And here we are again. It only seems like yesterday when we were out parading our passions and purpose for the Lord. I often think about what was going on deep in the bowels of the grave as Jesus wrestled with principalities and powers and overcame those three days.

Tomorrow we proclaim He arose and won the battle over sin and death and the grave.

Hallelujah – Because He Lives, We Live.

Let me encourage you whichever part you are playing in the Body – we are called out to be firebrands in the darkness.

Called out to be the light of God in a dark and dreary world.

As we traverse through our neighborhoods tomorrow or whenever we go, be intentional and conscious with each step that we are a light , a torch, the flame of the gospel ; that as we move , we are destroying darkness and reclaiming the land.

We don’t have to be the speaker, the preacher, but just by our very presence and our hearts aflame in unity, is a witness to the gates of hell – that Jehovah did it and will do it again, and again..

We are taking ground.

We are taking the Good News of Jesus to our community, to our streets , to the nations.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ who walks with us and the host of holy angels

How the world needs the joy and peace of the Holy Ghost.

“Sing” says the spirit as I write –

What shall I sing ?

I hear a song and refrain as follows:

“Rise up ye men of God

Give heart and soul and mind and strength

To serve the King of Kings

To serve the King of Kings

Rise up O men of God

His Kingdom tarries long

Bring in the day of brotherhood

And end the night of wrong

and end the night of wrong.

…and so as we prepare to lift our national flags and banners , I close with the penultimate stanza of the song by Phil Keaggy

Lift high the Cross of Christ

Tread where his feet have trod

As brothers of the Son of Man

Rise up O men of God

Rise up O men of God

Written by Evangelist Linda J

April 20/4/19

In the Year of Our Lord

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