The Cry

By Evangelist Linda J

My tears are liquid words that only he hears and can understand.

What ails her? …they might think

But only he knows.

I cry not only for myself, but for the world.

Sometimes I can’t cry, I’m stuck , My heart has become, hard impenetrable.

But press, I must.

For, it is appointed unto man once to die and after death the judgement.

There is much at stake

For I have seen the place of judgement – that forever place (See,

I can never forget the finality,

the eternity,

the dread of that place

The reality that it’s too late.

When I can’t articulate

the anguish,

My tears fall and I cry.

My bowels, My bowels.

It’s the cry of a starving, premature baby – (have you ever seen?) only the shape of the skull and the shape of the mouth telling the story – telling the story ….but there is no sound …

There are liquid words and a silent arching mouth, like Hannah, like Rahab weeping for her son, her child, because He was not

It’s the cry of desperation, of anguish. It’s the ardent cry for a seed, a people a promise, a community, a nation – a world without fear

A life denied, stunted, about to be cut off in its prime…

When I know and see the precipice we stand on – the fine -tooth jagged knife edge, between life and death.

I tell my brother, my sister but he/they won’t/can’t hear

Gone too far, Gone too far

Calcified, calcification, diseased, dying, died – dead.

I can only howl inside, silent terror

Nay, horror

My heart aches.

There’s despair

I see the lost, the sick, the despairing, the neglectful all around me, all around me

A gambol (sic) of a life – running running running… going no where -a wasted opportunity

Lord, when?

When will your hand move?

When will you show?

Lord, forgive.

Lord, lift,

Lord, change,

Lord, deliver

Lord, heal.

In the midst of life we are in death

But I believe there is hope .

His heart breaks.

His hand does move

In the silence of our cries


By Linda J

Unfinished but In a time of sadness

July 2018

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