A voice crying in the wilderness- Evangelist Linda J UK

Praise ye the Lord. As you know we have been reading and reviewing the New Testament with New Life Church where I am a member. It has been a blessing to me to be part of it and to see the church rise up and stand together in unity with and reading the Word.

Last month you will be aware that I was busy summarizing my learning of Matthew and some of which I have shared with you and via this medium. My cell group have also taken responsibility for sharing their learning and so we have been anchored and focussed and although we are all mature ladies of faith, I can see growth and Father bringing out deep truths to our remembrance and using irons to sharpen iron.

I am a bit behind with the book of Mark as there have been other issues and responsibilities to tend to this very week. The roof has literally been taking off and light is coming in… *. Yesterday, as I was driving somewhere in the early hours of the morning, I found myself tripping into a prayer and my heart breaking with tears and lament. I didn’t feel upset about anything, but a burden came. I prayed and released whatever was needed at that time and as if I was opening up something. As I prayed and journey on the motorway, the Lord reminded me of ‘the voice crying in the wilderness’ which of course is from Mark 1. John the Baptist’s ministry was perhaps the first the Lord revealed to me in a dream in 2008, when I had taken a year out just to listen. I had heard the literal and authentic voice of John and knew him and saw the colors of the land where he lived, in the dream. As I listened and prayed during that period, Father instructed to tell his people that “He is on his way”.

More recently this February month 2020, we have had John Glass visit and minister to us as leaders on leadership both in an encouraging way and warning us of the snares. I am not where I was or should be in prayer and I was listening keenly. John said, if you sense that you have gone of the boil… return to the place where you last felt the anointing, the presence of God. I have been praying to return to that intimate place since. I have come to know that Father answers quickly when we are sincere and I believe that is why the burden came upon me as I was driving yesterday. Thanks be to God. May I ever be steeped in prayer.

I had said, Lord why am I crying and praying like this? Father reminded me that when the spirit of prayer comes upon us (see Mike Bickle’s book for an explanation of the spirit of prayer) we are that voice crying in the wilderness (see Mark chapter 1); we are the tool that God is using to release something in the atmosphere, in the highway and byways of life. When you feel the impetus to pray, just pray, cry and push – something is happening. What shall I pray/ cry for you might well ask? The beauty of the spirit of prayer and intercession, is that you don’t have to know, you don’t have to have a list …. you just do as the spirit bids or utters. It is the Holy Spirit who will pray, cry, laugh even….and intercede through us or that individual. It is a ‘trip switch’ (my analogy – just got that and I will write something on this soon ) ie you just trip into it.

None of us know the hour when Father will put in his appearance, but today I am instructed and led to remind you/us that He is on his way. Continue to pray, be the voice in the wilderness. Make his paths straight.

In our Father’s Name

Linda J



*just had the roof done in the house …

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  1. Once again Linda I am touched by what God has placed on your heart hallelujah! Gavin and I are studying a Devotional weekly plan entitled ‘Dangerous Prayers’ (Gavin’s on his second time of reading it!!), where we’ve been challenged in daring to ask God to ‘Break Us’. Desiring to want more than just praying for safety & blessings but desiring “power from the Holy Spirit, strength from heaven, unshakable faith & genuine intimacy” with our heavenly Father. And in order to achieve this we may need to ask God to ‘Break Us’…
    But in asking God to ‘Break Us’ we need to consider the consequences to our request… And it reminded me of when Muriel from our church shared how at the age of 70 having previously been brought up within a missionary family, and as an adult pastored a church with her husband, led church worship team to name but few, yet she wanted to experience more from her relationship with God, to experience a deeper, intimate relationship…
    Muriel stated, for the first time ever in all her years of walking with Christ & all her years of church ministry, she had never experienced such a profound intimacy with God than what she felt at the age of 70!! But what she said next sent a chill down my spine… She said this came at a price that she was later to find out as she began to see into the broken lives of those around her as she cried out in prayer to God for their souls to be saved. Muriel spoke of the pain she felt for these people as she felt the pain God feels for the lost & broken & not just outside the church, but within the church as she felt the painful groans of God’s Spirit as she sensed the church needing to break out & release itself into the fullness of what God wanted to do in His church…
    So Linda, what you wrote has really blessed and encouraged me to pursue that which God is teaching me & Gavin around drawing closer to Him in prayer. And to expect God to move in such a way that will require us to remain strong as we see our lives being transformed as we allow God to work through us. God continue to bless & stretch you in all you do for the glory of His kingdom come!!

    • Thank you Catherine and Gavin for taking the time to read my post. I am greatly encourage and as it confirms Fathers word in my life to write. Thank you also for sharing Muriel’s testimony. I know she is a woman of prayer. I pray as you have watered me today that the Lord himself will water you. I pray that he gives you both the desires of your heart in your own individual and collective ministries. What a great time to be both in leadership together and for our generation. I know and feel your heart and i know Father is going to do great things through you and for you. May he bless the work of your hands and all those you minister to. May he answer the cry of your heart to draw closer and closer. I see great things for you both with the eye of the spirit. Keep on running your race. With Fathers love and richest blessings

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