers are attacking each other and why environments have become devoid of life and are sterile, clinical and hostile.

I pray we will begin to have a better understanding of why (even in our church houses) there can be such in-fighting, hatred, gossipy, jealousy and vying for positions. Why individuals are snubbing and trampling over each other, for their own selfish ambitions. Why there is maligning and attempts to sully, discriminate and to isolate individuals. I pray we begin to understand, why we fall foul of choosing and promoting things that look like, but might not be of God and then suffer the consequences of stagnation. Help us Father to chose wisely. To close unholy gates and break unholy attachments .

I pray that we can see why we have a rise in the spirit of suicide, murder, death, decay and even cancer. We bind those spirits and pray for life, healing, health and well-being and the protection of the next generation, our children and grandchildren – our physical and spiritual seed.

If what I have seen is true, (and I believe I have the Holy spirt). It is one demon spirit which has taken hold. It is coming from the pit of hell. It affects us all.

It answers why there is a tangible feel of apathy and despair and stagnation across our homes , streets, communities , in our schools and churches and workplaces. It answered why many of us are dying in our churches and we don’t see the work of God on the level we should now see.

I pray that Father will help us see the peril we are in and the need to pray fervently and accurately against this strong man and strong hold – the spirit of the Jezebel.

I repeat, the spirit of Jezebel is not an individual. It’s not a man or a woman, it is an embodiment – a spiritual force – an imprint. It can be toppled and removed.

The word tells us that our fight is not against flesh and blood but principalities and powers. The Spirit of Jezebel is a strong man – it emanates from a principality . This spirit operates with co workers – it castrates , shuts down and curtails the free flow and anointing of God.

Look out for the hot spots…. They are in our churches and in our nations across our homes. This spirit sets up its own structures and forms of worship, bending the minds of the people away from Jehovah God towards idol worship, self and isms – things that look like, but are not.. – this is what the Lord has taught and is revealing to me.

If the Lord is revealing, it means he is wanting us to do something about it. To pray in unity and accurately and in the Spirit and to topple this strong man.

It starts with a paradigm shift a desire and willingness to have our eyes opened, to work together, name the perpetrator and to fight. It starts with you and with me.

If anything, the experiences to date, helps me why people are struggling to pray in families, in churches and why prayer has been closed down in schools. It explains why there is an inherent fear in believers in doing the works of God. Fear in opening their mouth for fear of rejection and recrimination. False spirits of humility. It is this spirit at work. But open our mouths we must. Let nothing that is not of God land on us , imprint, foul and take hold.

I pray for any unholy alliances that we have made with this strong man (individually or collectively) we let go and disassociate with, in the Name of Jesus and for the good of the whole. I pray for a restoring of the five fold ministry of the church. Praying for the anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ, to flow across our churches and for true worship to be seen and heard in our land.

May God be pleased to visit us because we have denounced the hidden things of dishonesty and not walked in cunning or craftiness, but handling the things that God blesses us with (including his people, his finances, his word ) honestly and responsibly.

Thank God for the pastors and leaders in our churches and across the nations. Those who are sold out to do the work of the kingdom. May their prayers be the web the net work that keeps us covered. May that be the threefold cord with our Heavenly Father that will topple diabolical ordinances and divine connections that can never be broken.

I declare that we have the victory already. We are called by his Name and have not sold out to that one demon spirit. The hour is late but we are more than conquerors.

Thank God we have the imprint of Christ in us. Greater things shall we do in His Name including routing, pulling down and destroying this strong man because he has gone before us and made a way.

I am praying for Truth to be established in our house , schools, churches, families and workplaces and in governments . For the voice and hand of Jezebel to be silenced and that that spirit and its cohorts, can no longer perform its diabolical, hierarchical enterprise in our pillars.

The foundations which the Lord Jesus Christ has laid in our families, homes, churches, communities, towns and work places , schools, government, law and land, will never be destroyed. Pray for a return of divine order.

I pray against the spirit of shame, rejection, oppression, anarchy and disorder. Against the spirit of strife and disunity. Against the spirit of jealousy and competition on all the stratas. Praying for the struggling pastors, leaders , teachers and governors (spiritual and secular) those that have been bruised may have become disillusioned and have become over familiar, tied their hand unwittingly with this spirit, or have tried to bring about change in their own strength.

Praying for healing and restoration. A return to holiness and true righteousness in every office.

Away with false humility. Let the children of God move forward and hold their heads up high.

Praying for restoration in the calling and gifting of the Holy Spirit across our churches. For the seer and watchman anointing to be transferred and released this day.

May we use what he has placed in our hands responsibly and without fetter, fraud or fear. May the healers and evangelists and prophets arise in this season and in our nation. May iron sharpen iron and may we be quickened by his word and his blessed Holy Spirit.

May we not trust in ourselves, but in You, Holy Father. You who have called us out of darkness into marvellous light. May we see the imprint of your spirit on our seed. May tongues be loosed and the word flow out. May we come up to the table, and be counted.

It has been a week of blessings. Thank You for the shift. Your promises are Yes and Amen. May we see the dead raised, the blind see, the deaf hear and captives set free in our time. May the churches in our community be the carrier of the divine (spiritual, financial, practical) cleaning up our streets … and so that we will touch governments and nations and bring healing to the land.

I see it and believe. I know it is done.

Evangelist Linda J

Year of our Lord

April 2018

Fathers Abundant Grace

A seed shall serve him and it shall be accounted to the Lord for a generation

Psalms 22:30

I heard this scripture several years ago and often quoted it. This week I saw a beautiful picture of how it has unfolded in one family’s life.

At our church, our pastor’s elderly mother had written a book of her life and ministry and we had been encouraged to read. The little book is called God’s Abundant Grace. It was in a pile of books awaiting reading and as I finished the other reading assignments we had been sent : Killing Kryptonite and The Bait… – both by Bevere.

Yesterday, having a late start at work, I decided to pick up this book and read.

I was in tears from the very first few pages.

It is a beautiful story of one woman’s 80 years and total dependence on God. Her total surrender amidst much suffering and opposition. How her tears, prayers, life and obedience is now showing fruit and fruition in her children (both natural and spiritual). How her obedience is healing and bearing fruit to a nation that she did not know.

I have been to that particular nation as a stranger and know how difficult that experience would have been (at times) and particularly if you have a different colour skin, speak differently, and from a different part of the world.

This lady went back again and again, despite very challenging, personal and life threatening experiences. She hung on and patiently waited, enduring 20 years for key prayers of salvation to be answered for her loved ones. What selflessness. Quel inspiraciones …! As I write , I want to speak in tongues…!

The word of God cannot lie. ‘A seed shall serve him and it shall be accounted to Him for a generation’ . This lady’s seed has generated. I can see the light that shines from her. I can see the legacy of love she has left for her children. Her faithfulness continues in her late years and through prayer and through the ministry arm to the Unwana-Oro Christian Missionary Centre, which offers free medical, maternity and learning to the community it serves and continues to grow.

I would encourage all to take time out to read and take a page out of this book and this woman’s life. I have encouraged my 18 year old daughter to read – not something I would ever do in terms of spiritual books or literature. I wouldn’t be so bold… !!! but on this occasion I was led to impress on her.

The books are free and can be accessed via New Life Church Derby – Do make contact via the website.

I pray as you read that you will receive fresh inspiration and affirmation of Father’s faithfulness , his Abundant Grace and his wonder working power in our time. I also pray that you might be led to contribute or support the work , through prayer, one off donation or however Father may lead you.

Evangelist Linda J

Water Stewards

By Evangelist Linda Clifford-Hayes

I had this word in the middle of the night 14/4/18 ‘water stewards’ when I asked the Lord what that meant (in the middle of sleeping and waking ) the Holy Spirit said “water stewards bring the reservoir of God to a church. Pray for the water stewards” and get up and write it down..!

I didn’t want to open my eyes because I was tired. I am sure more would have been downloaded, but I quickly grabbed a note book and a pen (you can never find one when you need one I thought) scribbled what He said and fell back to sleep.

I woke up thinking I need to understand this word better. Is there such thing as a water steward? I was aware what it might mean spiritually, but I needed to understand the physicality, the natural also, so I could better interpret the word spiritually. I am not a geologist nor have any specialisms in agriculture or ecological systems. As soon as I rose, I looked up the word ‘water stewards’.

Water stewardship is about businesses understanding the risks they face from water scarcity and pollution, and taking action to help ensure water is managed sustainably as a shared, public resource.

Water stewardship goes beyond one being an efficient water user. It is about the collaborating with others to protect shared freshwater resources.

Being a good water steward is about helping to redefine advocate, support and promote better ‘basin governance’ , for the benefit of people and nature. ‘Basin governance’ …wow all new concepts to me.

So let me see what Father might be conveying. He was explicit in saying ‘Water stewards, bring the reservoir of God to a church

Father is wanting to give us further insight and understanding ,strategy and instructions on how we are to work together for good.

Withdrawal and competing demands are issues in water stewardship. People walking away from their calling, refusing to hear or caught up with myriad of other commitments – there is a danger of pollution and stagnation, if we don’t warn, or if our governance is out of sync.

We often talk about people running on empty or not staying in the vine or drawing from the true source. Water stewards need to encourage Fathers flock to abide within and instruct and teach, how to draw from the source.

I learned today through another of your children , that the Greek word for steward is oikonomoi and refers to the one to whom the head of the house or proprietor has entrusted the management of their affairs.

A steward is somebody who gives order to the comings and goings of somebody’s household. A steward is in charge of the place, but it’s not their place. They have delegated authority.  They are the middle managers – he/she is set over others, but in relation to the Master he/she is subordinate- with one eye on those who are under their care, but the other eye always on the one above them.

How instructive is that?

We are not good stewards (individually or collectively), if we mismanage what God is pouring or downloading and if we are not putting in good church governance (basin management) to manage the flow, and so that there is food and growth for all.

The church, the Body is the receptacle of where all things should flow. The government and governance is on His shoulder and flowing from His side.

Our role in ministry is to act as middle managers, through stewarding and handling responsibly, (and may Father help me..!) what He has downloaded. Our role (as another elder shared today) is to free prisoners from the waterless pit and to enable water to be poured on dry, thirsty souls and the land.

The water supply comes from, and belongs to, Father. We draw on this through prayer and worship. We need to keep connected to the source our Master and supplier, Jehovah Jireh. We need good governance within and without(on both the micro and macro level). We need to work in concert with Him ie know where, what and who to satiate or irrigate and with whom. We need to be alert and willing to hear and be led by His blessed Holy Spirit (even in the night seasons..) The world is waiting.

Thank God for his life giving word. We must increase the flow of water, his Holy Spirit and be good stewards of his grace gifts, so that we can meet the competing needs and demands of a changing population.

We pray for food and sustenance rich in nutrients , so that His Life, his word, his wisdom, his knowledge, his understanding can spring up and be reproduced in us, giving life to others.

We must be good stewards of the water /the river that flows from Fathers reservoirs. We must reach out, water the flock, we must heal the land.


Father, thank you for your word which has brought Light and Life to me and opened my eyes to see your rich source and supply and how you want us to work together with you and for good. Thank you for those who have contributed to my learning this day and encouraged my heart. Truly your word says, Paul plants and Apollos waters, but you give the increase.

Thank you for you are the source of our life and our strength. Our hope is in you. Thank you for feeling able to call us and use us and delegating your graces for us to minister to those in need.

May we be exemplary of the way you used Fathers gifts, wisdom and knowledge whilst you walked as man on earth. May what you have given us flow. May we be the conduit, the connecting pipe that leads many to your throne, to draw from your everlasting fountain, your reservoir.

Father, as we are positioned individually and collectively in the Body, across our towns, cities and nations, may we work as one new man. We pray for those who are called to steward and to usher in.

May we continue to draw from your eternal resources, to minister to , and raise up a generation who have heard you, believe you and who are washed and cleansed in your life giving fountain.


There is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel’s veins

And sinners plunge beneath the flood, loose all their guilty stains .

By Linda J

April 2018


By Evangelist Linda J .

APRIL 2018

The Lord is speaking to me overnight and this morning about duplicity ie double mindedness (with intent) in the house and the need to discern the heart behind the words spoken and the forked tongue, ie the feigned heart and duplicity at work when many speak.

He is warning that individuals can put on a facade, but underneath their hearts are not right and they don’t really know God. They remain in darkness.

We can fool man, but we can’t fool God. Those with the light of God, with spirit of discernment and revelation, will know the heart and will try the reins, with His Holy Spirit.

The scripture well says that ‘the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked: who can know it? God is not wanting us to be wizards or clairvoyants in every body’s matters, but it is He, the Lord, who searches the heart. He reveals these things to us for our protection. Not to render evil for evil or railing for railing, but for healing of the Body. We are also our brothers keepers.

Duplicity can be seen in the scriptures from Adam and Eve, Lot’s wife, through Eli with his sons, some of the Kings of Israel, right down to the religious leaders and Judas in Jesus’ day.

On the individual level, Father will let sin and duplicity run for a time, but eventually He will give every man according to the fruit of his doings. (See the story of Ananias and Saphira where judgment in a new Age, was immediate). There was an intent to deceive.

Adam and Eve were made good, they knew God and enjoyed walking with him in the garden, but when they heard another voice, their minds became dark, they were deceived. They were persuaded to eat from the tree of good and evil and as a result, toppled from eternal life to the penalty of eternal damnation. Lot’s wife’s duplicity resulted in her demise. On the way out from Sodom, she turned over that old life in her mind. She had said she was leaving(like the rest of her family) but her heart was still stuck in Sodom. She was of two minds. The judgement promised to those who remained, took shape. She became salt.

Jeremiah foretold what would happen in Jesus’s day and to the son of God, because of the state of the hearts and minds of the people. He prophesied that they would honour God with their mouths, but their hearts were far from him. (Jeremiah 17:19-13)

Double mindedness continued till God walked on earth in the flesh form (my italics) of Jesus, his son. Well they knew the scriptures, but their foolish hearts remained darkened. Preferring to follow the letter of the law, rather than the spirit of the law – there was no inward change. They deceived themselves. They were selfish. They continued in their pernious ways. They remained blinded. They missed having a face to face relationship with the Father through the Son he had sent to save them.

Duplicity is still happening today from the head to the toe, there is no soundness in the Body.

We have teaching and preaching on one hand, but on the other hand, our actions often belie a knowledge or love of God and the Truth. Professing that we know God, we treat our brothers and sisters with duplicity. We intend to harm, for as scripture scholars, we should know better. We now have no cloak for our sins.

We are partial in our dealings. There is no real love in our hearts. We love this sister or that brother, but we hate the other one. We exalt this one, but keep this one down, through jealousy and selfish ambition. We give to this one, but that other one can wait until ‘we’ are good and ready. May God have mercy.

We condemn sinful practices in public, but under the cover of darkness we continue our malevolence. We are no better than our charges.

We circumvent, bend the rules to suit; We choose our own way, run ahead of God. We don’t wait or listen to his Holy Spirit. We cause road blocks in other people’s way, preventing some from even entering in.

We wonder why we don’t see the works of God in our time. Why we have stagnation in the house and our children, our seed, the people of God, spiritually retarded ie way behind where they should be. We wonder why our young people are killing each other, killing themselves. We are perplex about the mayhem, which we have caused through our own duplicity with life and death. Death and life are in the power of the tongue, they that love it, will eat the fruit thereof. We see the fruit in our homes , in our communities . We see the rotten fruit in our church houses. The killing we see on the streets, started in the House. There is contamination and mixture in the Body. No one says Restore.

We have this one going that way and that one going another way. We are smiling but hiding in bushes.

No one speaks out, has a firm grip, nor is showing the true way or giving off that true light. Truth has been smashed to the ground. The Spirit of God muzzled, silenced, the people are tickled, titivated, kept cosy – wanting more but not holiness, not God.

People are given consent to sin, given convenience foods rather than the real Bread of Life. God’s people, walking and groping about in the darkness.

This is what the Spirit is saying to the Churches.

Father left us a legacy to carry on what he started. To pluck from darkness, to restore, to heal and to set captives free. Signs and wonders we have been promised, if we believe. But we cant see (and wont see) restoration, or signs and wonders until we become straight, until there is genuine love, honesty, openness, truth and unity in the House. We wont see change when we are saying one thing with our mouths, but our hearts are saying something else. We won’t see any change where there is duplicity.

God sees and knows.

We are either with God or against Him. We cant have both. Wisdom is the principle thing, not man’s wisdom, but God’s wisdom.

Father says ‘every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation and every city or house divided against itself , shall not stand’ Matthew 12:25. We saw how He was prevented from doing great things even in his home town, due to unbelief. We will not see change unless we change and from the inner man. We will not see change unless we get rid of double mindedness.

Let us stop speaking with forked tongues. Let us stop paying lip service and let us render our hearts back to God. Let us lift up our heads and eyes and return unto God with an open and honest heart. Let us put away the evil of our doings our feigned words and devious, half hearted hearts.

Let us love one another genuinely and not with forked tongue. Let us put away our surfeiting, shallowness and our many sins.

Let us lift up our heads from the pit, seek eyes to see. Let us clean out the cup, trust in His word and believe.


Father, I thank you for your word in the night. Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path . Father you have said that anything that is done in darkness you will reveal. You know the deep things of our heart and you want us to be real and to heal . You want to heal our double mindedness , our generational , family and spiritual issues that prevent us from loving You and each other; the things which prevents us from walking in and seeing the light .

Lord we cannot hide from you. Man might see our outward appearance but you know the deep things of the heart. You want us to lift up these deeds into Your light, so that in doing we may save some.

You have good plans for us. You know our name and our frame and you want us to change. We can change if we let the light of your love flood in. We can change if we want to be different from the things, that hold us bound. The things you hate are replete in the scripture : A proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, hearts that devise wicked imaginations, feet that run swift to mischief, false witnesses and those who speak lies . Those who sow discord among their brethren, is an abomination you.

The light and darkness is the same to you; you are a revealer of secrets and the intents of men’s hearts. You show us their plans in the night season. You know what is in the mind of the Spirit and you turn the kings heart in whichever ways you will.

Your word says, you will rescue us from evil in disguise and from those that speak duplicity. Those who have left the highway of holiness and walk in ways of darkness.

Father, You have chosen a higher path for us, a pathway of holiness. There are bumps and twists in the road, but you will guide us with your right hand of righteousness. No terror or accident will befall. There will be nothing missing, nothing broken.

We come against the spirit of pride, discord and disunity, death and deviousness. Cease that foot that seeks to run and spread bad news about us, arrest that lying, deceitful tongue.

You have given us the keys to the kingdom. Keys that gives us wisdom and understanding and the authority to do of your good pleasure. We open and no man can shut. You have given us power with men and power with you. You hear us when we call or blow the horn. Father today, we blow the horn, your shofar wherever we stand. Bring peace. Scatter the enemy. Heal our land.

Preserve those who love you and mean you no harm. Preserve and protect your servants who work for your peace and kingdom rule and in your House. Let your word, your will and your way prevail.

Guide our footsteps, our vehicles our ministries, along life’s way. Renew in us a right mind and a right spirit. Take away any double standards, feigned hearts and feigned love. Help us to love our brothers and sisters with a spirit of holiness. Help us to be transparent, representatives of the truth and the light, thus saving, rather than sabotaging souls.

We declare that, no weapon formed against us shall propser. No cunning of man or woman will prevail. You have sounded the alarm and have arrested that spirit of anarchy or hate and of harmful intent against your chosen. They have come at us one way, but we see them fle and scatter seven ways.

Steer us in the right direction on the one and only pathway, back to you.

Your daughter Linda J

7th April 2018