My Be-erlahairo , My Saviour

By Evangelist Linda J

I can’t even write what happened to me today, can’t even speak it, my heart is so full, but I want to confirm that my God is sooooh real and he gave me favour, again and again and again. In the space of 24 hours, I have seen him look after me and show me his love. I also saw the blessing of the hour, falling on my seed.

Was it Hagar who called a well Beerlahairoi which means ‘the God who seeth me’ (see Genesis 16:14)? Well my papa is Beerlahairoi.. the king who sees me . He saw my need today and showed me his love and power here on earth.

You know the bible says that a book of remembrance is written in heaven of those who fear him and those who mention his name to one another (see Malachi 3:16). I need no pumping or prompting. He sees me. I see him..!

Father, I recognise your hand in my life today. The details doesn’t matter. I just want to ‘big you up’.

I am not doing it for recognition, but through my love , the acknowledgement of your divine hand working in my life and my knowledge of the special love you have for me.

I want to encourage other’s that they can trust in you. That you see and are able to meet every need (even the seemingly irrelevant) . You go before us, you order our steps. You bless and bring good things to pass.

Your daughter

Linda J

You called me ‘beautiful joyful spirit’

22nd September 2018

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