Praise ye the Lord Jesus Christ – we thank God for a new day to give him praise, glory, honor and worship. Today I am reviewing Luke 16 which covers many major topics that of stewardship, faithfulness, pressing in, and the Word of God. It is the pressing in at verse 16 that I want to concentrate on, in this review.

Hayford helps us to see that ‘Jesus’ declaration of the kingdom of God coming into being will be (among others things) as a result of ‘pressing in and pursuit’.* This pressing in, will require effort and passion to bring the kingdom into being. We have to ‘pursue’ kingdom through prayer ie wrestling with demonic strongholds (not by self, but by the power of the Holy Ghost) and having great passion, (deep longing and expectation) of seeing the manifestation of heaven coming to earth in our midst.

Heaven Touching earth, is our mission statement for this 2020 year, as a church. Last night, we stood together in prayer in our little corner of the universe (Normanton, Derby) standing in line looking up and out, with great expectation, but there is so much more pressing in to do. Our postures also must change.

What we are not holding onto or inviting is ‘flesh’ or flesh works to see the kingdom of God come’; God knows we have had our fill … but we are waiting on the true manner from heaven to feed our souls.

The need of the hour is men and women baptized in the Holy Ghost, operating in the spirit of God, tried in the fire (brokenness and intimacy with Him) . This anointing will then be the conduit in us, that will break generational yokes (slavery, addictive tendencies, murder, slander and oppression) and work towards setting captives free.

As I prayed last night: ‘it is not by might nor by power, but only by his holy spirit’ which will do it, but we still have to do our bit. It is the pressing in that will produce the power and the ignition we need to bring heaven down. It is the pressing in that will produce that anointed word from the Lord, enabling divine changes to be made in our current sorry world.

We press in by times of devotion, prayer and supplication and times of fasting. Oh if we would only just posture, press in and push when we meet corporately and in our individual prayer times, something would happen. It is really up to each and every one of us.

As the rest of chapter 16 covers, Father is relying on our faithfulness (turning up), the proper use of our gifts and callings, to continue in an effective co-ownership role with him. He has put all things under the authority of Christ and has made him Head over all things for our… (the church collective) ‘s (sic) benefit’ (Ephesians 1:15-23). What a glorious inheritance we have!! Will you take advantage ? Will you press? Will you push?

The Apostle Paul declared that he ‘presses to the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:14). There is a high calling for each and everyone of us and that higher calling, (I have found) and as others are finding … is not in pulpits, palaces or professions, nor in titles or roles, but in the love of Christ alone.


I wrote this prayer last evening for you as the church and may it sit well with this devotion above written the next day ❤️

Father, we thank you because you prayed for us in the garden and we know we are already covered by your grace. As we continue to walk worthy of the vocation you have called each and everyone of us into, we pray like brother Paul that you will give us complete gnosis – complete knowledge of your will. Give us spiritual wisdom and understanding to walk this walk of faith and increase this in us more and more.

Thank you for our current placing and placements, our families, our loved ones, our leaders and roles and occupations, but we want more of you.

We desire that the way we live, talk, serve and behave towards each other will be pleasing in your sight and producing good and much fruit. Give us passion, compassion and compulsion to press into your manifold blessing and for lost souls. As we come in and out of your temple, as we open and close your book , may we grow in grace and understand you more and more.

Strengthen us with might and your glorious working power, so that the world can know you as the one true God. Fill us with laughter and joy , always with arms up lifted in thanksgiving and praise. Make us ever able and willing to share the good news and the inheritance that belongs to those have have chosen light over darkness.

Keep flooding us with light – let us be known as the people that know their God and doing mighty exploits. Let us be known for people who represent true holiness, righteousness and peace.

Thank you for placing us far above principalities and powers and raising us from the dead – made possible by the life, death and resurrection of our sinless brother, Jesus Christ.

Help us to work with you, in concert and in unity, and to respect your Body.

We leave ourselves open this day into your hands, trusting you for change and renewal, every day of our lives and until we come to your complete fullness in us, which is the anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ, the blessed hope of glory.

Written by Evangelist Linda J

28/2/2020. – review of scripture written by same 29/2/2020

*New Spirit Filled Life Bible – exited by Jack W Hayford New King James Version


I am at home waiting on the Lord and reading. We are still together and reading through the New Testament…? It is the 27th February 2020 in the year of our Lord and according to my timetable I believe the church is on Luke 15. I dont know what I want to say, but I will just sit with pen or ‘type fingers’ poised…Here goes :

Throughout Luke, Jesus uses many parables to exemplify the kingdom of God, how to be part of this Kingdom and how we can miss it. There is a Leaven of the Kingdom and a Leaven of the Pharisee (that much I have understood) but I don’t intend to precise all that I have read or has been covered up to Chapter 15 as there are too many points to reflect on. However… as I am musing by the fire… (so to speak) the Lord highlights the parable of the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son with the executive director of the compilation of the spirit filled bible , Hayford, giving meanings inherent behind and key words.

Highlighting chapter 15:5 of Luke he says ‘sheep lie down helplessly when they are lost and refuse to budge…’ This immediately brought back a time in 2019 when I was in Argentina (a beautiful country with tall classical buildings ) with Mission 24. It was the last day of the mission and we were ‘killing time’ . Everyone was doing their own thing and the more confident ones had gone for their daily walk or run. Over the days we had been here, I hadn’t done anything apart from mission work, prayers and services. I thought , it is the last day, I would go out on my own and walk round the block and see the area where we had been staying…. Well, what do you know? I got lost. Sheer panic kicked in , I couldn’t see a landmark , I couldn’t remember the name of the hotel (we had had a co-ordinator book our flights and the hotel and we had been escorted to and fro to events ) so there had been no reason for me to take note. I had not paid any attention to the physical surroundings of where we were staying. Everything now looked the same and different all at the same time. Nothing stood out. I almost fainted.

With my heart racing and sweat on my brow, I crossed over a zebra crossing to a corner shop and tried to explain my plight to the non English speaking merchandiser…. He pointed to where he thought I might be staying . It didn’t look like anything I could remember, was he trying to trick me? I had no option but to give it a try. As I neared the front door of the building he had pointed out, I could see the sofas that I had been sitting on a number of nights before. Like the lost son (described between verses 11 and 24 of Luke 15), I was back where I belonged and what sheer relief.

As I am reflecting on this today, as a result of my reading of the Word the Holy Spirit brings to my attention that many don’t know they are lost or how far they have drifted from shore. Some have moved the landmarks and there are now no longer sign posts, that can lead them back to that safe place, to the Father heart of God. The standard bearers are gone and there is no more beckoning lights at the window.

The good news of the gospel is that there is a light that never goes out. Jesus. The good news is that we have a Savior who is pleading in glory for our safe return and we must get this message out to both unsaved and those who have erred. If anyone wants it. Hayford said that true repentance involves realization of the need to turn, the need to change from the wrong direction that we have been heading. But “We” have to do something . We have to pick ourselves up, turn and seek the heart of the father. Sometimes we have to open our ears to hear difficult answers to our soul searching questions. As we do so, we meet Father running out to meet us with open arms – people need to know he is waiting just over yonder and with no condemnation.

Hayford says that it is at the point of repentance and acceptance that the kingdom of heaven is released through us and revival , celebration , the party….glory to God ….is released ‘amongst us’ touching those around us.

My prayer today, is that the lost ones return and find safety and rest. That we see release, repentance, return and revival (The mighty RRRR’s of God) for many, in our life time.

Evangelist Linda J

Written 27/2/2020 under my E & S anointing


Thanks be to God I have finally caught up with the New Testament reading. If my maths and dates are correct, I believe the whole church that is New Life Derby, UK should be on Luke 10 today. I didn’t want to just read but to read with understanding hence my pace has been slow. If you were nearby you would see the state of my reading room and the numerous bibles and literature I am using to cross reference. I can be so easily distracted ..only God knows!!!The Bible says study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman needing not to be ashamed,rightly dividing the word of Truth and so I press on.

My studies this week has not been limited to the New Testament, but I have had real life examples of the Word in Action and also the state of my own heart. There have been times I feel I have passed the test and times I have to confess I have failed miserably. Nevertheless we can report the saving of a soul on Friday this very week by the ministry of the the Lord Jesus Christ, his word and our unified testimony. There is the sound of a king and laughter in the house once again.

I wont precise all of what I have read to this point (I may return to do so later and as the spirit leads), for now I want to just punctuate some of what I have picked up. Luke majors on the purpose of the ministry of the Lord Jesus to heal and to set captives free – he came to destroy the works of the enemy . The destruction we are talking about is not the ‘loss of being’ as Hayford describes, but the sozo ie the bringing about of total well-being and restoration. Further we learn that LOVE is not a matter of theoretical discussion, but practical demonstration. As I have found to my cost and again this very week, some people may not be overtly grateful for your care or assistance. It is not for us to reason why when this happens or to stand in condemnation but just to love them anyway, as we love ourselves and to continue to ‘do’ of his good pleasure.

Hayford says that ‘love does not consider the worthiness of the object, but responds to human need’. We see in Luke that the Good Samaritan did not procrastinate, he went out of his way to help at cost and with his own welfare at stake. As my Christian brother put it this very week, we see those individuals which are put in our path as God sees them – the same way he forgave the undeserving me and you….we forgive them. If you are waiting for recognition or gratitude of the things you do you for other , first it is the wrong spirit , secondly you might wait for a very long time. Luke shows us that Jesus too was rejected – he came to his own but his own received him not. But he knew his task, his time and his season and moved on with no rancour. Not everyone will receive you or the things of God, but there is a remnant and those who are hungry and thirsty and long to see the kingdom of God come, will and be blessed. Therefore we must ‘endure’ with patience.


Father thank you for bringing me through what has been an interesting week with many twist and turns. Throughout I have seen your hand working and revealing your divine Truths and nature. Help me/us to apply these truths to our hearts so we can be ever seasoned with salt. Help us to be the one who chooses the better thing like Mary to sit at your feet and worship but to also be ready to do like Martha ie help out in your House, reach out to those in need and to shine a light in the darkness.

We thank you that you have chosen us and given us delegated authority to go to preach the good news of the kingdom and to respond to needs. You are no respecter of person, the first shall be last and the last first we know that those who minister must be servants of all. As we do what you bid us, may be do so in the spirit of Truth and grace may we touch lives, see kingdom come and the darkness flee. May what we sow fall on good soil and bring forth a mighty harvest.

Increase our faith and commitment levels to do things to the honor and glory of your name. Let there be no *susu susu….but sozo. Let there be no slacking or turning back. Give us eyes to see and ears to hear what you are saying to us in this very hour. Reveal who Father is to us more and more – what he wants to do to our hearts , our environments and our world. We want to see the dead raised, the lame walk and people set free from chains. We want to see increased love and unity amongst our neighbors and our fellowman.

I ask these things in your Name

Always your daughter Linda J

Written February 22/2/2020

* Jamaican patois for gossip which we know destroys


Good morning world. We are still reading through the New Testament. I am again a bit behind but you know I have been busy… This morning , I am up early and I am reading Luke and a review of the Lord’s Prayer at Chapter 11. As I read, I catch a new vision for the Lord’s Prayer via my study bible. Hayford says when we say ‘Your Kingdom’ it is more than looking afar off at a distant ‘millennial day’ but it is an outline for expansion. Every time we pray it, we are pushing the darkness back . This is what I saw: in the space we stand in , in the here and now ….we can bring kingdom in and push the darkness back. Do you see/get it ? Kingdom administrators in the here and now. This quickened me and tripped me into intercessory prayer and I prayed again not by might not by power, not with a man made list, but by his blessed holy spirit. Seeing those things which are not as those they are. Praying with knowledge and understanding and with intent, with sharpened awareness and with my scepter in my hand. Let me encourage you today. Take ground. Take authority. Pray!!

We are raising an army..

In Father’s Name

Linda J

Looking back – The beach house

Jaeger and I arrived safely and it is simply beautiful on the sea front, we have the beach house at the top of the hill in st Ives.

I learned many things as I drove down into the night and darkness and the songs we listened to on the way about love. I am seeing how beautiful the light is here and how it inspires creativity. It is a massive house and me and my family have it all for the weekend. We are all doing our own thing this afternoon, some listening to music, some sleeping, some playing scrabble. I am listening out for His word and the urgent need of the hour for restoration and renewal. I see and hear it amidst the cacophony of voices, it links to the light and the ‘principle of the impartation of life’ (James Goll).
What is the principle of the impartation of life you might ask? It is based on transparency and honesty, in the intimate relationships we have with people.

I am reminded in what moved me in the songs I heard even whilst driving down ie the difference between someone who can sing and someone who has a song… In terms of ministry (family or community) some people impart life, some cannot. The difference? When we allow others to see our brokenness, struggles and processes, and we still hang on, this imparts hope in their own journey of ‘becoming’, this then is when impartation happens and restoration of our broken world can begin.

Written in April 2017 by Linda Clifford-Hayes
With my birth family in St Ives, Cornwall,


A word from the Lord

As we were praying in the spirit at the start of church on Sunday this second week of February 2020, I heard the word ‘endure’ fly from my mouth – I shared it openly with the group, not knowing who the word was for ie whether it was an instruction for me, or whether someone needed to hear that for a situation they might be in. I have learned over the years that one word from God is sufficient to turn a situation around.

I am having a day at home today and I like to reflect on what has gone before. It is late afternoon, but I want to look up the word endure to see what it means and to see what else Father might want to say to us.

The search engine says that to endure is to, bear without resistance or with patience. We know that patience is an aspect of the fruit of the spirit and that our Lord did not resist when they sought to slay and crucify Him and for our benefit.

Not every situation we are in is comfortable; There are starry starry nights and sometimes bleak overwhelming days. Some of us are in difficult physical, social, health, family and financial situations, but can be reassured again today that ‘all things work together for our good, to them that love God to them who are called according to his purposes. (Romans 8:28). The child of God can never be disadvantaged, neither in life or in death or whether liberty impeded and held up behind bars.

The Bible says ‘weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning’. (Psalms 30:5). I can testify to that one. You are coming out if you faint not. King David testified that many are (and will be) the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers us from them all (Psalms 34:19).

Let me remind you today with the word of the Lord that ‘He that endures to the end, the same shall be saved. (Matthew 24:13; Mark 13:13). Whatever peril, situation or storm you are in, don’t give up!! Hold on!! Endure hardship as a good soldier. Your best days and your glory days are just around the corner.

From my desk

Linda J


REVIEW OF SCRIPTURE – A voice crying in the wilderness

Praise ye the Lord. As you know we have been reading and reviewing the New Testament with New Life Church where I am a member. It has been a blessing to me to be part of it and to see the church rise up and stand together in unity with and reading the Word.

Last month you will be aware that I was busy summarizing my learning of Matthew and some of which I have shared with you and via this medium. My cell group have also taken responsibility for sharing their learning and so we have been anchored and focussed and although we are all mature ladies of faith, I can see growth and Father bringing out deep truths to our remembrance and using irons to sharpen iron.

I am a bit behind with the book of Mark as there have been other issues and responsibilities to tend to this very week. The roof has literally been taking off and light is coming in… *. Yesterday, as I was driving somewhere in the early hours of the morning, I found myself tripping into a prayer and my heart breaking with tears and lament. I didn’t feel upset about anything, but a burden came. I prayed and released whatever was needed at that time and as if I was opening up something. As I prayed and journey on the motorway, the Lord reminded me of ‘the voice crying in the wilderness’ which of course is from Mark 1. John the Baptist’s ministry was perhaps the first the Lord revealed to me in a dream in 2008, when I had taken a year out just to listen. I had heard the literal and authentic voice of John and knew him and saw the colors of the land where he lived, in the dream. As I listened and prayed during that period, Father instructed to tell his people that “He is on his way”.

More recently this February month 2020, we have had John Glass visit and minister to us as leaders on leadership both in an encouraging way and warning us of the snares. I am not where I was or should be in prayer and I was listening keenly. John said, if you sense that you have gone of the boil… return to the place where you last felt the anointing, the presence of God. I have been praying to return to that intimate place since. I have come to know that Father answers quickly when we are sincere and I believe that is why the burden came upon me as I was driving yesterday. Thanks be to God. May I ever be steeped in prayer.

I had said, Lord why am I crying and praying like this? Father reminded me that when the spirit of prayer comes upon us (see Mike Bickle’s book for an explanation of the spirit of prayer) we are that voice crying in the wilderness (see Mark chapter 1); we are the tool that God is using to release something in the atmosphere, in the highway and byways of life. When you feel the impetus to pray, just pray, cry and push – something is happening. What shall I pray/ cry for you might well ask? The beauty of the spirit of prayer and intercession, is that you don’t have to know, you don’t have to have a list …. you just do as the spirit bids or utters. It is the Holy Spirit who will pray, cry, laugh even….and intercede through us or that individual. It is a ‘trip switch’ (my analogy – just got that and I will write something on this soon ) ie you just trip into it.

None of us know the hour when Father will put in his appearance, but today I am instructed and led to remind you/us that He is on his way. Continue to pray, be the voice in the wilderness. Make his paths straight.

In our Father’s Name

Linda J



*just had the roof done in the house …

If it were not for….

I have been wanting to write a prayer since yesterday. This morning I woke up and thought of you all. If you don’t see me or hear me know this, I have kingdom business on my mind.

I wanted to say that whatever situation we are going through God is already at work in it. We really need to let the scriptures do what they say they will do in times of need and struggle. Cast all our cares on him because he cares for us. We have just come through Matthew and it ends with our Father’s agony on the cross. This is what he did for us so we can be close to him, so that we can be set free of the chains, the pain, the losses. On Friday during lunch , I was overwhelmed with the loss of my eldest daughter – the memory of her as a child and us on the park – it just came upon me. I was in public so I didn’t let the tears fall, but I prayed to Father and He remembers me, all our yesterdays and my pain. Sometimes it looks like we are on our own carrying whatever we are carrying, but that is a lie of the enemy. He is an ever present help in the time of need. Just curl up in his arms and let him wrap his love around you. You are not alone.

The scripture by David often comes to mind, I have been young and old yet, I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor their seed begging bread. This is what I prayed Friday from the depths of my heart. I can say (and have prayed a number of times through the years) , ‘if it were not for the Lord who was on our side then THEY (the soothsayers, the haters, those that speak against us) would have swallowed us alive. Then the waters would have overwhelmed us. The stream would have swept over our soul. But we can say (as David does in Psalms 124)

“Blessed be the Lord who has not given us as a prey to their teeth, our souls has escaped as a bird form the snare of the fowler”

I want to declare over you today, that the shame is broken and we have escaped… praise be to God!!!! Your help, my help, our help…… is in the name of the LORD, who has made heaven and earth.

Fathers richest blessing

See some of you at church

Linda J


Good morning – What do you know? ..I am still in Matthew but thanks be to God I finish the book today concluding with Matthew 27 & 28.

These last two books of Matthew chart the arrest, cross examination of Jesus, his death and resurrection and the Great Commission that he left us. Let me seek to summarize some of my thoughts here:

We see that despite much being levied at him from arrest to crucifixion Jesus opened not his mouth. Jesus closed his mouth so that we can now rejoice and indeed on rising in Chapter 28:9 he tells us the Church to Rejoice.

Through the these two last chapters you see human nature at its worse. The spirit of envy at work causing people to disparage and to deny him his proper place as king of king and Lord of Lord. With their own mouth the people were prepared to chose a known murderer over Jesus going even further to say ‘his blood be on us and our children’ . There were oblivious to the fact that everything they sought to slander him with was God using them to stamp to proclaim His Lordship as ‘King of the Jews’ though they did it to mock, He was crowned and robed – a foretelling of what we will see with our own eyes not too long from now.

We see the record of his pain and anguish when the human part of himself struggled against the scoffing, the nails and the pain. He had been beaten and scarred and his blood poured out. There was none to help. God turned his back on Him so that we could be saved. In that 9th hour the divine transaction took place – our Lord and Savior in the place of us all.

At the penultimate cry Jesus gave up the ghost triggering the opening of prison gates to those who are dead and opening up our entrance to God through his flesh and the veil. It is on this that our faith and conviction rests. Jesus rolled and continues to roll away the stones of our lives, if we would let Him and if we receive the message of the cross. The final chapter records the resurrection our Lord returning with a shout of triumph and amidst a welcome of worship. It was a time of rejoicing then and will be a time of rejoicing on His return. Others need to hear too. Here, His time was short. He needed to ascend, but he left the great commission for us to Go – to make disciples of all nations, teaching them to observe all things that is , holiness, obedience, breaking of bread, fellowship and of course baptisms in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

And so we do.


Father we will never know or be able to appreciate what you went through in these final days. Our forbears show to us the nature of man and the weakness of the flesh.

Father once again we say sorry for the times when our voices added to the voices of those who denied and who condemned you. Forgive us for the times when we again cause you pain by our unholy transactions with cheats, thieves and robbers. Lord take away the spirit of pride and envy which seek to separate us from you and to cause murder and death in our generation. Let the work of the cross not be in vain , but ever stand tall in our minds, so that we can be quickened to Go and make disciples out of every nations.

The odd job man

Some of you know that I was remodelling my kitchen at the beginning of this year. What an experience it was . First the carpenter drilled through a cable, shutting down the boiler and necessitating the call out of the electrician. Then I had the job of tidying up the mess and re organising all the contents of the now open shelves. Everyone can see everything I have on the shelves and that is how I wanted it. The old cupboards hid everything away and I had to dig to find the gravy , the sauce or the seasoning. Sometimes I went out and bought again when I had already had that item in the cupboard but I just couldn’t see it. I sent a picture to my daughter who is away at university of the new look and thanks be go God she loved it… ! “Looks much better mum” she said. Phew what a relief. The cupboards I removed was in good nick (as they say) but I just didn’t like them.

The day after the carpenter had left I rang round to see if anyone wanted kitchen cupboards. No one responded . One man said he would assist me by removing them from my front doorway. What a blessing I thought. He duly came and removed them. 

Two weeks later (yesterday ) this man approached me at church with a wad of pound notes. He had used his initiative and had been able to offload the cupboards via ebay. The money was mine … ! What a blessing .

As I drove to work this morning , I am hearing a message from the whole event . It is about the odd job man. The man or person we often overlook who hasn’t got a big and fancy title, but is working behind the scenes and doing good.

The remodelling of the kitchen also is synonymous with how we need to look at the state of our homes , our spiritual homes which sometimes need remodelling so that light can come in. Sometimes we are just so stuffed with stuff , stuff that has gone rancid , out of date , that we cannot give anything out that is good or fresh to anyone who might come knocking.

Sometimes we invite people into our homes , near our hearts that cause us distress and damage and we need the repairer of the breach to come in and restore. Let him!! Jesus wants us to be hot and on fire for him so that the house can be an inviting place for others and that there can be meat in his house. Thanking God for the odd job men and the blessings that Father brings when we least expect it.

Jesus wants to bring back the joy and colour to our lives the freshness that only time spent with him and the anointing of his holy spirit can bring.

Linda J – a moment in time ❤️