What kind of King Are You?

Evangelist Linda J

I am up early and feel led to write . As indicated yesterday, I have been stuck in the book of Kings II for a while . I want to learn and want to grow. I have been reading and comparing the actions of the anointed kings of Israel and those of Judah. I have been making a list of those who followed the example of the Lord such as Joash, Uzziah, Jotham, Hezekiah and Josiah and the many who did evil in his sight – Ahaziah, Jordan, the Jeroboam II ; Ahaz, Hosea, Manasseh , to name but a few. What is interesting to read , was the age that these young men became king and how they used or misused the legacy or authority handed down to them and how they finally exited the world either in peace, praise or disgrace. I am sure there are more parallels to draw and in time and already the Lord is revealing.

This morning I wake to see another famous handsome black rapper Juice Wrld has died, from a ‘medical emergency’ we are told in the headlines : aged 21 – Note we had one two days ago from knife crime – much more over the preceding weeks. It’s almost the norm now.

I think of my daughters and my family, those saved and those unsaved. I think of all the other greats (men and women of my generation that have gone too young). I click on to find out a bit more about this rap artist who I have never heard of and find a live clip of one of his concerts. I see thousands of people in adulation , with little candles rocking to his vibes, lyrics and music. I cant hear what he is saying, but I understand the pull of the stage and what it must have meant to him so young, to have all those in reverence, essentially worshipping him…

I read the messages of condolences and what this young man has meant to many.

I am led to contrast his passing with the notification of the passing of our Dear Pastor Bonnke, (7/12/19) known for his large evangelical crusades where thousands and thousands would jostle to get there and to listen to the word of God. Many would be snatched from hell as a result of this anointed orator allowing God to use him selflessly in this way, for others. I myself a product of the many messages preached by Pastor Bonnke.

Two stages, two different messages. Two different types of kings, two different dispensations – one ministering darkness and death and the other ministering light and life through Jesus Christ.

The contrast with the message of Kings made even more poignant and at a time of threatened impeachment (USA), jostling for political power, now being seen across many nations even my own country the UK. The question whether to stay or to go (Brexit) looming large on everyone’s mind. What many don’t realise, that in matters of life and death we don’t have a choice to stay or to go … And death is no respecter of persons.

The bible says it’s appointed unto man once to die, but after death the judgement. I ponder what people have given in exchange for their soul, self comfort, aggrandizement, adulation of men. Am I making the right transactions? Never mind the state of the nations, what is the state of my soul?

I am reminded that King Moab in the book of Kings sacrificed his own son for spiritual and political power and advancement. (See 2 Kings 3:27). I note that the Bible warns us : As it was in the beginning, so it will be in the end. Lovers of pleasure more than lovers of the one true God- the God who loves them and gave himself as a ransom.

Whenever we hear of such tragic news we mustn’t be complacent. We don’t have to know the soul that has parted to be moved. It is a wake up call. The ringing of a bell. The world and the church have to wake up; many of our sons, our children, are unwittingly being sacrificed to Molech, right in front of our eyes under our very noses.

We have been caught betwixt and between two standards , we have traded our birth right, our gifting, our kingly anointing, to be seen and accepted of men.

I say this , as I am persuaded, that each nation has a divine call on it ie a divine assignment and destiny. For sure the UK has a heritage and destiny in God and for spreading the gospel; but again we see the catering of pole positions far from Jehovah God; we see the watering down of our Christian laws and values to accommodate Nehustan …(read Kings) and Molech. But I raise this in this hour particularly for our black males, our youth. I see the gifting and the prowess which has been misused . The enemy has wreaked havoc on the lives of our people from the beginning. I hear the crack of the slave master whip. I hear the death knell. We must raise the alarm. As mothers, as sisters, as daughters and as ministers., we must make a stand. Snatch them back ..!

As I am writing this piece (and as an evangelist), the scripture jumps out in my mind, ‘it is appointed unto man once to die and after death the judgment’ (Hebrews 9:27). I ask the question : What kind of king are you/we on the earth? How are we ruling and reigning? What legacy are we leaving behind? More seriously, not where are you spending Christmas … but where will you be spending eternity? Juice Wrld thought he might be doing a gig, my adult daughter attending a party. But too late ..

The Bible tells us ‘Wide is the way that lead to destruction and many there be that find it. It tells us that narrow is the way that leads to life and few there be that find it. (Matthew 7:14). Bonnke lived 79 years, this rap artist lived only 21 years, many of his peers are dying even earlier – wasted lives, wasted gifts – gifted, handsome, look smart but nothing to show for their eternal destination.

The Bible says ‘youth is the time to serve the Lord before the evil day draws nigh’. (Ecclesiastes 12:1) .

I cannot but pray for the loss of this life and the impact of the losing of a loved one on those left behind. I write as a mother whose adult daughter was taken suddenly on Christmas Day – no warning – not a victim of knife crime. Just , time up.


Father, all have sinned and come short of your glory , myself included , but your word says that your grace is sufficient if we call on you in a day of trouble- repent and turn away from our asherah poles , our brass and brazen ways , if we turn away from sin.

Lord, we pray and seek your increased anointing and ability to stand and to share the gospel of good news with all , so that hearts and eyes can be open and each soul has an opportunity to say Yes or No.

Father, you created us in your image. you said you rather not he death of a sinner. You have left a simple route and a way back to you through the death and sacrifice of your son, Jesus Christ. Lord take away the spirit of aeon from us, the spirit of pride, death and self-adulation. Take away the hardness of our hearts and ears. Let us see ourselves – we may look beautiful on the outside, but you hear and see the true state of our hearts and the song that our soul really sings.

Father, what shall we say then, shall we continue in sin that grace may abound, God forbid. Your word says that there is a way that seems right unto a man but after death the judgment.

We ask for peace for those who have lost a loved one this week , for Pastor Bonnke’s dear wife, for this young man’s loved ones and all the many others we hear about almost daily in our time – taken suddenly without warning , many tragically.

Father, You have made those who call on you kings and priests. Help us to take the scepter and rule and reign in righteousness. Raise up anointed men and women of God who are not afraid of the kings commandments. Those who will not compromise with Truth. Those who will seek to destroy the false gods and altars and to lay down their lives and represent you to the hilt . Let our lives be channels of blessings whatever we do and wherever you send us .

These and other mercies I ask in your son’s name.

9 Dec 2019

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  1. Your words bring both comfort & challenge to the realisation of our world that we live in & my role. It also confirmed the importance of constantly reminding family & friends about who God is & His love for them. And for them to see God at work in me by my actions. Bless you dear sister ♡

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