Written by Evangelist Linda J

John McEnroe became famous for this phrase when he felt aggrieved by the umpires judgement of a serve, or a decision in the game of tennis. I am laying on my bed reflecting on the day’s events and this word came to me and more.

Our Pastor spoke eloquently (and I felt genuinely) about love, righteousness and truth and forgiveness today. He spoke about us working together in love, not bruising or bashing other parts of the body. He gave many examples of how we can sometimes do this to each other.

The first commandment is loving God with all your heart soul and body, the second is to love your neighbor as yourself, but we all know many are not really serious about loving God or the things of God (their brother or sister), but continue to play lip service to what it means to be a child of God and worse ….. they think God does not see.

The scripture the Lord brought to me both on Friday night during a time of intercession (before Pastor’s preach) and tonight, is Isaiah Chapter 1. He has brought this word before and sadly it is a reflection of the state of the Body both near and far.

It is the same theme that I feel the spirit is speaking expressly to the church(es) , this very hour.

In Isaiah chapter 1 we read of a damning prophetic word which was brought against the state of Israel spoke out by the prophet Isaiah the son of Amos. I believe this state of Israel as it was seen then by God is reflective of the local and corporate Body of Christ today – individuals who make up (and by design or default ) affect the whole.

During prayers of Friday night someone else brought Ephesians 5 . It was a long scripture, but from the throne room. I could feel the cry and pain of Father’s heart for the state of his people – his church, his Body. Among other things that night , the spirit was urging us to ‘have not fellowship with the unfruithful works of darkness but rather reprove them’ (Ephesians 5:11).

The spirit spoke and speaks, expressly about the union between us and Father , each other , but essentially that which exists between a man and wife a metaphor for the Church. But there are those hating their own flesh…. We see parts of the Body puffed up, holding other parts to ransom, full of hatred and bitterness, which ought not to be so. God only knows what happens in secret and under the covers of darkness.

In the house, (both parliament, public and presbytery ..says the Lord ..) we see many jumping to positions of power, running to the altar to lay hands on the vulnerable, but they themselves are empty cymbals and clanging bells , no love, no light or life, not right with God or their fellow man.

When a call for prayer goes out, nay even scheduled prayer, we make excuses, we cant pray, or push , or wait with him an hour ….. The absence of many is very telling. Our priorities are so wrong. This ought not to be so.

Where is the Church of Jesus Christ in this last hour?

As we prepare to fast this week, it would behove us to read and reflect on Isaiah 1 and Ephesians 5 in their entirety.

Significantly Isaiah says ‘when ye come to appear before me who hath required this at your hand to tread my courts? In fact what the scripture is saying in modern parlance if you like.. : Are you serious ? Are you seriously asking me to look at that? move amongst that? or answer that? What really do you expect me (God) to do?

Bring no more vain oblations’ , your man-made incense is an abomination unto me. Isaiah 1:13

Don’t call a fast and then not be prepared to hear what the spirit is saying unto the churches, as that would be an anathema to the Lord. He is weary with it. Don’t insult the Holy Spirit with feigned love and piety for him or others , with forms and fashions which look like….. but are not of God. Let us consider our ways , reflect on our steps be prepared to hear some home truths, Be prepared to change or ways.

Before we lay hands on others….. make sure that our hearts are free and that there are no encumbrance , otherwise it weakens, makes sick and contaminates the whole. That is why….. (the Lord already spoke on this 1 Corinthians 12:30) we see many sick, diseased and dying and why we cant see break through in our day.

No, But, Are You really Serious?

May Father help all of us as we wrestle with our flesh and bring it under to the obedience of Christ.

Written under unction

August 2019

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