For the prisoners

My dear brothers and sisters,  

I am up early and thinking of you and thinking about prayer. As I am reflecting I realize that some people prayer walk whilst my style is to prayer write and  from a very young child.  It is a blessing to be able to to do what the Lord has called me to do and I thank him for his grace. 

It is March 25th 2020 and the whole world knows that we are in a period of lockdown. It hasn’t escaped me how that must feel for those who are already locked down, for some issue prior to the epidemic which has diverted the good plans that our God had for you.

I am writing to encourage you that whatever the situation , there is a balm in Gilead, who is Jesus. Regardless of the physical or spiritual walls that may surround us, he is able to penetrate and to set you free to soar on heaven’s heights.

This morning as I write I am praying for you and those who have ministered and watered you over this last little while. May that work not be in vain. May the Kingdom of God be realized in your environments, in your speech and in your walk and in your service. May you be a byword for good in your generation.

Many year ago, I was going through a very difficult period where my young daughter had been taken.  She was still in nappies, so you can imagine the pain of a mother’s heart.  It was as a result of manipulation, trickery and cunning, but Father was in ultimate control and his plans:  to save much people alive.   

Father promised she would return and told me that in the meantime to get on with what he has placed in my hands to do. That was the start of my international ministry if you like in 2004. It sounds grandeur, but it has been a ministry born out of pain and loss and suffering. I was unable to change my immediate situation, but putting my own needs and anguish aside, I pressed forward seeking to help others.

Let me encourage you this morning to do the same. We are not ignorant of the devils devices. I know some of you are innocent and Father knows that too- he wanted me to say. For others , whatever the situation, the Lord would want you to know that he is a merciful and forgiving God and desires to save to the uttermost.

My daughter was subsequently returned to my care in a suddenly and with vindication and it was like those 10 years did not happen. All along he remained faithful and true.  He provided financially, emotionally and spiritually for me and brought me through to the other side of glory.   I share a little bit of my personal story to encourage you. 

Can I pray for you?


Lord, your word says that we should let the mind that was in Christ Jesus also be in us , who took the form of a servant,  made himself of no reputation and went the way of the cross.   Lord some of your best servants remain hidden, but you see their hearts.  Some of us still don’t realize how special we are to you and remain in stupor, slumber and sleep.  Help us to wake up. 

Lord some of us have scaled the mountain with the serpent …..looking for a better way, (I just saw that in the spirit) but instead found the cold scales of justice and the noose about our necks. But… God, you were there waiting for us, like you waited for the thief on the cross and right up to his very last day.

Lord, in all our grandiose plans of life, that falls flat (because it was not your will for us ) let us look to you for redress, recompense and recovery. Only you are worthy to loose the seal. Lord, you are the hope of the world and we see this keenly now in our individual and collective situations.

We thank you and look to you to seeing us through.   You are more than able to finish all that you started in us, in the womb and in the womb of our nations, until the day of Jesus Christ.  

Lord we thank you because we know that it is your day and all our prayers remain in your Name and under your shed blood.    You have finished everything concerning our redemption – the victory is already ours .  Not too long from now we will see you coming through the clouds, taking us to our eternal destination and home. 

For now, my God and my Father,  we leave ourselves in your very capable hands and ask that you continue to abide with us, speak to our hearts, continue to take away any root of bitterness that we have in us , towards you or others. 

Written on behalf of the prisoners 

Evangelist Linda J UK 


March 2020

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