It is Day 6 of our church fast and we are coming down..glory to God.

Last night in our Dwell service, I was given liberty to share the inspiration the Lord had given me as I was preparing to go to church.

It had been a hard day with my heart being broken about a number of situations and injustices that I had heard or was witness to. I wanted however to come into the Lord’s presence with joy and thanksgiving and to make a break with the old week before preparing for the new. I wanted to take off my old clothes and put on something new.

I started to iron a white shirt which had become creased. For some reason I wanted to wear white, although it would not be my usual color of choice. I needed to put some water into the dispenser and went into the kitchen. As I came back to the ironing board and started to pour the water into the hole, the Lord began to speak to me.

This is what He said:

He said Linda , now look at what is happening. As the water is poured in and touches the elements of the iron which is ‘plugged in’ then the steam starts to rise. He said now to get those creases out, you have to press hard against the cloth and keep going. I had to lift the arm … of the shirt to get into the creases. I had to turn the shirt this way and that. I had to ensure the bit that I had ironed out didn’t get crushed again as I moved onto new areas. He reminded me what we see happening in the natural is what occurs spiritually. I chuckled with Him (as I do) and because he gave me the word when I was doing something so innocent and simple.

As we worshiped last night I was pressing in and He nudged me to share the word. Some were able to receive but I also sensed that the word fell on areas of hard hearts and ears, until the Lord broke a second word through another (who had, had a similar word all day). This evidenced for me how the Lord confirms His word with signs following.

I continue to turn over and reflect on the word as there is always more.

One knows, you cant iron out creases with a cold iron. It has to be plugged into the source of electricity or put on hot coals. When Isaiah saw the Lord and realized his crushed state, (and as our brother explained last night), a seraphim had to bring a hot coal out of the fire to purge and take out the creases (his sins /uncleaness). (See Isaiah 6:6)

As a Christian, we too have to be plugged in so that there can be ignition and for God to arise and let those enemies – those creases , our sins be flattened/scattered.

As we approach the penultimate day of a period of fasting together, let us remain plugged in. Let us press ie press towards the mark of the high calling which is in Christ Jesus.

In preparing to come before Him, Father is looking at our hearts not our garments. Yes, we must be presentable, but it is the heart that He is after not our outward appearance or our works.

I don’t usually wear shirts or white neither like ironing on a Friday night…. I believe this choice was led by the Holy Spirit as he wanted to speak. He continues to speak and to inspire.

White stands for righteousness. Could it also be that the steam depicts the glory cloud and is what we create when we are baptised, ‘plugged in’ and are ‘hot’ and on fire for him in our worship. Worship is not just what we do in church before the altar, our whole lives should be a walk of prayer and worship. It is then we will be on fire; the glory cloud will go before us and his anointing will rest on us. He says in His word, He would rather we be hot than cold or luke warm.

He says that all our righteousness (our white shirts) are as filthy rags before Him, if we have not come through the press and washed in the blood of Jesus. (Isaiah 64:6). We must repent and be baptized (with water) to stand before Him and in the great day for reckoning. Will our garment – (how we have pressed), stand up to His scrutiny?

In the battles of life we will get crushed and creased at times, but there is good news..! We don’t have to do the ironing ourselves! He’s a good Father/Husband and He will do it!!! If we stay plugged into Him as our source – our energy provider..and if we ask.

How do we stay plugged in? Through listening, through willingness, through obedience. Through reading the word, through constant pressing ie cycles of prayer, worship, service, fasting.

Brethren, we must press through. When Zion travailed she brought forth. (Isaiah 66:8). We will see the glory cloud arising if we just open our hearts to receive.

Closing ….

I hear an old childhood song in the spirit :

Take off your old coat and wear it no more

Christ has a garment waiting for you

The robe of salvation is knocking at your door

Take off your old coat and wear it no more


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