The odd job man

Some of you know that I was remodelling my kitchen at the beginning of this year. What an experience it was . First the carpenter drilled through a cable, shutting down the boiler and necessitating the call out of the electrician. Then I had the job of tidying up the mess and re organising all the contents of the now open shelves. Everyone can see everything I have on the shelves and that is how I wanted it. The old cupboards hid everything away and I had to dig to find the gravy , the sauce or the seasoning. Sometimes I went out and bought again when I had already had that item in the cupboard but I just couldn’t see it. I sent a picture to my daughter who is away at university of the new look and thanks be go God she loved it… ! “Looks much better mum” she said. Phew what a relief. The cupboards I removed was in good nick (as they say) but I just didn’t like them.

The day after the carpenter had left I rang round to see if anyone wanted kitchen cupboards. No one responded . One man said he would assist me by removing them from my front doorway. What a blessing I thought. He duly came and removed them. 

Two weeks later (yesterday ) this man approached me at church with a wad of pound notes. He had used his initiative and had been able to offload the cupboards via ebay. The money was mine … ! What a blessing .

As I drove to work this morning , I am hearing a message from the whole event . It is about the odd job man. The man or person we often overlook who hasn’t got a big and fancy title, but is working behind the scenes and doing good.

The remodelling of the kitchen also is synonymous with how we need to look at the state of our homes , our spiritual homes which sometimes need remodelling so that light can come in. Sometimes we are just so stuffed with stuff , stuff that has gone rancid , out of date , that we cannot give anything out that is good or fresh to anyone who might come knocking.

Sometimes we invite people into our homes , near our hearts that cause us distress and damage and we need the repairer of the breach to come in and restore. Let him!! Jesus wants us to be hot and on fire for him so that the house can be an inviting place for others and that there can be meat in his house. Thanking God for the odd job men and the blessings that Father brings when we least expect it.

Jesus wants to bring back the joy and colour to our lives the freshness that only time spent with him and the anointing of his holy spirit can bring.

Linda J – a moment in time ❤️


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