Murder, Mob Rule and Monkey Dust

Written by Linda J 1/9/2018

Lord take over our streets

Heal our land

Lord we commit our cities and nation to you even what you have placed in our hands

Your hands are wide

Your love is shed abroad for all

You are an ever present help in our time of need

Oh how we need You

Clean up our churches, our city our land and our nation

By the Power of the Holy Ghost

Let your anointing flow through the blood lines, through the isle, aisles and regions

Through our cobbled streets , our own backyards and through our own impenitent hearts

Lord, we come against murder, mob rule and monkey dust

We come against fights, fits, fury , fornication, fear

We come against hatred, malice jealousy

The things that puts and pits a brother, brethren, a nation, a neighbor against each other

The things that separates us from you

Break the spirit of pride, self rule

That Luciferian, vociferous, viper spirit that has taken hold

That spirit that has taken hold in our churches, institutions – the spirit of lawlessness that has taken over our land

That spirit that has castrated, poisoned and blinded us

Take away the sting and stench of sin in all its forms and which leads to death – bring back life to our dead, diseased parts

Help us look, see YOU and return to the cross – away with self-rule

Lord you said if YOU be lifted up

YOU would draw all men onto YOU

Break the cliques and the adulation of men, the mouse and human dung and doing and man made ideologies

Thwart the purposes and plans of the enemy. Thwart the backroom, (behind the scenes) stealth, devious games and divination. Remove the dagger and the blade. Remove the assassins and the usurpers.

As we lift up your name in our homes, churches, streets, city and nations , let the Captain of the army host ARISE and let the enemy be scattered.

You instruct me to write and to say

Linda J

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