Looking back – The beach house

Jaeger and I arrived safely and it is simply beautiful on the sea front, we have the beach house at the top of the hill in st Ives.

I learned many things as I drove down into the night and darkness and the songs we listened to on the way about love. I am seeing how beautiful the light is here and how it inspires creativity. It is a massive house and me and my family have it all for the weekend. We are all doing our own thing this afternoon, some listening to music, some sleeping, some playing scrabble. I am listening out for His word and the urgent need of the hour for restoration and renewal. I see and hear it amidst the cacophony of voices, it links to the light and the ‘principle of the impartation of life’ (James Goll).
What is the principle of the impartation of life you might ask? It is based on transparency and honesty, in the intimate relationships we have with people.

I am reminded in what moved me in the songs I heard even whilst driving down ie the difference between someone who can sing and someone who has a song… In terms of ministry (family or community) some people impart life, some cannot. The difference? When we allow others to see our brokenness, struggles and processes, and we still hang on, this imparts hope in their own journey of ‘becoming’, this then is when impartation happens and restoration of our broken world can begin.

Written in April 2017 by Linda Clifford-Hayes
With my birth family in St Ives, Cornwall,

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