A Witness and A Testimony

My Father, you know the way that I take. You have been with me before the womb and through this twisted week in the midst of the battle. At the point of attack no man or woman stood with me, they hid their face and their eyes and I remembered the cross.

I have become the scorning and scoffing of many, for your name sake. Away with her they cry. Dim that light. Squeeze out the life, the joy the laughter.

You have shown me the fickleness and folly of men and exposed me to the heat of the battle.

You have shown me the cunning of the evil one and those blind and trapped in his camp.

Father, I am for peace but they are for war.

You will laugh when their calamity comes.

Let their own cunning fall on their heads.

You have sent me as a witness and a testimony and I will come out as pure gold.

Lord you have told us that the battle is not a carnal one, but spiritual.

Help us to cast off all imaginations and see things as they are. You have assured that more are they that are with us, than they that are with them.

It is you who are trying me in the fire. No one else has power over my life. You will never fail me- righteous right hand.

May I never fail you.

May I stand the heat.

May I continue to set my face like a flint and accept my fate and as I journey through the valley and shadow of death.

I fear no evil. I fear no hidden human, fleshy sword (the tongue of condemnation) as you are with me. No double standards or puppeteering, religiosity will separate me from seeing you and experiencing your genuine love.

Nothing false parading as you, will crush my faith in you – your ability to dismantle, deliver, to show, to reveal to those who seek truth.

Crush the head of the serpent with your feet.

Topple the enemies camp with the arrows of your arc angels. Raze it to the ground.

Send Michael and Gabriel to mine help.

Father, You are our Mighty Defender. Jehovah Gibbor. Jehovah Makadesh.

You are the one, true and only God .

It is your rod and your staff which comforts me.

Dry my tears. Heal my heart. Forgive those who continue to bruise your sheep -those who call on your name.

They know not what they do.

Thank you for those you have sent to stand by and comfort me. May they receive a prophet’s reward.

I give you the praise.

For you is the glory (sic)

You still prepare for me a table in the midst of my enemies.

You ask me to rule and reign.

You anoint my eyes, my head and my feet with oil, my cup overflows.

Your word is true : When the enemy came in, like a flood you lifted up a standard. You always will.

You confused their counsel. You always do.

You set me above the heads of my enemies.You reminded that I am seated – in heavenly places.

You send me daily with your word in my heart, on my lips, in my pen. My praise and glory is of you.

Those who know You, know me.

Those who are humble and know you, receive.

Though the enemy seeks to silence and sully your truth, your word still stands and rings out.

May I not be intimidated or held back by the spirit of fear. May any evil scheme planned for me backfire mightily.

May I boldly step in this dark hour – for it is late.

May I labour and travail on behalf of those who thirst and are lost.

A witness and a testimony, let me be.

Let your seal and your stamp be upon me.

Written by Prophet Evangelist Linda J

May 5th 2018

In the courts of our God and after a week horribulus.

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