A time as this (working title may change )

By Linda J June 2019

It has been an interesting week. A week where I thought Father hasn’t been speaking but lo …today I am nudged to see that he has been speaking all week connecting and reminding me of his purpose, his principles and his divine laws.

There is too much to put it all here, but I will try and connect the dots.

It started with reassurance in my *Minute with Maxwell , that ‘you don’t have to survive’. What a strange title I thought. Maxwell reminded me that the Apostle Paul, completely flung himself into challenge and was ready to die for the cause of the gospel: Paul had said “Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend, that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus ‘ Philippians 3:12.

He said elsewhere

“But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God” Acts 20:24

And so I was emboldened.

I had been given some news in the cold light of day. News that might mean the whole of my livelihood may be jeopardized. Notwithstanding the Lord has reassured me that he knows the end from the beginning and it is his counsel for my life that will stand. Nothing ….nothing or nobody can separate me /us from his love. None of these things, (not the spite or spats) …. back or hand biting …jagged teeth or spears, move me.

What I learned again this week is that our discomfort and angst comes when we try to hold onto things to tightly, when we try to hold onto our lives when we seek to please men. Serving God is about setting our faces like flint , free falling and letting him catch us. It’s a steely resolve , it’s a walk and a leap of faith.

As I stood in the community worship event – first of its kind in the neighborhood – last night .. the Lord showed me the reality of divine destiny and divine appointments. I hadn’t planned to be at the Gathering . God knows I was tired. i had just put a chicken in the oven (first meal of the day) and was about to prepare dinner… , but he ordered my steps and I was compelled to go . Chicken can wait.

I realized as I stood and uttered my praise in that house at the top of Overdale Road, how marvelous are his works. I was brought up literally across the road from this house, now the YWAM centre . As I worshipped (now as an adult) – my life and circumstances , path and journey, flashed before me and Father reminded me of his providence and provision and that he has led me safe thus far . He has led me for such a time as this.

I nearly died three times in my life through ill health. My heart cried out, as I saw that God had preserved me for this very hour, for salvation and for worship.

When I was at death’s door (as a child and young woman) , I didn’t know the Lord. Having stepped through the door in faith, I can see the seriousness of the peril that awaits those who stay outside. So many closer to me have died suddenly , in their prime , even my own eldest daughter and without warning. I too could have been catapulted into hell without knowing my Savior. God had preserved and prepared me for this very time, for such a time as this. How can I not worship?

Someone greeted me with ‘whatever is happening in the community, you always seem to be there Linda !!” Yes. But not my will but His. This being here, at the heart and centre of things, is my destiny. I will leave my footprint, my thumb print on the map. I intend to run my race and run it well. My sound has gone out and the enemy knows I am here and alive and kicking …. This weekend I found myself doing the things that I have been created for : To take the heart and passion of Jesus Christ to the nations, to pray and to worship.

Speaking to complete strangers is not something that one would want to do naturally on a cloudy Saturday morning – neither do I have anything good in me to give anyone, but the love of Christ compels me – should compel us. He told us to “Go” and for God’s sake.

As for me, I turn into a different person; As I step, I see and feel Father’s heart and compassion and longing for his people. It is his heart. His work not ours.

Last night as I worshipped, I saw Jesus stand at the top of our community and heard the words in my spirit ‘if any man thirst let him come and drink of the water of life freely’ John 7:37-38 . It was profound. Father is calling us to draw near in this hour. He is wanting to refresh and to restore our thirsty souls. He is calling us to pure, spirit filled worship. As we fill up with his life and pour out in prayer, praise and worship , we will be that tree of healing for the nations, for others, round about.

As we worship , we are watered and as we are watered, his love is poured out to all. It is a love thing.

**Tomczak states that ‘out of the deeds of love today comes the destinies of tomorrow’ . We dont know whose life we will touch by planting a small seed, but plant we must, water we must. The fields are white in our day, ready for harvest.

How do I end this impromptu piece ? ***Oswald says it best when he says ‘ Our lives are a ‘culmination of preparatory purposes, which began way before our birth’. Father is working everything out for our good.

Rise up now. Its my time and your time. Its time to get ready, pray , praise and worship.

It is time to prepare to welcome back our King.

Lind J in the Year of Our Lord

23rd June 2019

* see John Maxwell on leadership

** see Divine appointments by Larry Tomczack

*** see See leadership by TL Oswald

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