Ministers of Grace Not Grudge

By Evangelist Linda J

The Lord is speaking

We need the power of God in us to be able to minister grace and to represent him accurately here on earth in front of the people.

We, being the called of God, are his standard bearer, setting standards, modeling what He would want us to represent on his behalf here on earth.

We are God’s mouthpiece and our hearts should be in a state of grace at all times, so that what comes out from our hearts and mouths is seasoned with grace.

The Bible says , guard your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life.

We can only extend life to others from a state of grace. This grace comes from God.

Moses was God’s representative – God’s standard bearer, chosen to stand in the gap, but he lost it. The people of Israel angered him at the water of strife leading him to speak inadvisably with his lips and to use physical force. Moses’ response cost him the physical promises of God because of how he responded to challenge. Moses was angered and held a grudge against the people. The behaviors of the people was very wrong and no doubt very trying, but God was more interested in how his chosen instrument, responded.

Matthews Chapter 10 tells us of the perils that await the called out ones. We are sent out as sheep amongst wolves, called to stand before judges and governors , rejected and betrayed. A lot of ministers don’t fulfill the calling of God because they fall at the first hurdle, succumb to the attacks or remain in a state of unforgiveness, holding grudges against their brother or sister, some even holding grudge against God. Moses failed to represent God appropriately in the sight of the people, because he was fed up and angry at their constant whining and attacks of his leadership. At one point he also became angry with God. Moses failed to sanctify God in the sight of the people by the way he behaved. As a result, he failed to see promises of God for his life , his ministry whilst he was on earth.

What is the call of God on your life on earth? Only you can answer that .

Don’t fall short due to inappropriate responses when under pressure or attacks. The promises of God are always yes and amen. Our responses should be similarly measured.

Ask yourself : Is your physical behavior marrying up with what is really in your heart. What do others see or experience? Are you a channel of blessing to others or are you a hinderance to their souls needs. Are you holding onto unresolved issues, grudges, bitterness? How are you responding to your brother, sister? When was the last time you looked that brother, sister in the eye and comforted and encouraged them?

I am speaking to those in lay positions, but particularly those in leadership and in pivotal positions , the latter who might hinder (or worse) , infect the flock and the work of God by their attitude or behavior.

There is much to deduce from the story of Moses when he smote the rock. What are our responses when things seem stuck. Do we abandon the grace of God and become vengeful? Are we taking the rod to smite the rock? Leave the flock, man or woman of God alone, stop picking , hectoring, maligning, undermining. Minister grace.

Our fight (the Bible says ) should not be against each other, flesh and blood. If we hurt and attack each other, we are actually hurting God. His word tells us if we do anything to these little ones, we actually do it to Him.

How much of God’s grace dwells in us as ministers to respond appropriately at all times? Time for the magnifier. Has the grace run out? When we are tired of the work, the rejection, insult, back biting, dark days, dry difficult days, when men and women turn their backs on our service our kindness, how do we respond?

Are we making choices, decisions and judgements from a place of quietness and rest or are we doing this from the flesh? Where are the reserves of the grace stored? Where does it come from ?

Can we minister the grace of God when all around gives way? Can we say like brother Paul ‘by the grace of God, I am what I am’ and be confident that we are drawing from Him, representing him in sanctification and word of the truth?

These and so many more questions are for each and every one of us as we seek more of his grace to minister to seek and save the lost.


So father we thank you for your word. Your word to us has the divine power to cause changes. Father none of us are perfect, but we strive to perfection day by day. May the same spirit that dwelled in your son Jesus, be seen in us. He was full of grace and truth. May this be our portion.

Father take away anything that would get in the way of us being ministers of grace to your people. We are your representatives here on earth. Help us to magnify and amplify you in everything we say and do.

Let us not be only hearers of the word whilst our actions testify against us .

Lord we are spirit being and your spirit reveals to us the deep and hidden things which are open also to you.

Lord help us to bear one another’s burdens and treat others as we would want to be treated.

Help us to realize that everyone we meet has been created in your image . How we respond to them is how we are responding to you, period. There is no respecter of persons with you.

Father we long for your gentleness to be seen amongst us. The genuine care and compassion we so long for, not empty words , feigned lips and dark hearts.

Lord we can fool each other, but we cant fool you.

Peel back the hard skins of our hearts before we stand before you the righteous judge with whom we will have much to do.

Open our curtains, shine light on our darkness.

Blow your wind so that every foul thing and cobweb is blown out from the crevices of our minds, hearts, spirit and soul and our church houses in good time.

Bring a spirit of peace and unity to dealings our conversations and our affairs.

Let nothing get in the way of your right rule and right ways.

Holy Father, to you be the glory.

Your right hand has been revealed

We know we have the victory

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