Fathers Abundant Grace

A seed shall serve him and it shall be accounted to the Lord for a generation

Psalms 22:30

I heard this scripture several years ago and often quoted it. This week I saw a beautiful picture of how it has unfolded in one family’s life.

At our church, our pastor’s elderly mother had written a book of her life and ministry and we had been encouraged to read. The little book is called God’s Abundant Grace. It was in a pile of books awaiting reading and as I finished the other reading assignments we had been sent : Killing Kryptonite and The Bait… – both by Bevere.

Yesterday, having a late start at work, I decided to pick up this book and read.

I was in tears from the very first few pages.

It is a beautiful story of one woman’s 80 years and total dependence on God. Her total surrender amidst much suffering and opposition. How her tears, prayers, life and obedience is now showing fruit and fruition in her children (both natural and spiritual). How her obedience is healing and bearing fruit to a nation that she did not know.

I have been to that particular nation as a stranger and know how difficult that experience would have been (at times) and particularly if you have a different colour skin, speak differently, and from a different part of the world.

This lady went back again and again, despite very challenging, personal and life threatening experiences. She hung on and patiently waited, enduring 20 years for key prayers of salvation to be answered for her loved ones. What selflessness. Quel inspiraciones …! As I write , I want to speak in tongues…!

The word of God cannot lie. ‘A seed shall serve him and it shall be accounted to Him for a generation’ . This lady’s seed has generated. I can see the light that shines from her. I can see the legacy of love she has left for her children. Her faithfulness continues in her late years and through prayer and through the ministry arm to the Unwana-Oro Christian Missionary Centre, which offers free medical, maternity and learning to the community it serves and continues to grow.

I would encourage all to take time out to read and take a page out of this book and this woman’s life. I have encouraged my 18 year old daughter to read – not something I would ever do in terms of spiritual books or literature. I wouldn’t be so bold… !!! but on this occasion I was led to impress on her.

The books are free and can be accessed via New Life Church Derby – Do make contact via the website.

I pray as you read that you will receive fresh inspiration and affirmation of Father’s faithfulness , his Abundant Grace and his wonder working power in our time. I also pray that you might be led to contribute or support the work , through prayer, one off donation or however Father may lead you.

Evangelist Linda J

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