It’s been a long old week. This word came to me in the middle of the week as I was walking to work. I have been walking for health and fitness reasons and also to listen and to hear, what Father may be saying. As I approached the gates of my offices, my attention was drawn to a group of seagulls/birds/geese positioned above me in the sky. They were holding height, in a definite V shape and in a organized fashion. I had seen this before, but this time the Holy Spirt gave me the word ‘in formation’ . He said “write it down”, I have something to convey. I made mental note and promised to come back to it – to dig deeper later and to see what Father is saying.

It is Saturday morning and the word hasn’t left me. My spirit takes me to the memory of the scripture

‘ where the carcass is there the eagles will be gathered together’ (Matthew 24:28). The birds I had seen on Wednesday, were in formation- as they know it is the season, or timing of something coming, they knew they needed to be ready, they are preparing to travel, they are going somewhere.

My research into the reason why they do this, informs me that they are preparing to migrate to warmer climes. Winter is coming and they sense the snap and the peril of same in the air on their welfare and their livelihood. They gather together in this V shape to begin their journey. They fly in this shape to conserve energy and to make the most of the wind. It is the same formation used in military flight missions to improve fuel efficiency. One bird takes the lead and then the lead task is rotated, to prevent flight fatigue. As each bird flies, vortex is created which can benefit the other birds – flying in the wings if you like (and if they are in position). They get a free lift by the ‘up wash‘ created by the wind of the other birds. The birds have to flap together, tracing the same path, that the leader bird has left.

In a study by Steven Portugal (and others) on how the bald ibis (an endangered species) do this formation, they found that not only do the birds benefit from the up wash created by the other birds , they can also take evasive action when affected by any down wash created by the leader bird. The researchers found that the impetus to fly in this fashion, isn’t something the birds learn from the adults, (for it was this group’s virgin flight) but they seem to picked up the information quickly from each other ie the best way to fly , to stay up and to to remain in sync. The researchers offered no further explanation to this quick learning or instinct on the part of the birds, than the incredulity of it . But the Lord whispers to me this morning as I write , ‘the birds learn instinctively and as they remain and stay in the flow’.

The Lord speaks so beautifully.

He is saying so much from this and from the picture He gave me in the Wednesday sky. He is saying Information , ‘wisdom’ is the principle thing and in all our getting get understanding. He is saying wisdom, knowledge and understanding, will keep us in tune with him , take us to our destination and in safety. We have to not only be in the know but in the flow….He is helping me to see and to say , there is a way that may seem right to an individual, but outside of Christ (our leader), it will be destruction; without the guidance of his Holy Spirit ie directing us when to stand, sit or walk, what to chose, what to do and when, we will get caught up in the down wash and fall to the ground.

He says : No man is an island, or none is better than the other, we are all needed to keep the ship afloat and to steer it to its final destination. There is a part for each to play – sometimes at the front, sometimes on the wing, sometimes at the back. Know your place and part. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel or do it in our own strength, but we must work together for good. He says, tread where he has trod. The path has already been marked out for us and by the direction and leading of the Word and His blessed Holy Spirit.

Long ago , he told me to say: He on his way. Those who know Him best , knows this and (like the migratory birds) know the time and the season we are in. The scripture says , as the lighting comes out of the east and shines to the west, so shall the coming of man be, it will be ‘a suddenly’.

Dark days and a cold snap is coming. Who will be able to stand? We must be ready to go and to flow.

Let us not waste time, precious energy, or resources trying to do it ourselves, or in our own strength. Let us be patient with the passion and the purpose He has given each one of us and for the good of the whole.

Stay in shape, in sync and for this next difficult season. Get in position, in place. Get ready!!

Unity is strength. It is there the Lord commands the blessing, even life for evermore. (Psalms 133:1-3)

By Evangelist Linda J

August 2019


Father we thank you . For there is nothing new under the sun. You have given us information to guide us from storms and perils and to reach our destination safely. You have shown us that what is in the natural, so it is in the spiritual.

Father we bless you – you are our present help in a time of need. You are the good Shepherd that looks after the sheep. The cattle on a thousand hills are yours, the gulls, the ibis and the sparrows yours too. You give us wisdom and understanding in the day and in the night seasons. You light our lamp. You whisper sweet peace to us and lead us with your right hand of righteousness.

Father, help us to understand the times and the seasons and to number our days preparing our hearts unto wisdom. We don’t know when the axe will fall in any of our lives, but we know if it falls (and before you return) there it will lie until the day of judgment.

Help us to get ready for that great and terrible day and for the day when you shall put in an appearance. Help us to use our resources wisely, including those you have called out and placed amongst us for our advancement and edification.

May we rise together and soar as one new man, in You.

You at our helm, captain of the army host -our ship. Help us to stand tall and to smile at the storms.

Thank you for this beautiful word and for the prayer you have laid on my heart.

Your daughter Linda J

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