The Blood, the Body, the Lie and the Life

In this season of pestilence, peril and storm, Father is bringing to the surface all that has been deposited in us for good or for bad. I thank God for his grace.

Over the last two days he has been revealing things biological, physiological , physical and spiritual to me – things I would not have known about in the natural or would have any current interest in. As the whole world knows by now, we are in the middle of a pandemic – a state of global emergency affecting lives, livelihoods free movement and resources. It came in as a suddenly. As men respond we hear reports of the selfishness of many who are beginning to hoard and panic-buy depriving (and negatively impacting) on others. These behaviors are not new. As a world – a people – we have run to excess in the sins of the flesh and I feel that we are in pay back time. The Bible says that the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ (Romans 6:23) who shed his blood for us

Amidst the chaos we see many amassing more than they need whilst others go wanting. Many thinking about their next meal , what they will eat and drink but eternal destination not always at the fore front of their minds. Individuals merchandise, traffic and take from others things which are not theirs but as a generation we have been doing and permitting this for decades and centuries. We say we care, but when push comes to shove many of us are superficial, selfish and partial both with the blessings God as afforded us and with our affections. We think God does not see or is asleep. When we look at the empty shelves its a reflection of our hearts and the state of mankind.

Our actions as adults affect the next generation and it starts with each one of us. We will leave a legacy for good or for bad. Luke says that we should ‘take heed to ourselves lest at anytime our hearts be overcharged with surfeiting and drunkenness and the cares of this life’ (Luke 21:34). It is time for self examination and for challenging things we know not to be of God. The things which brings disease or distress to others and I speak to the Church when I say we need to do so before the bottom of our world falls out.

Our generation has become dysfunctional and diseased and and no one (as the prophet Isaiah says) cries Restore. As the Body the dysfunction begins with the state of our hearts and how we have steward or God given authority. The rottenness and decay stems from what we have allowed to creep in and what is being expelled into the atmosphere.

This morning in reflecting on our state and the desperate need for the church to rise up and lament, the Lord gave me a new angle on the lesson the life of the flesh being in the blood. He brought it through biology and showed me disease is caused by congestion of the blood.

Through illumination he showed congestion is formed by morbid waste material which then forms and rests in organs and tissues of the body….Whilst I am not a medical expert my spiritual antennae went up and I immediately saw the significant relevance for the Body of Christ. Those of you reading who may be medical professionals will perhaps posit it better than I but know that when blood is thickened and surcharged with imperfect metabolic products, it is unable to pass freely through certain parts of the body. The congestion and concealment of the blood in organs and tissues, produces engorgement. When this happens it impact and impede perfect health and well-being. Such a condition interferes with the free and natural functioning of the whole or on that particular part.

I believe the condition we are seeing on the physical realm, is what is happening on the spiritual realm. If I have learned anything over the years it is this what happens on the physical is something that has taken place on the spiritual realm first and therefore as a Body we are very late in our discernment and our response.

The Lord has been speaking to me and showing me a number of things through this present darkness and crisis and what the issues are.

Two nights ago, he gave me a word about Edom. The Edomites stemmed from Esau. Esau (as we know) did not give a blood sacrifice, but sold his birthright for a bowl of soup to his brother Jacob (see Genesis 25 for the story). As was then (and as is now) the Lord is showing that we have traded spiritual things for fleshy things.

The HolySpirit is that it is this transaction that is impacting and leading to our eventual destruction and we need to repent. He is showing that we are gorging and taking in more than what the Body needs and that as a result the Body has become sick. He is speaking about the need for the church to get back to the heart of fasting and prayer in particular. There is something in the art of fasting that will bring the Body back into equilibrium and will help us (the Body ) focus on what really matters. The Life of the flesh is in the spotless lamb and shed Blood of Jesus, a covenant purchased without money’s and without price. In a series of revelations , Father showed that the Body is struggling to eliminate and dispose of the surplus ie the unnecessary things we have accumulated. We have become engorged. He is saying healing (individual and corporate)is dependent on realignment and adjustments of lifestyle and habits. Survival from this and any other disease is dependent on the state of our hearts .

We need to go back to basic to do some spring cleaning, (consecration) and allow the breath of the Holy Spirit to work, through us and in us and amongst us. Some of us (he is showing) are out of place, getting in the way and causing blockages in and to the Body. The blood is driven by the heart traveling on the right side through many parts to nourish and strengthen . On its return journey, the blood becomes dull when laden down with waste material. The body needs the blood to be aerated by oxygen and subsequently purified, to then travel back to on its mission of life to all parts of the system.

We need to take heed what the spirit is saying to the churches. The world needs the church functioning and in good working order to do the work which Jesus left for us to do. Excess food in the Body, surfeiting and merchandising, is resulting in blockages. The Lord is showing that there is plenty food being given but it is not/cannot be properly digested . He is showing that his children remain in infantlike state, in chains and in much distress and there is few in hand to help or many of the responses inappropriate.

The Bible says strong meat belongs to those who have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil (Hebrews 5:14) . May speak truth always regardless, may we be willing to hear and listen well.

Evangelist Linda J


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