Call the Anaesthetist..!!!

It is March 2020 the whole country in the UK (as are many of the major world’s nations) are preparing to go in lock down because of the health crisis now known as Covid-19. Some people had been in period of 40 days fasting (prior to the crisis) others embracing a three day Esther fast within this and as a result of the same. I have joined the ranks and know my place, but if I am honest I am struggling here and there. I am self isolating at home and every now and again a sense of despair overwhelms me. Yes I am flesh and blood too..!! This however happens to me when I go into fasting. I think they call it a humbling of the soul? I am very tearful. I don’t cry as a rule but I am picking up Father’s heart (here and there) and also the desperation that many may be feeling.

I need a word from Father.

Whenever I think that God has not spoken to me for a while, I realize how I quickly forget that he has … and that he speaks most days. We just don’t listen well. He is an ever present help and I just need to be still and know that he is God.

It is with some joy that I write this piece today and I make no apology. I write.. that is what I have been called to do. Father speaks through my pen and as I write I too am learning. What better time to write than now..? Interestingly being set apart from the crowd is not new for me and the irony of that in this hour, doesn’t escape me, but don’t hold me to that…. I also love to be at the centre and heart of the matter and importantly doing my Father’ will.

The Lord gave me a word last Friday night when he prompted me to go ask a dear minister to pray for me. I had been invited (at the last minute) to a meeting. I didnt have a clue what the event was about, but I had wanted to get out and to mix – it was Friday night after all!!

The man (not the main speaker) spoke about holiness. He had such grace and humility (poise, heart and posture). One just knew he knew the Lord. He explained that in his employment years, he had been an anaethestist . At the end of his gentle preach, there had been an altar call and I felt the smile and the push from the Holy Ghost, to go ask him to lay hands on me and to pray for me. I was almost giggling. This is me and my Father: What is it Lord? Why? I didn’t get an answer. I think the gentleman was also bemused. He prayed for me and I heard confirmation of things Father had said to me before.

This morning (with much time on my hands to reflect , my travel plans to Isarel cancelled due to CoV) , I say to the Lord , “Lord , there is something more about what you instructed last week about that man the anesthetist – just know. The Lord prompts me to look up the word and skill of this profession.

Eureka!!!!! Here is the Word.

Let me first explain that my call as an evangelist was given to me in 2004. I didn’t just suddenly decide, neither did I know at the time there were callings. God himself ordained me audibly in the night. It was a beautiful ceremony. I went out and did. Father has chided me recently for becoming too complacent and sitting on my gifting. I have become battle weary at times and the atmosphere has been hard. I have always said (when explaining my particularly idiosyncrasies ie how one goes about things – our unique identity in our gifting area )that as an evangelist, I go for the jugular… I sort of sense when to put the needle in.. so to speak. Well today, in this word, I feel the the Lord beautifully explains what I have been doing and how some aspects of the evangelist, accords with that of the anaethetist…Listen up.

I am helped by an anonymized piece on the internet (which I want to give credit to ) but will summarize heavily here. I have copied the link at the bottom of this piece so you can review the full article yourself there and see that the word is genuine and authentic and that I haven’t made it up.

The first thing the author says that as an anaethetist you have to get used to being invisible……a large part of the public has no idea that they are qualified to do what they do… An anaesthetist is everywhere in an hospital particularly intensive care and the pain clinic ie with those who are really suffering. The anaethetist assesses peoples fitness for surgery, how likely they are to suffer complications. The anaethetist supports the individual not only at the pre operative but through the post operative period. The author says that anesthesia is a very safety oriented speciality, leading the way in reducing patient harm looking at human factors and reporting ‘near misses’. Anaethetics draw ideas from aviation….. and other high reliability industries on how a team functions effectively. He says , they are key in trying to flatten the hierarchy in a theatre….. so that the least qualified can raise concerns without feeling intimidated. He adds, the outlook for patients who suffer complications after surgery, is determined , not by the presence of complication, but how quickly it is picked up and dealth with. The anaesthetist deals with one person at a time, sensitive to heart beat and blood pressure and imminent crisis.

Finally (and I quote) , ‘Every anesthetic has a secret weapon when working in the operating theatre

We all make up parts of the Body; we have to know and find our place and how to use our gifting. Those of you who have the eyes of a seer or revelation knowledge will pick up what the Holy Spirit is seeking to convey in your unique area of call . I see clearly the role of the evangelist in this piece and I find it exciting how Father speaks to us and in this season. As is clear from the article , some of the work is behind the scenes, but some of the work is in the heart of the hospital(think broad church…- the author actually uses this word..) in the theatre and on the wards.

For me, the anaethetist plays an important role and is at the fore front of the operation and has to work together with others in the theatre. The anesthetist gets the patient ready to receive and so that the diseased part can be taken away by the surgeon who is Jesus. I see the equivalent of the role in deliverance ministry and we know that this takes time in prep and follow up and we have much more to learn as a Body in this regard.

Essentially we are workers together with him and all called to go and many to do the work of and make full proof our ministries.

The evangelist (as is other ministry calls) is energized and gifted by the Holy Spirit, preparing the ground work for the surgeon. Significantly the minister (like the anesthetist) knows which tools he or she needs at any one time ie when there is a need for sensitive and urgent response or delivery.

Most importantly… the evangelist is sensitive to the sound of the alarm and works with the surgeon to save and preserve the Body.

In writing this piece today, I am sounding the alarm.

Father’s richest blessing

Linda J UK


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