The Bells!! The Bells!!

Written By Evangelist Linda J

(May 2018)

When I share, I am hoping also to transfer the anointing and to teach what Father has shown me over the years since my call.

I wrote recently about the prophet’s life as a metaphor. Here is another example of how he works and in my life, bringing a fresh word each day. I’m alive!! Glory be to His Name.

Yesterday I woke up and instinctively took two separate items to put on to wear. I was having an off day ie ‘in the house day’ just chilling with my daughter.

I am sure like me you have items you wear in the home different to those you would wear in public…

The items I chose for the day (and for comfort) were my red fluffy Christmas socks with real little golden bells on the ankles and that jingle ….and an all in one short suit outfit with chains and ornaments round the neck which also makes the sound of soft bells… I was in a happy place and wanted to be agile and free..

If you saw my bedroom you will know it was indeed a random selection of what to wear ie not a planned choice on my part; but you will also see that ‘all things work together for good to those who are the called’ (see Romans 8:28) . Father used this simple choice to bring me His word and for the hour.

My daughter and I are both into fashion and design – she on a course and assignment with set pieces to do and a deadline – me just doing what I always do and from a child but reignited by my daughter’s passion. We were preparing the table to begin to create and sew a couple of items together.

As I went up and down the stairs and in and out the rooms throughout the day, the Holy Spirit began to point to me something about the bells and the sound I was making. “What is the significance of bells Linda ? “(I love the sound of my name on his lips and in my heart). This was the prompting in my spirit. I thought I was awake but clearly asleep spiritually, as I almost missed His voice.

I immediately woke up in my spirit i.e my spiritual antennas shot out… I realised Father wants to say something to me today and may well have been nudging me all day …! but I was oblivious and in my own comfort zone.

I went to research and was amazed. Here is what was revealed :

Can you remember the film of the hunch back from notre dame where his mantra was ‘the bells, the bells, they made me deaf?’ Well the bells also mean something else in spiritual genealogy and realm and can signify the priesthood, life, death, holiness and the presence and coming of the Lord.

You will read that in the Old Testament the priest wore certain garments, garments made as directed and fashioned… by God and as follows :

And beneath upon the hem of it thou shalt make pomegranates of blue, and of purple, and of scarlet, round about the hem thereof; and bells of gold between them round about: 34 A golden bell and a pomegranate, a golden bell and a pomegranate, upon the hem of the robe round about. 35 And it shall be upon Aaron to minister: and his sound shall be heard when he goeth in unto the holy place before the Lord, and when he cometh out, that he die not. Exodus 28:33-35

The Lord is confirming his words with signs following. He speaks precepts upon precepts, line upon line. Here a little, there a little. He uses what is in our hands.

This was an innocent day just chilling doing my own thing with my loved one, but Father used the occasion to bring his word to life, to me his loved one !

The bells bring life (or disregard to the meaning of the sound of it) , can signify certain death. The people understood this biblically and historically (read Exodus 28).

Father was reminding me of types shadows and our current priestly office as believers . Further he revealed (1)not only the meaning of the sound but (2) the actual time and season we are in.

In Zechariah 14:20-21, through the prophet Zechariah He said and is saying :

In that day shall there be upon

the bells of the horses,

Holiness unto the Lord;

and the pots in the Lord’s house shall be like the bowls before the altar.

I believe He confirms my call (ours…if you will receive it) but also reminding us that we are vessels (pots) in His house before the altar. Think about the shape of a bowl and it’s purpose. He is speaking about openness and readiness to receive before his Holy altar.

There is a proper and prescribed way of how we are to come before Him. Oh may we understand this. We need to seek Him and to pray for wisdom, for listening hearts and ears.

I had walked all round my house yesterday to the sound of little bells and it’s not Christmas! Father is sending his Holy Spirit in and out of our spiritual houses, our homes and our hearts, wooing, inspecting, cleansing. He is ringing the bell.

We need to pray for a clean sweep and so that his presence might remain within and be seen all over our lives.

Father is reminding us that He will come at a time and a point when we least expect him. The scripture says ‘As it was in the beginning so it shall be in the end’. (Luke 17:26). He is God and doesn’t change. He is ready to pour out, blessings or vengeance.

My Father won’t necessarily come during any of our man made feasts, conference events or celebrations, but He is nigh now and even at the door. Today He waits and whilst you hear and receive His word.

As priests and kings we need to ensure we are properly dressed spiritually, even on our off days and to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying.

Many remain oblivious to the meaning of the sound /the warning the ringing of the bell all around the world. May you hear and see more clearly through this word today.

There is a sound of bells ringing in the atmosphere crying ‘holiness’ ‘holiness’ unto the Lord. Can you not hear?

It is time.

Father’s richest blessing

Written by Evangelist Linda J

May 2018

Living it out thru death

Three times the same word has been brought up this week. First in the message Pastor preached on Sunday. In a powerful illustration Pastor said whether being applauded or denigrated : dead men don’t /cant react.

We were reviewing the word in our cell group last night – chewing it over, chewing it over. Many of us sharing our own personal experience of being under attack and having to put /keep the ‘old man’ down….!

I shared how Pastor’s message really opened my eyes to how we ought to ‘consider ourselves as dead’. I know the scripture well, but it had been the first time that I had a new revelation and caught something tangible of how to practically work it out, as a believer. I reasoned and reckoned that when Christ died, I died. When I was baptised (30 plus years ago..), the old Linda got buried. It is a new person living in me and through me and I have the mind of Christ.

I am now reclining on my bed at the start of the weekend and I say to myself, I will finish my book ‘A call to courage’ by Michal Goll which I had started in the week. The first random page I turn to, says :

Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord’ Romans 6:11.

God is clearly speaking.

The author is writing about Bertha Smith who had been on the front lines for 70 years plus of successful revival and healing ministry. Part of Smith’s mantra was ‘you cant consecrate the old self, you have to assign it to death’. Smith encountered many personal, societal, institutional, cultural, spiritual and denominational battles, as a missionary to China, and overcame. This included receiving (through faith) her own personal, physical healing.

I would say (as Apostle Paul would and wrote) the old self has already been assigned to death. When he died, we died; when He arose, we arose and are now (present tense reality) seated with him in heavenly places. There is no more You or I, but Christ. We can’t live unless we have died, that is, completely confessed our sins , surrendered and buried it . That is, putting it down …..ouch … bringing it under..eughhh…. (including burying it ie not wanting to retaliate, following offence) and to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Father will help us.

May we stay dead to sin so that we might truly live.


My prayer for you and for myself is that we not only catch but hold onto the power of life through death. That we begin to live out true life through the acknowledgement of the exchange that has already taken place on the cross. May we realise that the old man (the old you and the old me) is buried, dead, cant react, cant hear, cant feel, and that we are a new creation in Jesus Christ. He too was tempted in his earthly life (and on all points) and succeeded, without sin. So must we.

We declare through prayer that :

Our thoughts are the thoughts of Christ. We think like him and behave like him.

Old things are past away and behold we are brand new.

It is a brand new me walking and breathing singing songs of Zion.

It is a brand new me/us responding in ways that only Christ would.

Praying that the Christ in us, continues to be the hope of glory.

Praying that we continue to grow in grace and that this wonderful grace (the essence of Him) abounds more and more.

Asking Him to fill up our new wine skins (our body, soul and spirit) with the newness and richness of life.

As we abide in him and He in us, may the fullness of the Godhead be seen in us, bodily…

My dearly longed for brothers and my sisters :

May the old man (and all he ever stood for) never surface.

No more face on or face offs or one upmanships.

No more cruel jibes, cunning or manipulation.

No more secret sin, gossip or malice.

In times of need, may each consider others before themselves.

Let us put each other first.

May we shine like the Son of God with grace on our lips and healings in our wings.

Because He bids me write and pray

Prayer Evangelist Linda J

Copyright May 2018

A Witness and A Testimony

My Father, you know the way that I take. You have been with me before the womb and through this twisted week in the midst of the battle. At the point of attack no man or woman stood with me, they hid their face and their eyes and I remembered the cross.

I have become the scorning and scoffing of many, for your name sake. Away with her they cry. Dim that light. Squeeze out the life, the joy the laughter.

You have shown me the fickleness and folly of men and exposed me to the heat of the battle.

You have shown me the cunning of the evil one and those blind and trapped in his camp.

Father, I am for peace but they are for war.

You will laugh when their calamity comes.

Let their own cunning fall on their heads.

You have sent me as a witness and a testimony and I will come out as pure gold.

Lord you have told us that the battle is not a carnal one, but spiritual.

Help us to cast off all imaginations and see things as they are. You have assured that more are they that are with us, than they that are with them.

It is you who are trying me in the fire. No one else has power over my life. You will never fail me- righteous right hand.

May I never fail you.

May I stand the heat.

May I continue to set my face like a flint and accept my fate and as I journey through the valley and shadow of death.

I fear no evil. I fear no hidden human, fleshy sword (the tongue of condemnation) as you are with me. No double standards or puppeteering, religiosity will separate me from seeing you and experiencing your genuine love.

Nothing false parading as you, will crush my faith in you – your ability to dismantle, deliver, to show, to reveal to those who seek truth.

Crush the head of the serpent with your feet.

Topple the enemies camp with the arrows of your arc angels. Raze it to the ground.

Send Michael and Gabriel to mine help.

Father, You are our Mighty Defender. Jehovah Gibbor. Jehovah Makadesh.

You are the one, true and only God .

It is your rod and your staff which comforts me.

Dry my tears. Heal my heart. Forgive those who continue to bruise your sheep -those who call on your name.

They know not what they do.

Thank you for those you have sent to stand by and comfort me. May they receive a prophet’s reward.

I give you the praise.

For you is the glory (sic)

You still prepare for me a table in the midst of my enemies.

You ask me to rule and reign.

You anoint my eyes, my head and my feet with oil, my cup overflows.

Your word is true : When the enemy came in, like a flood you lifted up a standard. You always will.

You confused their counsel. You always do.

You set me above the heads of my enemies.You reminded that I am seated – in heavenly places.

You send me daily with your word in my heart, on my lips, in my pen. My praise and glory is of you.

Those who know You, know me.

Those who are humble and know you, receive.

Though the enemy seeks to silence and sully your truth, your word still stands and rings out.

May I not be intimidated or held back by the spirit of fear. May any evil scheme planned for me backfire mightily.

May I boldly step in this dark hour – for it is late.

May I labour and travail on behalf of those who thirst and are lost.

A witness and a testimony, let me be.

Let your seal and your stamp be upon me.

Written by Prophet Evangelist Linda J

May 5th 2018

In the courts of our God and after a week horribulus.