Power, Only Visible in Operation

I had this dream on Saturday. I dreamt that I was in a church building. I was in the kitchen area and wanting to heat two dumplings. There was a microwave. I saw that it was old and had been sealed up at the back. I tried to switch it on but the digital buttons did not work. Nevertheless the dumplings got heated up and started to smell like they were burning . They didn’t burn, but the heat was in the appliance. I was bemused. What heated them I thought. I quickly took them out. 

I woke up and tried to ask a few pastor friends I know across the country, older pastors who I often weigh things with and since 2004. I couldn’t get hold of anybody.  I asked the Lord last night what this was about. 

This morning, Father brought a reading to my inbox from the ministry of Rheinard Bonke. Pastor Bonke is one of my spiritual fathers in fact , the father who invited me to a ‘face to faceevent in Florida in 2008 and anointed me for my evangelism ministry.  God has used him in my life mightily. I tried to cut and paste the message below as it speaks to my dream, but it won’t allow it so I will summarise here:

Pastor Bonke says the power Father has given us ‘ is only visible in operation’ . He says so many of us sit on the power when it is already in us. It is only when we get up and do … even the simple things – (the heating of two plain fried dumplings in my dream and in the old fashion way…), that we will see that the power is already there. 

Pastor writes we don’t see the power of an athlete, a sprinter when he or she is standing next to us, but when they run, we see what they are made of.

In our case, the authority, the power to heal is already there. It has been sealed. It is a done – what I am now going to call ‘dumpling – kneaded and knitted together deal’ . Glory to God . Father has given us discernment, our five senses to know the timing … of things. It’s in us. We just need to stretch forth our hands, to do , to run …and we will see changes. 

I’m sure there is more from the revelation, but that settles me for now. Do go and read Pastor Bonke full message : Power only visible in operation’ , then get up and do!

With much joy , love and affection and because he bids me write

Evangelist Linda J

October 2018 

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