Good morning world. We are still reading through the New Testament. I am again a bit behind but you know I have been busy… This morning , I am up early and I am reading Luke and a review of the Lord’s Prayer at Chapter 11. As I read, I catch a new vision for the Lord’s Prayer via my study bible. Hayford says when we say ‘Your Kingdom’ it is more than looking afar off at a distant ‘millennial day’ but it is an outline for expansion. Every time we pray it, we are pushing the darkness back . This is what I saw: in the space we stand in , in the here and now ….we can bring kingdom in and push the darkness back. Do you see/get it ? Kingdom administrators in the here and now. This quickened me and tripped me into intercessory prayer and I prayed again not by might not by power, not with a man made list, but by his blessed holy spirit. Seeing those things which are not as those they are. Praying with knowledge and understanding and with intent, with sharpened awareness and with my scepter in my hand. Let me encourage you today. Take ground. Take authority. Pray!!

We are raising an army..

In Father’s Name

Linda J

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