Matthew 25 -A Review of the scriptures by Evangelist Linda J UK

Praise ye the Lord Jesus Christ -today the 31st January 2020 is the day that the UK exits the european market . It is also the day that I reflect on Matthew 25 which tells of two parables, the first being poignant as it was also a departure time, but some people were ready and some were not.

Matthew 25 tells the parable of the 5 wise and 5 foolish virgins. The wise ensuring that their lamps were full of oil and burning bright whilst the foolish virgins left themselves open and had nothing to show the bridegroom when he came. On the outside they perhaps looked like they had it all going on- they were virgins after all, but spiritually they were bankrupt, missing the essential ingredient ie oil in their lamps which was the passport to the kingdom. Alas, the bridegroom didn’t recognize these women and they were not given access or an entrance to the marriage supper. The foolish virgins had even tried to purchase the necessary oil from their sisters and attempt to barter their way in but you can’t buy the anointing – it was too late and the wise ones were not going to take that gamble , no not at this late hour, they must have thought. God doesn’t look in the outward appearance , labels or status we have, he looks at what is in the heart .

Today is a planned day for the United Kingdom, whether we like it or not it’s is here and we are leaving. Jesus warns us in Matthew that there is also coming a day when the kingdom of God will come in as ‘a suddenly’ you are either ready or not. All of us can review and reflect whether we have enough oil in our lamps at this moment in time. It’s not too late.

In the second parable Jesus instructs us about the talents we have been given. Some were given talents but hid them, others used and multiplied their gift. Who did Jesus see as good and faithful? In conclusion Jesus in effect answered and said he that has more shall be given, but those who hide their gift or talents, the little that they have will be taken away.

Is God blessing someone in your midst, but you seem stuck ?- are you using what God has given you? You have to start from somewhere. If you use what is in your hand He will multiply.

The rest of chapter 25 is warning us to find something to do in the house of God, bless someone , give to the poor, visit the sick, clothe the naked, feed the hungry. The gift of love the greatest gift. He says : for as often as we do it to one of these little ones , we do it unto Him – dint forget this includes when we hurt or do bad things to others.

One of the first scriptures the Lord gave me in my sleep like a washing machine it went round and round was ‘pure religion and undefiled before the Father is this is to the visit the widows and the orphans in their time of need and to keep oneself unspotted from the world’ . May God help me and us to be faithful to his word.

Today, I don’t know whether I was preaching or teaching..🙃 but the message I think is clear for both me and you in Matthew 25 which I have not exhausted here , for want to time .

I pray that we will be filled with his Holy Spirit, his anointing, his oil so that when the bridegroom comes we are ready. Praying for a perpetual trimming of our lamps day and night so that they shine and give Him glory. Whatever we do we do it as unto the Lord. I pray we will not be negligent of our salvation that was purchased with his blood.

Linda J


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