By Evangelist Linda J – July 2018

My older brother has been unwell for a while and the prognosis today on the physical realm isn’t good. I dont think he would mind me sharing that he has always lived a life as a Rastafarian – in fact very proud and always talking about his faith , but we were able to minister the word to him over the last few weeks ie that the necessity of a faith in Jesus Christ, his saving power and the need to make it right.

Thank God, over the last few days , my brother has been speaking more about Jesus , his relationship with him, rather than Halle Sellase. Halle Sellase was probably a nice man in his time, but he has (nor had ) no authority over or power, to save souls.

Today, (with my brother’s permission), I was able to pray with him in the Name of the Lord Jesus. All Glory goes to our Father. I know my elderly mother has also prayed as some of my Christian siblings and Christian sisters and brothers in Christ.

As some of you know, I lost my elder daughter in 2013 – Christmas Day. Her passing was sudden – so we just had to accept it. I have my faith that He (our God) does all things well . What I have not experienced is being so close to someone, someone I grew up with, who knows that their physical time on earth is limited. To be given information that you have only days or weeks to live must be such a weight for the individual to carry, particularly if they had/have no faith or expectation in God or has fears or no clue what happens after death.

Cancer is a most horrid illness, it seems to be everywhere. I have spoken to a few individuals and carers and more recently ‘inmates’ in hospital with my brother. My heart goes out for their plight. The illness and treatment knocks one for 6 . It seems that every other person has been touched by this awful disease directly or indirectly. I am now more convinced that cancer is not just physical, but spiritual. The Body is sick. The disease affects the whole family and is speaking to us about the state of our world and much deeper things.

More importantly it brings the urgent need for us as Christians to ensure that people have heard the message ‘it is appointed unto man once to die’ after death the judgment‘. Hebrews 9:27

This week, yesterday, my brother began to lose cognition and competence at different times with an inability to speak. At other times he was lucid and could communicate and understand what was being said. We had a few laughs and hugs. He has always been a lovely brother – his demeanour has always reminded me of the peace one would see in Jesus, if we had seen Jesus, as a man, on earth. My brother is loved by anyone who meets him.

We anointed and prayed over Him and comforted him as best we could. He held my hand.

The most frightening thing is losing your capacity, ability to hear or receive the word, or to make a decision if disease or cancer robs you of that.

I believe as Christians, we can stand in the gap and pray that ministering angels will break through on our loved ones behalf and snatch them from the pit. When I could drop a word in…(his bedside was so busy – at times with family and friends competing agendas – including spiritual)…. I reminded him of the Word and the Psalms, which he knows and loves. I sang him songs and reminded him of the love of God that passes all understanding.

I have posted more recently other things that relate to the urgent need of the hour (see the forever place at ) and the more recent clip from that Pastor from oversea who appears to have had the same vision/revelation as myself about the forever place. The spirit is one and the message remains consistent. There is an urgent cry for souls, those who have not yet heard and those who have heard, but are messing about and playing church . I can only repeat it here.

I am writing this to process my thoughts and deal with the situation, but also to update and share. My brother has always had a lovely nature and spirit and sought to do good things. I believe Father knows his Name. But good works …. (as I tell many of my nice well meaning, want to do good, professional friends )….. wont save us – see the story of Cornelius in the bible for the principle set. Only a faith in Jesus guarantees us eternal life, out of all eternal suffering and pain.

Time and circumstance affects us all – we have a Jamaican saying ‘ Today fe me , tomorrow fe you’ (sic) . None of us can gloat in health or wealth, our only assurance is in God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Whether we live or die , it is to God and He knows, but the message remains the same. It is appointed unto man once to die and after death, the judgement. Hebrews 9:27. Our individual and collective times, our soul and heart state, is in hands but we have been given a choice.

Finally, my brother and sisters, The scripture in Job 14 states and asks a few things and by His word , I will answer :

Who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean?

No one. Only God can cleanse through confession and baptism in the Name of Jesus.

Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble He cometh forth like a flower but can be soon cut down.

If man dies shall he live again?

It is my belief that the soul never dies . Eternity is a place we all will go to at an appointed time chosen by Him – some to eternal life and others to eternal damnation. There is a free gift of salvation, but the choice is for the individual to make. Oh if only men would hear, believe and receive.

Please feel free to share with anyone who it might help.

Yours in His Name

Evangelist Linda J

July 2018

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  1. Another very thought provoking read; as you realise the seriousness of your last breath, it is truly a matter of life and death. To live with Christ when he returns or to be sentenced to a place of turmoil with the Devil and his Angels!! We all have a choice to be born again and to have that new life with the gift of salvation!! what a wonderful thing.

  2. Vulnerability is such a beautiful gift! Thank you for sharing yours and dousing it with Words of hope and truth. I have been up since 4:30 am (thank you jet lag) and used those early hours without interruptions to lift each of my Hayes family up in prayers. Our Lord is truly in your midst xox

  3. Thank you Nirmal – he made himself vulnerable for us didnt he – he in us is the hope of the world
    Thank you for your prayers and your support

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