By Evangelist Linda J AUGUST 2018

This week at workplace Christian fellowship we watched a clip on Seconds and Seasons . It was very interesting and I saw new things.

This morning my Olive Tree Bible app reading alarm took me to the story of Joseph, his relationship with his brothers, his dreams, his time in the pit and ostracisation, to his promotion to governor of Egypt. I cried as I read the story (I haven’t cried reading it before ) but I saw the beauty of the depth and hand of God turning what happened in seconds (the attempt to kill and crush another) to a glorious restoration and saving of many lives in a later season, but through much suffering – which is the story of our Christ. I want to bring the two insights gleaned together for this new day.

Like seed time and harvest our lives have been sown in the soil to bring forth what is at the heart of us – what we were created to be . It is that which will come forth, in the end. Joseph was destined to rule and his childhood dreams foretold that. Simeon and Levi’s hearts on the other hand was darkened. They were ordained ‘instruments of cruelty’ and as a result of this word spoken over their heads, (by their father Jacob at the end of his season), in a second were divided and scattered – in a word, cursed.

Time and circumstance happens to all of us. We may think we have got away with a misdemeanour or indeed that God has not noticed when we have stooped to help that other soul. We may think that that dream or vision or word spoken over us will never come to pass, but hold on… No Word of God falls to the ground or returns to him void. Remember also that what you seed, you will sow, in your season.

What does it profit us to gain the whole world and lose our soul? In a second, we can be cut down as grass. I am seeing this acutely in this season.

Today we may be on the mountain top of a thing, but tomorrow we could be in the valley.

My admonition ? Use our seconds and seasons well – use what is in our hands to the glory of the God we serve. Build up. Don’t pull down. Leave your brother and sister alone.

Joseph’s gifting did not cease just because he was silenced and shut up in prison. His integrity remained and in what looked like a dark season, he continued to be used and to bring many blessings to others.

You were created for a reason. You hold your job or position for a reason. Stand. It is your season. Use those seconds well.

Bloom where you are planted.

Fathers richest blessings

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Linda J

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