By Evangelist Linda J .

APRIL 2018

The Lord is speaking to me overnight and this morning about duplicity ie double mindedness (with intent) in the house and the need to discern the heart behind the words spoken and the forked tongue, ie the feigned heart and duplicity at work when many speak.

He is warning that individuals can put on a facade, but underneath their hearts are not right and they don’t really know God. They remain in darkness.

We can fool man, but we can’t fool God. Those with the light of God, with spirit of discernment and revelation, will know the heart and will try the reins, with His Holy Spirit.

The scripture well says that ‘the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked: who can know it? God is not wanting us to be wizards or clairvoyants in every body’s matters, but it is He, the Lord, who searches the heart. He reveals these things to us for our protection. Not to render evil for evil or railing for railing, but for healing of the Body. We are also our brothers keepers.

Duplicity can be seen in the scriptures from Adam and Eve, Lot’s wife, through Eli with his sons, some of the Kings of Israel, right down to the religious leaders and Judas in Jesus’ day.

On the individual level, Father will let sin and duplicity run for a time, but eventually He will give every man according to the fruit of his doings. (See the story of Ananias and Saphira where judgment in a new Age, was immediate). There was an intent to deceive.

Adam and Eve were made good, they knew God and enjoyed walking with him in the garden, but when they heard another voice, their minds became dark, they were deceived. They were persuaded to eat from the tree of good and evil and as a result, toppled from eternal life to the penalty of eternal damnation. Lot’s wife’s duplicity resulted in her demise. On the way out from Sodom, she turned over that old life in her mind. She had said she was leaving(like the rest of her family) but her heart was still stuck in Sodom. She was of two minds. The judgement promised to those who remained, took shape. She became salt.

Jeremiah foretold what would happen in Jesus’s day and to the son of God, because of the state of the hearts and minds of the people. He prophesied that they would honour God with their mouths, but their hearts were far from him. (Jeremiah 17:19-13)

Double mindedness continued till God walked on earth in the flesh form (my italics) of Jesus, his son. Well they knew the scriptures, but their foolish hearts remained darkened. Preferring to follow the letter of the law, rather than the spirit of the law – there was no inward change. They deceived themselves. They were selfish. They continued in their pernious ways. They remained blinded. They missed having a face to face relationship with the Father through the Son he had sent to save them.

Duplicity is still happening today from the head to the toe, there is no soundness in the Body.

We have teaching and preaching on one hand, but on the other hand, our actions often belie a knowledge or love of God and the Truth. Professing that we know God, we treat our brothers and sisters with duplicity. We intend to harm, for as scripture scholars, we should know better. We now have no cloak for our sins.

We are partial in our dealings. There is no real love in our hearts. We love this sister or that brother, but we hate the other one. We exalt this one, but keep this one down, through jealousy and selfish ambition. We give to this one, but that other one can wait until ‘we’ are good and ready. May God have mercy.

We condemn sinful practices in public, but under the cover of darkness we continue our malevolence. We are no better than our charges.

We circumvent, bend the rules to suit; We choose our own way, run ahead of God. We don’t wait or listen to his Holy Spirit. We cause road blocks in other people’s way, preventing some from even entering in.

We wonder why we don’t see the works of God in our time. Why we have stagnation in the house and our children, our seed, the people of God, spiritually retarded ie way behind where they should be. We wonder why our young people are killing each other, killing themselves. We are perplex about the mayhem, which we have caused through our own duplicity with life and death. Death and life are in the power of the tongue, they that love it, will eat the fruit thereof. We see the fruit in our homes , in our communities . We see the rotten fruit in our church houses. The killing we see on the streets, started in the House. There is contamination and mixture in the Body. No one says Restore.

We have this one going that way and that one going another way. We are smiling but hiding in bushes.

No one speaks out, has a firm grip, nor is showing the true way or giving off that true light. Truth has been smashed to the ground. The Spirit of God muzzled, silenced, the people are tickled, titivated, kept cosy – wanting more but not holiness, not God.

People are given consent to sin, given convenience foods rather than the real Bread of Life. God’s people, walking and groping about in the darkness.

This is what the Spirit is saying to the Churches.

Father left us a legacy to carry on what he started. To pluck from darkness, to restore, to heal and to set captives free. Signs and wonders we have been promised, if we believe. But we cant see (and wont see) restoration, or signs and wonders until we become straight, until there is genuine love, honesty, openness, truth and unity in the House. We wont see change when we are saying one thing with our mouths, but our hearts are saying something else. We won’t see any change where there is duplicity.

God sees and knows.

We are either with God or against Him. We cant have both. Wisdom is the principle thing, not man’s wisdom, but God’s wisdom.

Father says ‘every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation and every city or house divided against itself , shall not stand’ Matthew 12:25. We saw how He was prevented from doing great things even in his home town, due to unbelief. We will not see change unless we change and from the inner man. We will not see change unless we get rid of double mindedness.

Let us stop speaking with forked tongues. Let us stop paying lip service and let us render our hearts back to God. Let us lift up our heads and eyes and return unto God with an open and honest heart. Let us put away the evil of our doings our feigned words and devious, half hearted hearts.

Let us love one another genuinely and not with forked tongue. Let us put away our surfeiting, shallowness and our many sins.

Let us lift up our heads from the pit, seek eyes to see. Let us clean out the cup, trust in His word and believe.


Father, I thank you for your word in the night. Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path . Father you have said that anything that is done in darkness you will reveal. You know the deep things of our heart and you want us to be real and to heal . You want to heal our double mindedness , our generational , family and spiritual issues that prevent us from loving You and each other; the things which prevents us from walking in and seeing the light .

Lord we cannot hide from you. Man might see our outward appearance but you know the deep things of the heart. You want us to lift up these deeds into Your light, so that in doing we may save some.

You have good plans for us. You know our name and our frame and you want us to change. We can change if we let the light of your love flood in. We can change if we want to be different from the things, that hold us bound. The things you hate are replete in the scripture : A proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, hearts that devise wicked imaginations, feet that run swift to mischief, false witnesses and those who speak lies . Those who sow discord among their brethren, is an abomination you.

The light and darkness is the same to you; you are a revealer of secrets and the intents of men’s hearts. You show us their plans in the night season. You know what is in the mind of the Spirit and you turn the kings heart in whichever ways you will.

Your word says, you will rescue us from evil in disguise and from those that speak duplicity. Those who have left the highway of holiness and walk in ways of darkness.

Father, You have chosen a higher path for us, a pathway of holiness. There are bumps and twists in the road, but you will guide us with your right hand of righteousness. No terror or accident will befall. There will be nothing missing, nothing broken.

We come against the spirit of pride, discord and disunity, death and deviousness. Cease that foot that seeks to run and spread bad news about us, arrest that lying, deceitful tongue.

You have given us the keys to the kingdom. Keys that gives us wisdom and understanding and the authority to do of your good pleasure. We open and no man can shut. You have given us power with men and power with you. You hear us when we call or blow the horn. Father today, we blow the horn, your shofar wherever we stand. Bring peace. Scatter the enemy. Heal our land.

Preserve those who love you and mean you no harm. Preserve and protect your servants who work for your peace and kingdom rule and in your House. Let your word, your will and your way prevail.

Guide our footsteps, our vehicles our ministries, along life’s way. Renew in us a right mind and a right spirit. Take away any double standards, feigned hearts and feigned love. Help us to love our brothers and sisters with a spirit of holiness. Help us to be transparent, representatives of the truth and the light, thus saving, rather than sabotaging souls.

We declare that, no weapon formed against us shall propser. No cunning of man or woman will prevail. You have sounded the alarm and have arrested that spirit of anarchy or hate and of harmful intent against your chosen. They have come at us one way, but we see them fle and scatter seven ways.

Steer us in the right direction on the one and only pathway, back to you.

Your daughter Linda J

7th April 2018


  1. Praise God for this wonderful admonition. May God continue to bless and inspire you.

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