In danger of choking!!

The other night I had a dream about a catalytic converter. I am not a mechanic nor an engineer, but the Lord showed me a number of things from this dream.

The word our dear Pastor preached last Sunday about the value of the chair, the table and reading (basically sitting at Fathers feet and taking time out to hear read and grow),was part of my discipline this morning . The Lord indeed set the table…and brought back a dream to me from what I thought was a random choice of reading material Abundant Simplicity by Jan Johnson 2011.

As I read , the dream I had three days ago, came immediately back to me.

Let me explain the dream and then share the revelation.

In my dream I had seen that not only had I forgotten to put my brakes on my car but as I tried to leap into it, to stop it reversing down the road or into someone’s car, I mounted the kerb and the catalytic converter was bashed off. That was the dream..

I keep a journal so I know I had the dream on the 10th December. I researched what a catalytic converter is supposed to do.

A catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device that reduces toxic gases and pollutants in exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine into less-toxic pollutants by catalyzing a redox reaction (an oxidation and a reduction reaction). courtesy Wikipedia*.

I said I wasn’t a mechanic, but in a nutshell, a catalytic converter is on the vehicle for a purpose and it reduces toxicity. I understood what the dream might be saying and the warning on one level , and parked it (so to speak ). I have learned that the Lord speaks , line upon line, here a little there a little…. I knew there was more to it.

Today I find it.

In encouraging a more simplistic life and way of being, Jan writes,

‘We can get hold of the genuine transformation we desire, because we are trying to breathe in the oxygen of real life with God, without breathing out the daily chaos which chokes out such interaction. Abundant Simplicity p 8 .

What I believe Father saying is from my dream (and in my own words) is the following:

We will make mistakes and errors and cant make progress, when we don’t practice letting go and letting God. We are at risk of exhausting ourselves and becoming toxic, if we dont slow down , put the hand break on and take stock of where we are.

How to?

The author states … ‘we practice simplicity when we intentionally arrange our life around God – what he is doing in this world and let the rest drop off… ‘p9

Don’t you just love how Father speaks ?

This word is clearly for me and I own it and am examining myself, but it may have resonance with you(?). The Lord has taught me to give a portion to seven and to eight as we don’t know what evil is on the earth ( Ecclesiastes 11:2) and so I will always share what I get where I think it might be necessary… Do Listen…

Let’s not close down his voice through feigned protocols and man made forms of respectability. He’s trying to get a word in… He wants to talk with us, for each other, for the betterment of our churches, our community, our nation.

He has commissioned me to write and to say. He is speaking to us each and every day.


Father , I thank you for your word which has acted like a catalyst for self examination. Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. It brightens my dark understanding .You know the way that I take ; You open up the portals of heaven to show us wisdom , your mercy and your grace. You are a gentle Father.

Lord you desire good things for us – to rest and to wait on you. You don’t want us to be bruised or bashed about or to break down and fail but you want us to flow from within in the spirit. Lord help us to consider our ways. The things that keeps us rushing from A to B which takes us away from you. Lord take us away from anything that is toxic or produces poison in our environment – be that people or places or things. Father , you be our priority , our shield and buckler, our necessary mechanic and food , resource and friend in our times of need. You be the air we breathe.

Thank you for your gift of revelation and knowledge that you have imparted to us and our world. May we use these gifts wisely to help others. Lord we lay ourselves before you and ask you to continue to shining your spot light on areas of our life that needs adjustment.

Yours always

Your daughter , Linda J

*please consider making a donation to Wikipedia. This resource has been an invaluable tool for me in my personal , social and spiritual development and currently it is free.

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